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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Under The Weather...

So far my ambitious plans for January have eluded me. Fortunately, I have not succumbed to the flu, though I suspect many of you have the nasty virus?

I had a bad cold and then an onslaught of migraines and currently a foot problem that I could no longer ignore. According to the podiatrist, I have something called capsulitis- it's common, especially in runners. That part made me laugh since I haven't run anywhere, on purpose, in nearly a decade! It also seems certain types of shoes can make it worse. A shot of cortisone relieved the worst of the pain and swelling. And, now I'm left with a bandage that has a little triangle pad inside of it to elevate my foot in the middle. Oh, and some new shoes from a place called The Walking Company. I must confess, I've passed by this place many times in the mall and always assumed it was for the very old...or nurses. My new shoes were as expensive as Jimmy Choos, but would most certainly make Carrie Bradshaw cry. Hopefully, this is temporary. The pain and the shoes!

And my beautiful little model has had a pretty crummy start to the new year too. She had 8 cysts removed during a 3 hour surgery.  I felt like such a bad pet-parent that she had to endure such torture and the Elizabethan collar, aka the cone of shame, and miss out on our snow days. It's been so sad watching her stare out the window and whimper, that most days, I've had to keep the curtains closed. Sniff-sniff.

Just after Christmas posing in front of an old oil painting- a gift from Mr. A&A

At least February is just around the corner and hopefully we will both be feeling some love!


  1. Rebecca,

    I am so sorry to hear you are both downtrodden. And I am very sorry about your new shoes. That is sad in itself, not to mention the pain and misery of a bad cold, migraines (horrible beasts) and then a foot problem! I thought you were going to say you were a runner and somehow earned it.

    I feel your pain (with the headaches at least - mine have been brutal since December) and wish you a speedy recovery and your darling sweet pup too!

    Hugs, Terri

  2. Wow, Rebecca! I am so sorry that you are having such a bad start to the new year...and not only you but your poor pet, too. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  3. Ouch Rebecca I hope you're walking better with your new shoes and you're out of pain and migraines, you poor thing. Nope no flu around here since we had our flu shots but that honestly doesn't mean you still can't get the flu. I hope Remy is feeling better the poor girl. She's so sweet looking in front of your beautiful new painting. Here's hoping the whole family is better very quickly!

    Big Hugs to you both!

  4. Oh know.. first time stopping by and sorry to hear you are dealing with migraines and the flu.. I had it in December and it kept going on and on. So sorry:(

    Look at that beautiful pup. She is darling and sounds like she too has been not feeling her best. I am a huge dog lover and have two english springers that always show up in my blog posts :)

    Hope you feel better.


  5. Hello Rebecca

    Sorry to hear you are going through a bit of a setback. It is always upsetting when our pets are restricted and do not understand what they are restrained. Hope you all have a speedy recovery
    Helen xx

  6. Dear Rebecca, I hope you and your pupster both feel much better soon!

    I too have been waylaid,however; I am being as positive that I can!

    New 2013 Artists Series

  7. OK new month..better days ahead! Your pup is so darling, looks so much like Teddy, they are such wonderful and patient pets, aren't they? Love the beautiful pictures of her just posing. Hope you are on the mend soon...the flu sucks. My husband got it right after Christmas which turned into pneumonia, so be careful....around here its still going around like crazy. Be well....cheers to healthy days ahead for BOTH of you!

  8. Oh I'm so with you Rebecca. Our lab went through two cones recovering from recent ACL surgery! He can now, after months, just go out on his own. And I have come down with some nasty virus - started as a cold but drains all energy - ugh! So although things started off swimmingly with Atlanta and Paris, I am also in recovery mode!

  9. Oh R, you have had it rough there this month haven't you?! Your sweet pup looks so sad, but I hope she's feeling much better and can lose the cone of shame soon. And I hope your foot problem is all taken care of now! Let's hope February is a fresh start, feel better!


  10. Oh I'm sorry your all feeling under the weather....hope your better soon. Your dog looks so sad.....

  11. My Panda and Mocha hate those collars!!! I feel especially bad watching them try to sleep with it at night time. Hope you are recovering well, Rebecca. Be careful with all the ice outside. Kinda messy.

  12. Leslie in Portland, OregonJanuary 28, 2013 at 2:30 PM

    Here is a dose of love from Oregon for you and your beautiful Remi. Congratulations on getting the capsulitis and the cysts taken care of. Henry, our almost-10-year-old Golden Retriever, has had two cysts removed (and has two more that may have to go). At our urging, his veterinarian agreed to not putting the collar on in exchange for our promise that we would keep a close eye on Henry and put the collar on if he started to lick or chew on the surgical sites. The two times he showed any interest in those sites, we firmly (but calmly) told him "No," and he did not go near them again. I think he had seen the collar we brought home with him and remembered how much he hated having it on after an earlier injury repair. If you are in a position to watch Remi closely, you may want to consider asking your vet if you can give that a try. We empathize with you and him about having to stay away from that delectable snow: Bob, our long-haired dachshund who loves swimming even more than digging, has been banned forever from swimming because he is at high risk of developing a paralyzing back problem. With any luck, Remi will have lots more snow to romp in this winter! Best wishes!

  13. Here's hoping both of you recover real soon. When your feet hurt, you hurt all over - or at least I do.


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  17. So sorry 2013 has been off to such a start...but it's a healing start for both of you...and soon you'll both be 'running' again, padless & coneless.
    Pats to your sweet pup, and hugs to you...feel better soon!
    xo J~

  18. Rebecca, Bummer, literally!!! I am so sorry to hear you have had so many unpleasant happenings in January. I am with YOU, here is to a better month in February and hopefully by time March gets here you will be marching right along. Hang in there,

  19. It's been a long January here in France, too - everybody moaning and coughing. So we're just writing off the month. Onward and upward! But the shoe thing - I'm trying to decide between two ways of dealing with it. One is I always wear pants and never get dressed up, and the other is that I wear exactly what I want to wear and just put the ugly shoes on assuming that everyone will understand. Can't decide - both are bad.


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