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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Client's New Powder Room Revealed!

I think the main powder room of a house should have a little sophistication and at the very least a bit of flair! I know many decorators like to treat powder rooms like little jewel boxes, myself included. Client's on the other hand can be oh so apprehensive to go a little nuts. Such was the case with this client.
A graphic metallic wallpaper in the end brought the space to life!

This was how the space looked just after install and paint. Rather boring I thought. I originally proposed wallpaper, but the client got cold feet and couldn't commit.  

The room was newly created from a previous closet. The client also wanted to use an existing fixture and center it on the back wall and then add a long mirror to cover the wall from sink to toilet. In case you wondering how I felt about that, well you can read about it here. But let's just say I think a blank wall of darkness would be s a better option! My suggestion, albeit unconventional, was install a scone over the toilet. And, I knew just the one.

I thought the beautiful herringbone pattern marble floors needed to be a feature, not the toilet and sink! But sometimes you have to do things one way in order to get them done the best way. So everything was installed...

This is a very small room. I knew this oversized sconce would be a great addition to illuminate the room properly and distract from the loo. Same with the tall mirror, it had to be interesting and reflect as much light as possible. Adding these 2 items made a big impact, but the bland paint just wasn't doing anything for the gorgeous floors or going to yield the result I knew was possible with paper. So again, I showed my renovation weary- wallpaper phobic client 3 different papers that could work. She decided on a graphic metallic. No one was more surprised than me. She fell in love with the paper as soon as it went up. The outcome was thrilling for both of us! 

If this little jewel box isn't proof that papering the powder room is the way to go,
  I don't know what is then!!!

Sink & toilet: TOTO
Wallpaper: Thibaut
Sconce: Corbett
Mirror & Accessories: RLI Interiors
Final photo: Hadley Photography

Thursday, March 20, 2014

In Like A Lamb?

It's nearly impossible to believe I took this photo last Spring!

This was the winter of our discontent I think most would certainly agree.  St. Patrick' Day did not bring the luck of the Irish, it dumped 8+ inches of snow in my neighborhood. Just the sight of my snow boots and the shovel make me cringe. I keep wondering when the day will arrive that I won't come home and reach for something warm to put on and then turn on the fireplace? More snow is forcasted next week.

It has certainly been the winter of rescheduling! I feel like I am either making a call to reschedule someone or something or I am receiving a call to do the same. My calender appears as if a small child has taken to scribbling randomly on it. That said, I have many projects to share with you!

But I'm feeling optimistic we can all shed the wool soon, very soon.  Seems my washer was sick of all the winter clothes too, it finally gave out and I'm on the hunt for a new one, do you have one you love?

Happy Spring!!!