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Monday, November 22, 2010

Falling Leaves

We have several large trees in our backyard. It was one of the reasons we picked this lot when we were house hunting way back in 1993. The other things that drove the final selection were the two other "must have" criteria: the house must located on a cul-de-sac and no sidewalk in front of the house. Why does that matter? Because my husband had the good sense to know that not only would it give us a larger front yard, it would reduce the chances that our lawn would become the port-a-potty for the neighborhood dogs, but instead a place for our then toddler son and yet to be born daughter to play!

Autumn 2010-view from the kitchen
  He also thought about the angle of the sun in relationship to the front and back of the house. This site was perfect to get the afternoon sun in the back of the house. This was highly desired since the kitchen, living room and library are all located in the back. The trees provide fantastic shade in the spring and summer, keeping things cool. In the fall and winter the scenery changes dramatically. The display of color with the turning of autumn leaves and the white snow that, nearly every winter, blankets the yard provide beautiful views.

Winter 2009-view from the library
  The down side to all these trees? Raking up all the leaves, of course! I attempted to handle some of it over the weekend. I had a few helpers. One of whom turned out to be a great big hindrance. I'll be making a call for assistance this week, otherwise I fear this pile will still be here in the spring. 

Oh sorry, did you just rake this pile?

I think I lost my ball in here somewhere?

Got it! Wanna play?

Busy day. ZZZZZZZZZ!


  1. How lucky for you to have such gorgeous trees in your yard even if you do have to rack all those leaves in the fall. Your helper is adorable :o) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. What an amazing site you have out your windows. Love the puppy,he looks like a very content happy fella!!! Love the trees but I always forget about the leaf part!!! Looks like some help would be needed with all of those gorgeous trees, Kathysue

  3. Wonderful images I love the indoor shots through the windows!! Of course your best buddy is too cute for words, right in the middle of it all!


    Art by Karena

  4. I love your pictures! What a lovely located home! I think your husband had some very good ideas....Beautiful! Our house has a similar set up, morning sun in the dining room and afternoon light in the kitchen, family and living room!
    My bedroom faces east and I love to wake up to sunshine....
    And the dog in the leaf pile is utterly familiar to me!


  5. Oh I am so envious of your lovely trees! The pitfalls of downtown living is I overlook a carpark!

  6. Insert one large yellow lab into those piles of leaves and you would have our backyard! We have unearthed at least a dozen tennis balls so far! Cathy

  7. Awe, so cute! I hate the mess of cleaning up leaves, too.

  8. Your winter view is especially beautiful and your dog is adorable!

  9. Lucky you, to have
    started with a LOT!!
    I always thought it
    would be wonderful to
    think of things like
    sun and shade when
    plotting a house plan.
    Your photos are really
    lovely, Rebecca! How
    much are you paying your
    helper?? Maybe he needs
    more incentive : ) !!
    xx Suzanne

  10. Beautiful colors you can see from your kitchen window and your dog is so cute!
    I love autumn colors and large trees - thankfully we have many of them here in Norway.
    Have a great week!

  11. What a gorgeous view! Happy Thanksgiving to you.


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