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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014. What's In/What's Out?

Every year the Washington Post publishes it's Out/In List. And,  just like every new year I read it along with Dave Barry's year in review. The DB article is a cynical, albeit mostly true, synopsis of what each month had to offer in world events, politics and people that captured our attention for better or worse. Mostly the latter.  It is always so damn funny. The out/in list is an entirely different read,  almost like the pulse of current pop culture and trends.  I am always surprised by the things that I've never heard of and the things that don't make the list. So this year I felt compelled to come up with a list of my own!


OUT                                                               IN
weird pet pictures                                           silly pet pictures                  
Wiener, Spitzer, Ford                                     anybody else
fiscal cliff                                                       bankruptcy
parking spots for expecting mothers              parking spots for actual handicapped people                
loud talkers                                                    discreet talkers  
over sharing                                                   restraint
trellis patterns                                                 velvet solids
neon colors                                                     jewel tones
skinny jeans                                                    long skirts
scarves in summer                                          scarves in winter
gloves                                                             long gloves
bulky coats                                                     car coats and capes
Dexter                                                            Downtown Abbey
20 something know-it-alls                              50 somethings who know more, but don't over share
yearly trends                                                  classics
chemically aged or faux brass                       naturally aged solid brass and french brass
succulents                                                      topiaries
cupcakes                                                        muffins
dinner parties                                                 supper clubs
texting to talk                                                 actual phone conversations
air kissing                                                       real kissing
bromance                                                       drinking buddy
baby bump                                                     pregnant
my bad                                                           oops
people who think they're interesting              people who live lives beyond social media
big egos                                                          graciousness
wonderful, fabulous                                       the truth
smart phones as security blankets                   confidence
politicians on late night                                  dignified leaders
whatever                                                        witty quips
back scratchers                                               scalp massagers
antlers on cars                                                wreaths on car grills
inflatable holiday decor                                  wreaths on windows,  lights that work
stretchy dog leashes                                       standard leads controlled by considerate dog owners
ugly Christmas sweaters/theme parties           adults acting like adults                                        
public marriage proposals                              dignified private proposals
saying what you think you should say           having an opinion

And on that note, I'd love to hear your opinions of what you think should be on the list!


  1. Amen! And I'm so happy that I bought three topiaries yesterday :) Happy New Year!

  2. So with you on baby bump - I really, really hate that expression. Oh, and "my bad" too. Great list - hope they come true. Happy New Year!

  3. Silk scarves in summer will ALWAYS be appropriate!!!

  4. Yes please! The sixties are long over, please let some adults take back control of the country.

  5. Amen! Would love to hear what the President has to say about the country from the Oval office, not on Jimmy Fallon! :-/

  6. I love your IN list, so much more classy and to the point. I'm not a fan of pop or slang language, and totally on board with over 50's not oversharing ( or younger, for that matter) Have a wonderful new year! xo Nancy

  7. Hey Rebecca! Happy New Year! Great list, I'm with you on so many of those.

  8. Happy 2014! Lost count of how many I am happy suffice to say LOVE this list. Wishing you a most happy and healthy 2014!

  9. IN "people who live lives beyond social media" - love this one!

  10. Great list , can we add "bragging' on the out list…Can't bare it anymore to listen to people bragging about how successful they are, how much they paid for their new toy car etc…. and a little class on the IN list can go a long way
    Had fun reading this, thanks and happy new year!

  11. Happy New Years Rebecca. This is a great list, very interesting and so glad to so the "out" list!

    The Arts by Karena

  12. Nothing to add, except
    to say that we are so
    exactly on the same page,
    opinion wise! Thank you
    for the chuckles and head
    nods as I read your list. So
    clever and so YOU!


  13. What a great list. You are spot on, ma'am. I would type more, but am over 50 and know when to not over share!


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