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Friday, August 27, 2010

Designer Dog Dishes!

I've have a bone to pick. It drives me a bit nuts when I am visiting a beautiful home and there are hideous dog dishes lurking out in the open.  Especially in the kitchen! When I renovated my kitchen, I considered integrating them into a bottom cabinet. Out of the way and out of sight.  In the end,  my kitchen just wasn't large enough to justify giving up storage space. I am seeing this trend more and more. I would definitely suggest it to a client if space allowed.

Thankfully, there are some fantastic web sites offering super attractive dishes for inside and outside! So whether your poochy dines in the kitchen, laundry/mud room, or on the patio...there is an attractive option.  I think it's worth the splurge to try and buy dishes that are in keeping with the style of the room they occupy space in. Mine are raised iron and are kept in the laundry room.  And, now after doing research for this post my favorite may need a dish set for the deck too!!!

Doggy dining never looked so good...

English Garden

Rustic Retreat

Colorful Urban Country

Retro Rover

Stately Mansion 

Modern Loft

Country Manor

Treats too!

Iron Suburban

French Fleur de Lys

Royal Le Jardin

Italian Villa

Images via Calling All Dogs, Trendy Pet, In The Company of Dogs, Frontgate and Spode

Full disclosure...I made all the names up based on the style!  But, you can buy these feeders at the above sources.


  1. Defimitely for the pooch with savoir faire! These are great

  2. R ~
    YOU are having
    so much fun with
    this theme....
    And SO am I!!!
    It's Country Manor
    all the way, for
    my Gracie : ) You
    must have had such
    a good time researching
    this topic.... Who let
    the dogs out, indeed!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Loved the fabrics
    in your last post,

  3. I hadn't wanted to let anyone know I was actually considering the "English Garden" feeders, but I see now that I am in good company! However, I now like the "French Fleur de Lys" feeders better.

    Thanks for allowing me to come out in the open ;)


  4. Love the first urns and the country manor. How cool is this, nothing but the best for your pooch!!! Kathysue

  5. These are all really good looking, but Henry, at 30" tall has to have his bowl at about 18" off the floor...there isn't anything at that size that's going to look good. Another quirk to having a giant dog! He's really sweet though!

  6. I see a dog them. Might have to get one of those great dog bowls for my Havanese. Way too cute. Love them. I'm sharing this with all my pooch friends.

  7. Hahahaha! This is so funny because I DO THIS TOO!!! It is just my design interns. They come to wanting to make $50K a year and they have scuffed shoes, and chipped nails.EH! haha

  8. I really need to smarten up my doggy dinnerware......such cute options, xv.

  9. Cute post. My mom had pull out cabinets built into their kitchen for the dog food containers...we all made fun of her but it really is quite practical (especially b/c they had a huge lab at the time and now have a shepherd....lots of food)! Our house lists a week from Thursday....perhaps my laundry room needs a prettier dog bowl, stat!

  10. Truer words have never been spoken! Nothing like tacky dog bowls in a fabulous kitchen. I love the "rustic retreat" set.

  11. Love the country manor dish! Woof.

  12. Too cute! Although our dog bowls are nice, I think our little Lucy (especially in her old age), would love something a bit more off the ground!

  13. Love the English Garden! My husband would think I was nutzzzzz!

  14. The Rustic Retreat dishes are so chic! Great finds!

  15. I need some pretty dog dishes. They just look so out of place in our room. I can't seem to find anything simple enough.
    Fun post!

  16. Wow, who knew such great dishes are available! I really gotta get myself a dog!

  17. wow!! very elegant and charming dog or cat feeders!!! I have specially loved the door stop dog in the other post.
    maria cecilia

  18. I so wish I had pretty dog bowls like that. My dog has a weird habit...she likes to eat a little bit in the kitchen, then she carries her bowl around to other rooms and eats a little bit in each room. Now my new little chihuahua rescue has taken up her weird habit to carry her bowl around. So I'm stuck with chew friendly plastic bowls. But it's great entertainment to watch them.

  19. Now you are really making me want to get a dog!

  20. These make me laugh. When my nieces' dog comes for a visit, I use a dollar dog bowl from IKEA.

  21. Jill & Carmie,
    So funny! Sometimes we just have to surrender to the fact that the dog or the circumstance make the choice for us!

  22. Looking very cute and beautiful. I think these are the most demand full dog dishes for today's market. Thanks a lot!


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