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Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing...

Whether you're in the biz or just design obsessed, admit buy fabric for no reason, other than you just liked it! I am no different. Although, I do it quite selectively and controlled...meaning my tiny office doesn't contain dozens of bolts, swatches and books. I edit out whatever I think I'm not going to use. I have been especially diligent in recent months with the re-organization/update of my office...still in progress.

Detail of urns and scrolls on linen

In these fabric frenzy moments that you don't know why you are buying a remant or what you will do with it, I am just guessing it spoke to you. This was a case when I heard the little voice that said "get this or you will be sorry and regretful." So I did!

There is about 2 1/2 yards of a full width bolt.
 Stretched across my queen bed you can see the full pattern.

A few months ago this absolutely gorgeous linen, by Gaston y Daniela the Spanish textile company that first opened it's doors in 1876, spoke to me. Even though I'm still not sure if I will keep it, a few possible ideas of what could be done with it quickly came to mind. But is there an idea I've overlooked? That's where you all come in...

If this was your fabric, what would you do with it?


  1. Stunning! You can't go wrong with any way of using this beauty.

  2. What about framed? Yes, I've purchased textile remnants because "I had to have them," but I'm selective so I don't end up with a little shop in the making!

  3. Rebecca - is this fabric discontinued? Because I am madly in love with it?! Obviously it would make gorgeous curtains if you had more - as well as a fabulous bedskirt, which is what I am thinking. For this yardage, obviously pillows. Or you could back it with a fabulous velvet or suede and make a throw - just stunning!!

  4. Perhaps treat it as a wallhanging? It looks like one! Framed or not. Rolled up at each end?

    It is really beautiful!

  5. Curtains, or one curtain if you do not have enough. This will show of the entire design! Its so beautiful!
    Or you could make a bed cover for your bed, perhaps use it with other plain linen to make it more interesting!

  6. Split the two repeats in half and make two standing panels and place them behind nightstands as a work of art! Have a wonderful weekend Rebecca!

  7. the design is beautiful. i would put it on canvas and use it as art, either whole or split it and have two. or use it on a padded screen.

  8. My first thought matched
    that of Hamptontoes ~ frame
    it, baby!! I have my own
    peepers open for some magic
    fabric to frame for a wall in
    my bedroom. I think it is a
    really sweet way to showcase
    fabric that is so beautiful,
    it is art! Enjoy your weekend!
    xx Suzanne

  9. I agree on a folding screen or as art, framed, behind a bed as a hanging. Perhaps it would need to halved and sewed upon a neutral linen piece.
    It really is gorgeous. A great find. I hope we will see the results after you decide how to use it.

  10. Oh, my weakness...I might hang it as a panel between two rods behind a bed, up to the ceiling. Then again, two-and-a-half yards makes the perfect table cloth for my small rectangular table. Gorgeous anywhere it makes you happy!


  11. Are you kidding Rebecca - that is STUNNING. I need it, darling. Okay, so I am re-doing my home office. The walls will be white or antique white (not decided), the drapes will be mocha brown linen, the bookcases are being repainted in stone/coffee brown. And....I have begun to think about covering an old armchair in a blue and brown patterned fabric, to pick up the brown and to bring in blue...

    So this is perfect. I would use it on my chair, or a lumbar pillow for the chair.

    If I were YOU, I would surely have some use for it in your classically beautiful home - I do think little lumbar pillows for chairs would be nice.

    Gorgeous. I was just about to post about needing a good blue and brown fabric, so I may use this fabric as an example in a future post - I will let you know - and link to you!! xo Terri

  12. I'm with the frame it crowd, as the first image of the fabric struck me as very "painterly". And now that I have seen more of it, I love Windlost's idea of lumbar pillows! Either way...beautiful!

  13. Hmmm. Great ideas everywhere. I would make it into a throw and put it at the foot of the bed (where a certain big black dog would find it...and then I would be sorry)

    Maybe split it down the middle and make it into a table runner...and then send the other half to me. I could see it on a long beautifully greyed farm table.

  14. Oh Rebecca, My first thought was roman shade, one that would showcase the entire pattern when down, a matching pelmet with wonderful trim. It is truly beautiful. KS

  15. I think it would be lovely on a chaise...but I don't think there's enough for that, so maybe pillows for a linen covered chaise!
    xo J~

  16. Table runner, framed, cannot go wrong with anything. It is so beautiful!

  17. Oh, I think it would be stunning as panels on a bed...but that would require that type of bed. You really can't go wrong it's so beautiful! Let us know how you decide to use it!

  18. Anything you choose to do with this fabric will be fabulous. I love it. Would love to have curtains made out of this!

  19. what about cutting it down the middle vertically, stretching over some canvas and making two wall panels out of it?

  20. Gorgeous! I think I'd have some of it framed as a large tryptich.

  21. Hello everyone!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your ideas and suggestions, I loved reading them all!

    My first thought was to cut the fabric in half, attach it to canvas and hang them as wall panels, as many suggested. My concern is there is zero wiggle room down the center of the fabric where the patterns meet up and I certainly wouldn't trust myself to cut it! With this in mind, the other consideration was to back it with velvet, have a pole pocket sewn in the top, find an interesting rod and hang it like a tapestry. You all (including my readers who emailed me) gave me plenty of other options to consider.

    For everyone who loved this fabric, I don't know if it's been discontinued, I would need to do some digging, because more certainly would be better!

  22. Imagine the impact if you let it exist in its totality. Fabulous. I'd either have it paper backed or stretcher frame it then let it simply be one hell of a statement.

  23. I would use it on two bergere chairs with a coordinating great in my pale blue bedroom. But I like your hanging idea best to get the full impact.


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