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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Under The Weather...

So far my ambitious plans for January have eluded me. Fortunately, I have not succumbed to the flu, though I suspect many of you have the nasty virus?

I had a bad cold and then an onslaught of migraines and currently a foot problem that I could no longer ignore. According to the podiatrist, I have something called capsulitis- it's common, especially in runners. That part made me laugh since I haven't run anywhere, on purpose, in nearly a decade! It also seems certain types of shoes can make it worse. A shot of cortisone relieved the worst of the pain and swelling. And, now I'm left with a bandage that has a little triangle pad inside of it to elevate my foot in the middle. Oh, and some new shoes from a place called The Walking Company. I must confess, I've passed by this place many times in the mall and always assumed it was for the very old...or nurses. My new shoes were as expensive as Jimmy Choos, but would most certainly make Carrie Bradshaw cry. Hopefully, this is temporary. The pain and the shoes!

And my beautiful little model has had a pretty crummy start to the new year too. She had 8 cysts removed during a 3 hour surgery.  I felt like such a bad pet-parent that she had to endure such torture and the Elizabethan collar, aka the cone of shame, and miss out on our snow days. It's been so sad watching her stare out the window and whimper, that most days, I've had to keep the curtains closed. Sniff-sniff.

Just after Christmas posing in front of an old oil painting- a gift from Mr. A&A

At least February is just around the corner and hopefully we will both be feeling some love!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Tip

Take inventory and take advantage of the white sales!

January is always the perfect time to take inventory and assess what you may have noticed lacking over the holidays. An extra set of towels, the perfect platter, etc... And sometimes the beginning of a new year acts as a reminder to re-stock so to speak. And, in my case it allowed me to take control of my seemingly uncontrolable landslide of breakdowns and breakage.

Aplico lions head tureen

I am not exaggerating when I tell you something(s) has broken down, or accidentally been broken every week for the past 2 months. It's almost laughable. Almost.

The series of mechanical failures started with the new lawn mower. Last week it was the dishwasher. The next 10 items ranged from toilets to my mixer. You get the picture, homeowner hell- we've all been there in varying degrees depending on the age of your house. This week, the coffee maker and washing machine are vying for the honor of number 13 with their noisy antics. Mr. A&A was traveling during most of the issues, naturally. Coincidentally, many of my standard white dishes and serving pieces met their demise over the holidays.

John Wanamaker

In case you ever wondered how the white sale got it's name, the credit goes to John Wanamaker. Wanamaker's is the famed Philadelphia department store. In 1878, to boost slow sales in the month of January, Mr. Wanamaker put all his linens on sale. Naturally, they only came in white. It's interesting that over 130 years later, most people still think of linens and towels when they hear the term white sale. These days most retailers include small household appliances (that are not necessarily white) and in more recent years white dishes and a host of other random items can be among the sale offerings. One other little tid-bit for those who love design/literature/history, Edith Wharton's book The Reef could be purchased at Wanamaker's in 1913 for $1.17 according to

Inside the famed department store.

Over the years I've been partial to Apilco French Porcelain,  but I'm certainly open to a change and would love to hear your tips on your favorite white dishware?