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Monday, June 11, 2012

The View From Here

I do not consider myself a gardener, I only buy and plant what I am confident I cannot kill. Other than the boxwoods that line the bluestone walkway and the topiaries that flank the steps, the A&A landscape is totally maintenance free. But that doesn't mean I don't spend more than I should on annuals every year and go outside to cut the perennials every chance I get. It keeps me sane. The last 3 weeks my pruning sheers have been getting a serious work-out.  Sanity can never be overrated. Neither can flowers.
Purple Hydrangea in a pewter champagne bucket on top of a secretary in the living room.

I realized after I downloaded the photos that the blooms echo the intricate details of this church ceiling!

Clipped from here. My only bush of this type. These blooms grow on existing wood and the leaves and stems are very stiff as opposed to some varieties that grow on new wood.

French Hydrangea. This says summer to me.
 These bushes also yield the most blooms, so be warned, I  go a little nuts with my cutting and arranging!

French hydrangea, in an antique French flower basket on an antique French chest.
 Who cares if the scale is off with flowers this pretty-right!?

One of my favorite containers from a trip to Charleston, SC. several years ago.
The basket above is also from there and was purchased from an antiques shop called Alexandra AD for all you francophiles who want to see (or buy) some absolutely beautiful pieces.

Can you have too many hydrangea in one room?

Probably, but they sure do make the blue ceiling stand out! The blue tapers were a gift from a friend. is so calming.

We live on the deck in the summer. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's nothing special and could certainly use a major overhaul (tear down), but it's comfortable and a great spot to relax. All the trees keep the temperature about 10 degrees cooler than the front of the house and because it's 8 feet off the ground, there is usually a breeze. This year I purchased 2 new rugs. The last time I showed you the dining side was here. The French doors swing out right off the kitchen for plenty of al fresco dining. I love how the rugs really give the feeling of a room. Not to mention, they are soft underfoot when you have an old deck!  The little herb pots next to the hydrangea bouquet are from my kitchen window-getting a little fresh air.

Impatiens, vinca vine and now I can't remember the name of the plants with the purple leaves? I love these wooden planter boxes. They're 18 years old and have seen countless varieties of annuals over the years.

I bought yellow Hibiscus to flank the front steps. A first ever for me. I usually choose pink!

Lemon yellow, so fresh!

 But I still love pink flowers.

Double impatiens. They look like miniature roses without all the work!
 So how's the view from your house? What did you plant, what are you cutting this year?

All photos courtesy of A&A


  1.'ve been away for a while...
    But, well worth the wait...
    Glorious those hydrangeas...
    lovely vases and placement...just lovely..

    Linda :o)

  2. Hello Rebecca

    Your home is beautiful. I am particularly drawn to the room with the blue ceiling. Your porch is welcoming too and I love all your flowers. I have balcony pots containing geraniums, ivy, impatiens and petunias.
    Hope your week is very special
    Helen xx

  3. I have such a black thumb that I let my husband take care of the yard entirely. I asked him for Hydrangeas this year but he said "no". I felt like a little kid. :(

  4. I am SOOOO jealous! We can only grow the white hydrangeas here...yes we can use the acid but they don't really turn all that much and then they revert right away. Yours are spectacular...indoors and out! xo Diana

  5. Totally, utterly stunning. I cut from my perennials every week, even if there are only leaves to cut that week...! xo Terri

  6. Love what you do with your hydrangeas. Although they look so pretty in the garden I don't think we cut nearly enough for our house when they are in bloom. I'm inspired by your photos.

  7. Maybe you aren't a gardener but for a non gardener you have a great eye for placement, combinations etc....and those hydrangeas! We cannot grow blue on the west coast our soil is too jealous!

  8. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. I stroll our garden several times a day looking at ours. Our pink ones have now turned a celery color.
    Thank you for sharing your arrangements with us

  9. Rebecca, So beautiful in blue!! I love all your hydrangea bouquets and your home is gorgeous. All of your planting are so pretty. I use pink,white and blue blooms in my yard. I recently did a couple of post showing some of my plantings for the summer. I need your blue hydrangea in my backyard! Have a wonderful rest of the week and thank you for showing and sharing your little piece of heaven, Kathysue

  10. I found your blog from a reader of Enchanted Home whose author, Tina also featured hydrangeas today. So enjoyed your personal use of this favorite flower throughout your home and yard. Thanks. I shall return.

  11. Rebecca you have such a beautiful home you should show it more often. Soon we will have hydrangeas bloooming every where and of several varieties. My favorite besides the blue are limelight they're greenish/white, love them!


  12. Sooo pretty!! Love the color, so vibrant. We have hydrangeas in common post is on them too! Whats not to love, they are as I refer to them, summers poster child:) Love them in ALL their many colors!! Yours look exquisite.

  13. Your flowers are so beautiful. Don't you wish they lasted all year long?

  14. Everything's coming up....hydrangea at your house! Looks beautiful. I would probably spend all my time on that deck. Love the addition of the rugs.

    My hydrangeas are just blooming so I haven't snipped any yet. My roses are almost done that's what I've been bringing indoors!

    xo Elizabeth

  15. Rebecca - your flowers are just stunning. I am also flush in hydrangea but unlike you, I have no idea what the differences are except that they are bountiful and beautiful!

  16. Don't you love filling your house with flowers? Especially ones you grew and don't have to pay for. You can be lavish!

  17. Gorgeous!!!! My hydrangeas are in full forces...and my pink roses...I cut a bunch and have them on my coffee table. Love this time of years. Except we are experiencing some June Gloom...hope the sum peeks through tomorrow.

  18. PS. not sure why my typing is so bad ...pluralizing everything. sorry :)

  19. Gorgeous blooms Rebecca. Love , love hydrangeas...we've been pruning ours all weekend so they will bloom again. They are the endless Summer variety. I have lots of roses that needed tending this weekend as well...Just love Summer and working in the garden. XO, Mona

  20. I adore Purple Hydrangea flowers, I like how they blossom for so long as well, they'e always the first to bloom and the last to die in my garden.

  21. You might consider placing share buttons on your site for easy share! is popular as is

    PS. Lovely post!

  22. The flowers, especially the hydrangeas are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

  23. Love the hydrangeas. You always have such a pretty garden. Love all the flowers everywhere - especially in the big basket. i have an all pink garden and I searched high and low for pink hydrangeas. I love the blue but we have a blue house so needed something to contrast it. I have an all pink garden and my neighbor is always threatening to come over and steal my hydrangeas. Your's look amazing. Love how you have incorporated them. Looking good!


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