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Monday, November 14, 2011

Men In Trees, Falling Leaves and...

A new fence! 
Complete with new gates that actually close.
 The old gates were so rotten and off kilter, we had to use a bungee cord to keep them closed!

Anyone who has owned a home for a long period of time or lives in an old house is very familiar with the expression "It's always something". Our house turned 18 last month. There are days when I feel like my title should be The Domestic Slave and the Chronic List Maker.

One of the best parts of our backyard is all the beautiful old trees. Last month, we took care of pruning
 many large limbs that were damaged or too close to the roof and eliminated some to let in light below.
The last time we did this was in 2006. It's always amazing to watch these guys work.
First they climb a roof height ladder as far as they can, then orchestrate the limb cutting with start a series of
 ropes and pulleys that they are hooked up to as well as use to lower each large limb safely to the ground.
Talk about hard work and dangerous!

This is what's on the To-Do list for fall 2011:
  • Trim backyard trees branches away from house.
  • Remove 2 trees in backyard to allow more sunlight and allow the ground to dry out faster.
  • Remove 1 tree from front yard due to storm damage.
  • Install new fence.
  • Get quotes for a new deck!
  • Mulch front beds.
  • Clean out gutters.
  • Rake leaves, twice!
    And the down side to having lots of trees...lots of raking!
  • Power wash house
  • Paint house trim
  • Paint front porch columns
  • Paint front door
  • Clean outside windows
    The help around here is prone to taking extra breaks...
    And, that's just the outside. We won't get it all done. Bet you know what happens next? Yep, it ends up on the Spring 2012 to-do list!


  1. Hello Rebecca:
    Although having so many mature trees does bring some problems, they do look absolutely magnificent in your garden. You are very wise to have the trees pruned professionally since they can cause terrific damage tp people and property if they fall when or where not wanted.

    We have an aversion to lists and yours does seem quite daunting in its scope. Still, if one of the items on the list is to make a list, then one can at least cross that off as a good start.

    As an aside, with so many fallen leaves, we do hope that you make compost from them as they break down [taking a rather long time, unfortunately] into the most wonderful material for mulching borders in the spring.

    Thank you so much for signing up as a Follower on our blog and for leaving a comment to which we have made reply.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! Our house is now 12 years old though we still think of it as new so are always surprised at all the repairs and maintenance that started a few years ago. We keep thinking "it can't be need replacing, we just got it!" How the years pass, might be time for another new house (though not sure we have the energy to build another house). Maybe a small little one. XO
    Your dog is gorgeous, we used to have a retriever too.

  3. Our lists look very similar, except for the leaves. We don't have as many trees here, so not as many leaves thank goodness!

    Kat :)

  4. Hello Rebecca

    That is a long list of chores. It looks like you are accomplishing some items from the list. The dog with the bone looks like he has other ideas in mind. Ha Ha.
    We have downsized and I love our townhouse and my few hibiscus and bougainvillia trees and some potted plants. The association gardeners take care of the rest.

    Helen xx

  5. Oh do I ever hear you on the endless list... And moving what doesn't get done until spring!


  6. Maybe we could do some swapping to get it all done!
    I'll take over the raking, I've always loved that and we don't have too many trees around here. Then you could power wash and tackle the windows.

    What do you think of my idea?


  7. Your house is just a kid try being 222 years old...ugh, it's always something. Since we live in a forest and have 3 open acres we have major leaves but a little money and the right tools fixes that....the best leaf blower money can buy and a commercial sized lawn vacuum and bye~bye leaves and no more raking. Your baby looks just like our baby and goldens are never any help!

  8. Love that new fence! Yes, I get excited about fences, window boxes and the major project going on behind me. My landscaping is taking a that will be my major Spring project!!

    xo Elizabeth

    ps: Love your blond friend!

  9. Oh Jeepers, I'm always saying that! My house is about 200 years old and I'm sick of all the upkeep, we just spent fortune on arborists too and the leaves drive me insane at this time of year.

  10. that is a lovely fence! and your dog is too cute for words! =3

  11. My house is 110-years old! And I have a huge list, too.

    {I first read the post's title as "Men Falling Out of Trees"}

  12. Rebecca that is a really ambitious list!! Mine would for sure be a carry over into Spring!!! WE are so much alike, I do the same to do list too!!
    Right now hubby is picking up a new screen for our fireplace, can't wait. It has been on the to do list for about five years now,lol!!!
    Laundry, gift wrapping and menu planning for Tday is on my agenda today!! Cross-holidation is going on over here!! xo kathysue


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