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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday Wishes For My Favorite Child

I have three children and all have birthdays within weeks of eachother.  Two of them had the exact same due date as projected by the doctor and the youngest one, who is adopted, was actually born on the day the other two should have been!  The oldest and largest one came early, the middle and petite one came late, the youngest adopted one was....well on time!  Perhaps that is why she is the favorite.  No drama, just a few quick decisions and into the back of the car the tiny little thing went.

Yes, I am one of those mothers who plays favorites and I do not attempt to hide it from the other two.  I even say things like "who's mommy's favorite?"  The little one always comes gleefully running because she knows it's her.  And, now the other two are so used to it I no longer have to provide the answer to my own question.  They will do it for me!  Occasionally, there is still eye rolling, but thankfully it shows up less and less as acceptance gives way.

Here they are posing for our 2008 Christmas card:

Yes, the two non-favorites have shoes, but trying to get three together...

And now for a  picture of the favorite:

Perfectly darling....right?  She also likes my blog...a lot!  I know this because she is all to happy to sit with me for every post.  And, when I get stuck on all the techno stuff, never has she said "Oh, not the blog again..." in a tortured voice.  She is also the favorite because she never asks what's for dinner(especially after lunch), does not try to debate what is an appropriate outfit to wear, and is always happy to hang out with me. The other two know they could be favorites too, if they would just stop the mentioned behaviors.

Here is another reason:

So, for her 4th birthday my wish is for her to have a really good bed.  And the choices for my sweet girl don't seem all that great, especially when it has to be part of the decor!  I have considered covering a plain bed in Sunbrella fabric that is pretty....

Bunny Williams favors these:

My daughter likes this:

This looks a bit like an expensive jail for celebrity favorites:

This stylish bed is actually meant for outside:

Any suggestions for an attractive and washable option for my favorite?


  1. lovely post. my sheltie thanks you...

  2. I can see why she is your favorite,hehe!!Have a great day and enjoy that un-conditional love from your favorite, Kathysue

  3. Ok, I was so glad to hear #3 was a pet....I was a bit worried as I first read this. It does remind me of a time when my sister and I were in our teenage years and complained about every dinner my mom put on the table...she couldn't win. So, one night she said you know what, make your own dinner. We were miffed but later heard mom in the kitchen.....and went in to ask what she was making.....and she looked at us and said, "These eggs are for the dogs....I ran out of dog are on your own." We still talk about that night and laugh. They were her favorites no doubt!

    As for beds, I have some old couch cushions I was planning to cover in sunbrella fabric for our pooch. So, that could be an option. Also, I love the pet shop in Fairfax Corner. We got our Beagle a bed there a couple of years ago and it is still looking good. You can get your favorite a "pup cake" while you are at it too.

  4. Great story and a most beautiful dog (the children too!). You are playing into my dog-lust, we had a golden retriever and she was so beautiful and gentle. I am sure "your favorite" is spoiled and favored by all. XO

  5. I feel exactly the same about my 2 little ones.
    Love forever.

  6. Oh my my my my my my my. Sweet. All the images, from the top to the last.

  7. Oh yes, it's so easy to have favourites when they're furry. Edward loves his bed...

    Extra-large and paisley!
    Happy Birthday you your sweet girl!

  8. Hilarious!!!! Dave always teases me that I'll never love a child like I love our dog Olivia -- and you know what? He may very well be right. Olivia doesn't talk back. She's never needed diapers. She sleeps 18 hours a day. Perfection.

    As for dog beds, I love LouisDog, though not sure they come big enough for your baby. FetchDog also has some great options. I actually scored an adorable blue one off OKL recently -- but the cat seems to like it more than Olivia. ;)

  9. Hi It is my birthday today and I love your post!!! I have four dogs and yes they are favored many times over my twin boys!! LOL! I have a Wally Bed for the the pups. (It is the one that Bunny Williams recommended.) They all LOVE it! It washed great, too. You can google Wallybeds to find them.

    Happy birthday to all three!

