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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From McCartney To The Mundane, It Was A Sensational Summer!

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia
Although autumn arrived a few days ago, my mind still lingers on summer.  It was all the things summer is suppose to be- lazy, crazy and full of wonderful memories.  And though I did intend to take a break from blogging  for a month or so,  somehow it turned into the whole summer. It went by in a blink.

It has also been an adjustment period with many changes occurring in a very short period of time for all members of the household. But  most significantly, this was the first time, in years, our family has had this amount of consecutive time together.  So other than attending to my design work,  my only focus was to savor every single day, every single minute possible with the ones I love.

Scenes from our summer, from the mundane to the magical...

Spectacular giant urns and...

and  Limelight hydrangea have been on my wish list for some time. Lunch on the patio of 
The Red Fox Tavern in Middleburg, Virginia.

So inspired by the above, we added a new little garden of our own with Limelight's this year.
It wouldn't be summer without my blue hydrangea, and shrimp tossed with fresh garden herbs.
Summer is always a great time to catch up on your reading, especially for those attention mongers.
A stop in a favorite local flower shop to visit,  which just happens to be just a few doors away from a favorite French bistro.
As I reviewed my photos, I couldn't help but notice, this breakfast from one of our trips 
shares the same colors as the flowers above.
 I swear I didn't use all that butter!
At a little European inn we visited in June.
And  a visit here....

And a few steps away here. 

Then in July...This was my birthday present!!!!
It was an amazing performance and exciting show. Sir Paul's voice sounded remarkably the same as I remember back in his Wings days. A truly memorable evening, put it on your bucket list!

Like these people did! Nationals Park, Washington D.C.

Which usually looks like this.  GO NATS!

Later in the summer we headed up the east coast to swim with the sharks. Kidding, the fin on the left belonged to a beautiful, friendly dolphin in a school swimming within feet of my husband.
A spectacular spot to enjoy ocean breezes,  watch passersby and....

indulge in a frozen coke and hotdog with cranberry slaw!

Benches everywhere to enjoy the beautiful gardens and pool views.

As well as stylish, comfy chairs to sit and have a cocktail before dinner.

Some meals were a bit more refined: scallops, lobster tail and fresh produce.

While others were not!!!
This was waiting for us in our room upon arrival. Very convenient to toss in one's beach bag! 

After sun, sand and surf, we collapsed here. 

A view from our seats at the Kennedy Center before the crowds piled in for The Book Of Mormon
in August. It was  a great show, very funny!

I am going to miss the intoxicating scent of my Gardenia topiaries, but am looking forward to the fall season and spending time with my blog friends and readers once again.
Hello again, how was your summer?