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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Prepare to make this the year that you finally organize your holiday decorations! Last January, I wrote a post about how I finally found (and completed) a system for packing and storing my holiday decorations.

Some of you left comments and emails indicating this information would be more helpful if the reminder came before Christmas!

I know many of you will be pulling out boxes and bags of ornaments and decorations from your attics, basements and closets, the minute the Thanksgiving dishes are cleared! As you do this, keep 3 things at an arms reach.
  • A piece of paper: to list the specific items your current storage system is lacking.
  • A box: to put all the decorations you no longer like or use. Pass them to a friend or put the box right into your car for a quick drive to the nearest donation center Monday!
  • A trash bag: for anything broken or damaged. 
Once you've done that, working from your list, order the items you need to store what's left! Everything you want to know about how I organized my holiday decorations including where to buy great storage containers can be found here.

Wishing you all joyful results!!!


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I love those ornament boxes! I haven't ever looked for them--are they hard to find?

    Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving--although I'd have to admit tearing up a kitchen is a tough way to get out of cooking Thanksgiving dinner!!!

  2. Good tips Rebecca and will store these away. I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Hi Simone,
    Fortunately, the kitchen in the previous post belongs to a client. Unfortunately, I will be cooking most of today and tomorrow and maybe wishing, just a tiny bit, I had an excuse not to host the holiday!

  4. I remember that post from last year Rebecca - I was duly impressed with your incredible organizational skills!!

  5. Great tips Rebecca! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

  6. I remember that
    post; thanks for
    the reminder : )
    We are flying home
    as I write and the
    tree trimming will
    commence this week,
    so I will definitely try
    the "R" method!

    xx Suzanne


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