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Friday, August 6, 2010

Chairs: Bobbins & Spools

It seems every magazine I have perused lately is showing a spool chair, also know as a bobbin chair. They originated from 17 c. English design. Early examples were smaller with straight backs similar to a dining chair. Current styles are modeled after 19c. designs. They come in a variety of finishes and certainly are a great way to bring in pattern or interest to a room.  I think they are so attractive and by all indications look good with any design style.  I have never sat in one. They appear quite deep and wide. So I am wondering about scale and comfort for the average  person? I also wonder about the cushions...will they move around or due to their large size, do they stay put?

Here are several different looks for this chair:

I loved the idea of just adding the ottoman to a room:


Martha Stewart's version for Bernhardt:

Mark Hampton for Hickory Chair:

From Wisteria and like the first image has a neckroll pillow and no padded arms:

Nieman Marcus:

Love them or hate them? Either way, hope you have a great weekend.....perhaps sitting in your favorite chair!

Except where noted, images courtesy of Vernada, House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, 1st dibs, ebay.


  1. Not my favorite. The practical side of me wonders how bad dust is going to collect in all of the nooks and crannies. I do like the chaise in the first picture though!

  2. Those are quite unique. I did not know that is what they were called. I wonder if they are comfortable, too.

  3. I like them in these updated versions. The 3rd image is my favorite --- love the velvet on the chair...and by just adding 1, it doesn't seem like too much. Fun post!!!! I'm bobbing along to a great weekend. Hope you do the same!
    xoxo elizabeth

  4. Ralph Lauren has a great looking version as well...I know this b/c we are considering a pair for my husband's office...well, I am, he is looking for more of a Mad Man aesthetic!
    I adore that ottoman, and the idea. Not crazy about the Martha version, the rest are great!

  5. I do love them and I didn't even pick up on this! Had no idea they were called spool or bobbin chairs either. I always learn something new when I come over here!

  6. Everything old is new again. Love the little stool. I remember chairs like this at elder relatives homes. Ahhh, miss those days, these take me back, and for that reason everyone should have one.

  7. I love the Hickory
    Chair version, as it
    is has a similar
    aesthetic to the
    originals, but is
    simpler. Loved
    learning about them
    and seeing how they
    look in today's rooms!
    Happy Weekend!
    xx Suzanne

  8. Judy, I must confess to thinking the same thing!

    Zhush, just checked it out...gorgeous...loved the silver nailhead trim!

  9. Love them, I have been noticing them for awhile now also. I think they are totally interesting and a side chair. Fun post seeing them all lined up in each image, Kathysue

  10. Did you see the one Trina from Country farmhouse found? It is quite a pair!

  11. I'll admit I am not a huge fan (although wouldn't go as far as saying hate). But, I love the idea of just using the ottoman like you that look!

  12. love these chairs.
    *lexington - kingstown collection makes one and it is sick gorgeous.
    and sick comfy.

    xxx love the green window treats.

  13. I found a antique bobbin chair for $4.00 @ a thrift store. Love the unique design. Do not like Martha's version.


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