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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Has Peeped!

I never thought I'd associate the arrival of spring with marshmallow shaped animals. Peeps are weird.  I honestly don't understand the appeal of something that feels like a cats tongue and turns the inside of your mouth a hideously embarrassing color. Of course, that's assuming you can chew and swallow the stretchy goo...without choking. Ah yes, springtime treats meant for children, but loved and obsessed over by adults.

Lilac and green always remind me of Spring's arrival!
 I do however like the "idea" of  Peeps. The colors are great and they sure do look good in an Easter basket!My son and husband are enthusiastic consumers of Peeps. Fortunately, my daughter does care for them either.  Regardless, I buy them every year. Spring tradition at your house too?

Dipped in chocolate....that I can at least see some appeal!
But did you know that Peeps are a growing part of design? Yes, it's true. In case you're like me and are just becoming aware, Peeps diorama's are all the rage this time of year! The Washington Post is having it's 5th annual Peeps Diorama Contest.  Here are some past winners as well as some clever and funny designs I found on Google.

Presidential Peepers

Peeps go UP!

The Birds by Alfred Hitchpeep

Old Masters Peeps

Naughtly little Peeper!
 Note: descriptions of  these diorama's were added for my amusement and hopefully yours! They're not the actual names.


  1. I am so laughing Rebecca, just bought my husband some peeps today! I personally can't stand the little buggers but for some reason the husband doesn't gag on them. Fun early holiday post! Have a wonderful Sunday evening!

  2. Another little peep into humorous decorating!!(Sorry I could not resist) happy first day of Spring!! Kathysue

  3. Happy Spring. didn't realize this was the first official day. Unfortunately I had to work today and it was gorgeous outside. Love your little peeps. Mona

  4. Happy First Day of Spring to you my friend and thanks for your comment on my Skona Hem post. x

    I agree with you on the artificial 'treats' available out there, but contrary to you I just don't buy them. I figure that if they are here in our home in all their bright and cute glory, they will be eaten. Better to make some healthier options at home.

    Enjoyed this post.

    xx Charlotta

  5. are those black peeps??
    i want them!


  6. Haha, I love those dioramas...who knew?! And I have to admit that I don't eat them anymore, but I do love a good Peep!

    Kat :)

  7. Never heard of peeps before...but I love their style!!

  8. Hahaha!! I love these!! So CLEVER!! Definitely gave me a laugh!

  9. I need to get my hands on some chocolate covered Peeps this year! Thanks for reminding me! I don't know what it is, I don't love them...but I have to eat at least one or two each year! Happy Spring...loved this peeper post!

  10. I have never eaten Peeps Rebecca! They look awful.
    Cute post though!

    (Computer issues resolved...whew, 2 weeks w/o!)

  11. I had no idea about the dioramas - hysterical. Peeps have been a staple of my children's Easter baskets for years as well - and they do indeed like them!!

  12. My Pixar-loving
    daughter will flip
    for the Peeps version
    of the Up! house : )
    Not my bag, either....
    Maybe with chocolate...?
    Happy Monday!
    xx Suzanne

  13. I love your peeps! Too cute, but I'm not sure if they are all that tasty! Happy Spring to you!


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