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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Tip

Show off your shells! Depending on your perspective I have good news or bad news. For those who love this time of year, summer is only half over....according to the calender, about 7 weeks left. For those of you  who are sick of it and ready for fall....hang in there! For both, dig around your house and through your beach bags...or shop for sales at favorite stores for seashells and display them around your house!

On our dining room table I have a large shallow iridescent bowl I display mostly starfish and a few others that I just like the color:

This grouping includes the small brown starfish my daughter found while on vacation in June:

For years I have collected these black & gray shells...beautiful!

I have had this silver compote forever...and I am sure I didn't pay more than $10. I don't think I've ever cleaned it so well or even noticed the 1902 date on the bottom:

It's perfect for displaying these shells a friend brought back from Costa Rica:

Most of us have seen shells displayed in apothecary jars. Mine is filled with both purchased and found shells:

Tip: Don't forget to clean the jar first with my favorite glass cleaner I talked about here. And, I have  found the best way to get shells in a narrow jar without smudges and fingerprints is to wear these:

This 3 tier tray is usually used for food items....but it works great as a portable shell display:

All of the sand dollars were collected by my husband and children last year on vacation.

Sea shells are one decorative accessory that look good in every room of the house! So, put some out and enjoy the rest of summer!!!

All photos by A&A


  1. Such beautiful shell displays. I do have several throughout the house, too. All of ours were collected many years ago when our children were young and we saved everyone of them. So glad to set them out to enjoy.

  2. Always had shells on display, are they not amazing gifts from the sea? Your tip about the gloves is perfect! Your images are gorgie.

  3. I have shells all over my house as a reminder of my childhood. I love them and they go with everything! Beautiful post!

  4. Gorgeous! I love shells - most of all I love picking them. It is so relaxing!
    I have shells from all over the world (don't tell customs!) and have them in an antique tin pot. My kids love playing with them and I can still remember where I found most of them. Such great memories.

    Hope you are well.

    xx Charlotta

  5. THis is great -- I'm looking for trends in vacation house design -- can I quote you from your post?

  6. Great tips --- bringing shells into the home is like having a little bit of the beach with you. Lovely!
    ~ Elizabeth

  7. I love shells! Really, they are the most amazing natural decorative item and the variety of colors and shapes is endless. Love the way you have used them and your photos are gorgeous.

  8. Oh, Oh, Oh! Your shells look so beautiful in you lovely bowls and containers! WOW! I love each and every one. And what a great tip about using the gloves!
    Wonderful post! So informative and inspiring!

  9. I just adore your
    style, and this post
    is no exception! Love
    the glove idea....
    and the three tiers
    with the shells. Thank
    you for continuing to
    xx Suzanne

  10. I am delighted to have found your blog. I just did a post on shells that I collected in Kauai :-)Hope you can visit My Dream Canvas. I am a follower.

  11. Lovely. I think shells are beautiful displayed anywhere. Have mixed feelings about the end of summer. On the one hand , I don't want it to end. On the other it was 104 degrees here today. We did a photo shoot that will be in print in October, so we had lit fireplaces. The air-conditioning went out. Ugh! Makes me really long for Fall.

  12. I absolutely adore your blog. I do display my shells during the summer. I started collecting them when I visited Hilton Head Island many years ago. Thank you for the tip about the gloves. I will definitely be using that idea. I'm so glad to have found your blog and are always inspiring.

  13. Love this!!! I have a jar so similar to I just need to get those clever gloves and some fab shells! Also loving that silver compote, so pretty! I am in the group that NEVER wants summer to end...even though I love Fall, its the kids' activity schedule that I dread...and of course the North East Winter too!

  14. Love,love all of your shells especially the three tiered display, that is stunning. I use that glass cleaner also. I get it at the automotive dept. it does smell heavenly not like chemicals at all. I use some shells on my mantle redo in white this year, I did a post on it if you need a dose of more shells. Happy summer to you, I have been scarce around blogland since it is summer I have had a boatload of visitors, love it!! Happy Wednesday,kathysue

  15. Love that silver compote! Never would have thought to put shells in it. Always looking for ways to display shells and I display them all year round. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  16. I have shells that my daughter and I collected on vacation displayed in the living room in one of my McCoy pottery pieces. It is a simple reminder of the wonderful vacation we had and the soft neutrals of the shells look serene in the aqua of the pottery!!

  17. The shells look wonderful. You have definitely given me some ideas!

  18. Beautiful examples of how to show off collected beach jewels! The 3-tiered piece is especially nice with the 3 different varieties of shells. Great post!

  19. A girl after my own heart! I collect seashells too and have them everywhere. You can never have enough!


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