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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Zesty Design Offerings!

I thought I'd do a little follow-up to last weeks Tuesday Tip for you trend lovers who want to squeeze more zest out of summer....enjoy!
Caribbean getaway.

Are you brave enough to wear one of these?

A great color combo for a nursery!

I'd wear these with navy or gray.

Zinnias add zest to any garden...why didn't I plant some seeds for cut flowers this year!?

A bold choice for an island, but it sure looks great in this kitchen.

I could see this on the counters above!

Yellow hibiscus, something to make you feel like you're enjoying an island vacation.

This combo makes a fabulous guest bedroom, especially combined with the black furniture.

Wishbone chairs, very cool.

This has a little bit of everything, and yet feels so calm and relaxing
 thanks to all that white, a nice departure from typical beach house colors.

Ahh...still my favorite way to enjoy citrus!
 Images courtesy of Coastal Living, Country home, Etsy and Google.


  1. Rebecca, I adore this post!! The colors are so delightfully brilliant. You have made my day!

    The very first image, and then the second bedroom I wish I could transport either right into my home!!

    Art by Karena

    Come and join my fashionable Giveaway from The Shabby Apple!

  2. What a pretty post!! Love the orange shoes, the yellow and pink nursery, the orange bunk room and those gowns, and yes I would wear one of them to a chic summer soiree, gorgeous luscious colors...whats not to love? Not so sure about the orange island though and that last picture has me craving something citrus!

  3. Love that wishbone chair! And the last image, of the fruit, I have in my Pinterest site: love those colors!

  4. Well you know how much I love orange!! I think that adorable bunk room is my favorite as well as the edible citrus of course!!

  5. Fun, fun fun!!! Love citrus, nothing prettier to me than a bowl full of lemons or lime especially if the bowl is blue and white or cobalt blue, love that for the summer or anytime of year for that matter. I think I will go have aglass of pelogrino with lime!!

  6. I adore this post! Love that wishbone chair!

    Silver MLM

  7. those are zesty!! fun, fun post!!

    happy 4th!


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