  10. ok, well your human children are stunningly gorgeous. BUT, that little nappy puppy picture? so darn cute!!! I have no idea for a good dog bed. We go for the cedar stuffed numbers found at costco. They're not great looking but seem to be the favorite around here (with 2 labs) also, they smell good.

  11. Oh my gosh your little one soooo darn'd cute. the other two are not bad either...

    i cannot tell you the number of beds I have bought for my weimeraners... pretty much every two to three weeks they need replacing because bed seems to be their favorite snack.

    no help from here, sorry.

  12. Very sweet post (glad to hear number three is a pooch!) He is darling--I have a 5 year old labradoodle who watches me write too (and waits for a favorite chew!) I wish he had a bed because he always ends up on my bed at the very end--but close enough! Have a fun day, Barbara

  13. This is TOO much....FUN! I really LOVE your posts and your sense of humor. Your kids {all three} are darling and I should be green with envy, but you are just too darn great. Loved the images and the dog beds are all wonderful. Gracie Marie would look great in all of them!
    xx P&H

  14. Very entertaining post. You could try them all on approval and see which "the fav" tends toward. What a lucky, spoiled doggie!

  15. And after the coffee post, I thought I couldn't love you any more...I thought wrong! Adorable!

  16. this was a hoot.
    i was going right along with the post agreeing with you in the privacy of my own 'head.'
    i always wondered about mothers and fathers having favorites.....i think they do but will never admit it ,(and for good reason)
    and then there is your
    pretty poochy FAVORITE!
    what a surprise to me.
    i can be so gullible.

    xx happy BDAY.
    and let her pick it out at the store.

  17. If only I knew anything about dog beds, you know I would happily help you pick out a new spot for your youngest :) Happy Birthday to your "favorite". How adorable are all three of your "babies"?!?!

    xoxo Marija

  18. She's adorable. I have three furkids, smaller than your baby, and make snuggle-ball beds from a pattern I bought online. They're easy to make, and go in the washer and dryer. Cotton is the best fabric, as it is absorbent and comfy, and doesn't hold pet hair as much as fleece or other textured fabrics do. Given a choice, mine will all choose the cotton over synthetic fabric. Poly filling from the craft department is about $3 a bag, and one bag is enough for a bed for my under-20-lb. crew of Shih Tzus. Since I have beds for three in the kitchen, office, and den, and two in the bedroom, making them myself not only gives me more color/design options, it saves money, too.

  19. How adorable! My only child has fur and 4 legs and we celebrate big time every year. She loves to go to the Sonic for little bites of burger on her birthday. Love all the beds but your daughter's pick and the outdoor one are my favorites!

  20. Oh dear I was so frightened for a bit (so happy to hear you were referring to the dog)...what a charming post!

  21. That is so crazy, my husband's biological sister and his adopted sister were born exactly one year apart. AND they look like twins, really! It's amazing and cool! Love your blog, I adore turquoise and brown, those were my wedding colors. I'm a new follower, for sure!

  22. Oh my goodness: I, too, always said I had TWO daughters: my "real' one, and our Westie!!! Yes, my daughter was fine with it! Well, the "adopted" one passed away two years ago, but I don't think a day goes by that we don't talk about her! Anyway, her favorite bed was the top,back of the sofa! I ended up putting pretty cotton tablecloths up there to save the cream linen; worked well! But yours, of course, is a little large for that I guess.
    Enjoy, enjoy!

  23. You favorite "child" is adorable! Love this post! I love, love, love dogs and look forward to the day when we can have another. As for dog beds, I've had them all with two Labs...I like the ones that I can toss in the way the best. There are so many great one. When I interned at Bunny Williams I would drool over the ones she loves for herself and her clients.

  24. Hello My Sweet Blogger Friend,

    Right now you are enjoying the company of your wonderful brave husband, I hope you the most precious week off. I hope you favorite had a wonderful doggie birthday!

  25. I hope you don't mind me commenting again here...its really for your last post. IT brought tears of joy to my eyes for all of you...a heartfelt thank you to your husband, for all that he has done for this country! Welcome Home!


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