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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Switch things up for the season, quickly! I've been out of town and when we arrived home yesterday afternoon, I immediately noticed how unwelcoming the front porch looked. Not a single indication that autumn is here.

A mad dash to the nursery, a quick sweep of the porch and trip to the garage to find the urns I bought on clearance...last year, was all it took. This turned out to be a great lesson in not over thinking things and being flexible with what I could find and pull together fast. I sought out the biggest mums, which happened to be orange. Added my favorite white pumpkins along with some pale green specimens to the mix and snapped a few pics before the sun went down. It looks much more welcoming now!

Character in costume optional.


  1. Your front porch looks fabulous - seasonal yet still stately and elegant - with the perfect accoutrement :-)

  2. Quite a nice statement. Love the four legged family member. I hope you have better luck with mums than I, I have a green thumb with most plants, but mums? They go south as soon as I purchase them!

  3. Rebecca it looks gorgeous, and just right. not overdone or cutesy!! Elegant in fact!

    I have a giveaway ending tomorrow night, so I hope you enter!


    Art by Karena

  4. Beautiful porch and gorgeous dog. I'd love to come over for a cup of tea if I lived nearby - your house is very inviting.

  5. Your front porch looks wonderful Rebecca and loving your golden!

  6. Your front porch is exactly how I like to decorate...very elegant, understated, not chatchkeys (sp?) and do love the character in costume:) I have my very own too! Beautiful, love the mums in the blk. urns and of course your gorgeous muted pumpkins, where did you find a green one? Wsas it painted? Love it..looks fabulous!

  7. Gorgeous - simple and fresh and inviting. I love the orange mums - LOVE. We cannot find anything but orange pumpkins here. I am so envious of everyone's white and otherwise ones...

    xo Terri

  8. Love the pale green & gray pumpkins...and the urns are spectacular, not to mention the 'character' sitting next to sweet!
    Glad to see the 'original' survived from the previous post.
    Thank you for your wonderful and helpful comment...I love your ideas!
    xo J~

  9. This looks so pretty, I don't think I've seen pale green pumpkins before! You said you bought the urns on clearance, are they iron?

  10. It's gorgeous and
    I could hug the fur
    right off your cute
    xx Suzanne

  11. Hi all,
    Thanks so much for the compliments, especially about our beloved golden girl! The urns are fiberglass. My old urns were smaller and made from iron and could not be easily moved. Plus they left rust stains on the brick and flagstone, which is evident if you look closely, so it was time for a new solution!

  12. How exciting to have found you. Beautiful blog, full of brilliant ideas.

    I like the idea of fall decorating as in "just add dog." Works for me. The backdrop is lovely as well.

    Best regards,

  13. Love the urns and the pumpkins are so pretty but your Pup steals the show, what a beauty,Kathysue

  14. So funny that I looked at my porch a couple of weeks ago and what seemed to look OK all summer, now looked pathetic! It always helps to have company coming as well as my City Council representative for a meeting to get me moving! Pumpkins and Fall colors are out in full force finally.....what a cute doggy!

  15. Very fun for fall, and I love the addition of the golden - what an expression that dog has!! You are reminding me that I need to replant my planters - I'm thinking pansies. Hurray fall!

  16. Hi Rebecca,
    Beautiful porch...I'm way behind!
    I've given you a Versatile Blogging Award on my blog, What We Keep. Hope you pop over!
    I so enjoy your blog.

  17. Rebecca,
    Your front porch looks fabulous and fall!!!! Love the white pumpkins and your dog is the perfect "character"!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  18. Rebecca!

    Beautiful and great inspiration! I am refinishing the front door right now and when it's finished I'm gonna decorate!

    I can only imagine how beautiful the fall color is up there right now. We are just beginning to get a wee bit of change.


  19. Tina, thank you so very much, I'm off to leave you a proper thank you on your blog.

    Renae, just when the leaves were starting to show the color, a stretch of rainy days has once again set in. It's such a drag and I feel like I'm going to miss fall...maybe I need to head south your way to see it?!

    Mr Bark,
    I'm not good with mums either. They never seem to look good the following year, so I just treat them like annuals!

  20. aw that last pic is def my fav!!

  21. Love,love your porch. And your pooch is so sweet and beautiful.


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