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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Bedroom Dresser: A Thing Of The Past?

It's been a busy two weeks and it looks like I may have the opportunity to work on a few new projects that involve construction. Of course, I am excited about that prospect! One project involves a master bathroom renovation. The space is already a decent size so there are a couple ways to tackle this particular renovation. Option 1 is to steal a bit of underutilized space from one end of a large master walk-in closet. There is a closet system in place, that will likely get an update as part of the project, and a dresser in the bedroom that is attractive, but merely stores a few sweaters and even has a few empty drawers! Expanding into the closet would allow for a larger bathtub and his and her sink vanities flanking the tub.

Franklin dresser by WSH

So it occurred to me, in the 21st century maybe our dresser's aren't really required to dress us anymore? Apartment dwellers have clothing storage issues that require careful planning and innovative solutions. And, of course in an old house where there may be no closets at all, I would think a large one and/or an armoire would be critical. But I wonder, how many who have renovated an old house have turned an unused bedroom or quirky space into a closet to eliminate a dresser taking up space in what may be a small master bedroom?

Mary McDonald.
Chests that double as clothing storage is smart in any size room.

So if the closet dresses the home's occupants, does the dresser (chest, bureau, armoire) just become an unnecessary thing to store a few extra sweaters or hold the television? I realized some time ago too that when you see bedrooms professionally photographed , rarely is a dresser shown in the room. Granted the bed is the focal piece of any bedroom, but is there another reason for their omission?

Victoria Hagen
On the left is what looks to be a French armoire presumably to hold the television.
When given the choice, I personally prefer the en suite set up where the closet is off the bathroom.  This way all of the routines of the morning/evening take place separately from the bedroom. Truly, a great luxury if two people share a room and are on different schedules! The only thing better...separate bathrooms and closets!

A desk on full view, but no dresser in sight for this modern scheme.
Do you think the dresser is falling out of favor and/or are closet systems rendering them obsolete? Could they possibly be deemed unattractive? Gasp...what would our ancestors say!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Garanimals for grown-ups. Gentleman, specifically, today's tip is for you. But ladies don't click away just yet. I've mentioned in a post here and there that some refreshing was going on in the A&A master closet. I think if you want to have a beautiful start to your day, it definitely begins there.

As if we don't have enough collections in our home,  Mr. A&A has had a private one going on for sometime. Not really. As a matter of fact, I knew all about it and was totally fed up with the black & blue collection. It seems my husband has lost the ability to tell black from blue.  When he would get to a point he couldn't tell one sock from the next, he would buy more! An entire deep drawer became dedicated to the sock collection.

I gave up trying to separate them myself awhile ago and from time to time, I have seen him sporting a mismatched pair...and said nothing. Yes, occasionally, I am not a good wife. So when we were doing the little purge and using the beloved folding board, and making each shelf and drawer really beautiful, I came to a stop when I opened that drawer. I got a bag and dumped everything into it. Donated. Hopefully they will find their way to someone with good eyesight.

We went out shopping (Macy's) for new socks. I heart you Ralph Lauren for your brilliant attention to detail. Readers, just in case your not quite getting the exciting special feature of these socks, I'll explain. Each sock color has it's own little coordinating  polo pony color. They are strategically placed on the outside of each sock. So now when they come out of the laundry there will never again be the questions: what color is this and does it have a mate?

Ladies, may I suggest these for a Valentine's present. One that you both will love and that keeps on giving long after the chocolate is gone.

Images courtesy of Ralph Lauren and A&A

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Can you perfectly fold a shirt or sweater? Me either.  My husband is pretty good at folding and organizing. Actually, really good. I fell in love with his closet, before I really knew him.  I mentioned how we met here.

I went to that party. My roommate went with me. The location: bachelor apartment for two. Guests: new friends, old friends and an assortment of single woman. Some of whom don't mind their manners, especially when they drink. During the party my friend wandered into the bedroom of our host, dragging me by the hand with her...where...much to my horror, she opened the closet doors! Full disclosure, I looked. Gawked actually. It was a beautiful site. Suits perfectly hung, freshly pressed shirts hung by color, shoes organized the same way, t-shirts and sweaters looked like colorful packages lining the single shelf. She had a little crush on our host. I was interested too, but thought he was dating someone else. She looked at me, rolled her eyes said "you two are perfect for each other." Turns out we were.

Our host, now know as Mr. A&A, and his roommate way back in those bachelor days were known for throwing great parties and their invitations drew big crowds. They were also aware of deplorable behavior by certain types (those looking to confirm availability) of women, as demonstrated by my roommate. They always had a surprise or two for such types. At this particular party, they had lined the medicine cabinets with ball bearings. In the middle of the party those of us in the hallway of the apartment heard the strangest noise, even over the loud music playing. The pranksters and their buddies knew immediately what had happened and rushed to the site to revel in their victorious effort. As predicted, a woman had succumbed to her nosy ways and locked herself in the bathroom upon realizing the imminent humiliation that awaited her. When she surfaced red faced, her exit was swift. Her future invitations...lost in the mail.

So don't be a snoop and fold your shirts nice because you never know what can happen! For a little help, you can buy these folding boards here.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Closet Organization: Sneak Peek

Earlier today, my client stopped by on her way to another destination.  She dropped off both a fabric sample and the name of an online website for an eyeshadow color that she didn't plan to wear, but wanted me to use as a reference for the paint that is being considered for interiors of the closets we are working on.  I loved that!!!  It's an example of how inspiration can come from anywhere, anytime.   And, the best part of this brief visit...she gave me an idea for this weeks Tuesday Tip!


Sneak peek into our progress last week:
She did the first sweep.  We did the second one together, which is what you see below.  And over the weekend, she has been doing what I like to call "The Brutal Fashion Show".  Try on every item.  Clothes, belts, shoes, scarves, etc...and strike a pose in a full length mirror!  Be brutally honest about what fits, what makes you feel and look good and what you are actually wearing. This exercise usually weeds out the last few remaining items you were unsure should stay or go. I should mention there are two other closets that also contain her clothes!  In addition, we are working on the linen and coat closets.  Shown above is what, so far, will be donated.

 The goal is to get them all to fit here:

To be continued...