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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

On the mantle: alabaster eggs in pewter egg cups. The bunny is cement and cast from a chocolate mold!

Eggs and bunnies- essential Easter decor! 

This pewter bunny was found at an antiques show years ago.

 On the foyer table: miniature orange roses- a bit unconventional for Easter, but why not?

A quick picture from my i-phone before we sat down to early breakfast of strata, potato latkes, blackberry muffins, fresh berries and of course candy! It seems it was so early I didn't press the napkins or even get the flatware quite right?
Better get another pot of coffee going....


Friday, March 15, 2013

Gushing Over Green!

While I normally don't care what the " in" color is for any given year,  I must admit to being quite smitten, once again, with emerald green. I'm sure there has already been a deluge of posts done about the "color of the year", but since life and work has kept me away from blogging, I just couldn't resist.  If for no other reason than to be able to refer back to these gorgeous images often!

When I was about 8 years old I was given an emerald green long robe that looked like velvet, though I am quite certain  wasn't. It had a row of gold buttons with green satin loop fasteners that went half way down the front- much like the buttons often found on the back of a wedding dress. It was a total pain to pull the robe over my head and fasten each button, and the static electricity that ensued was a sight to behold on my very long hair, but I loved that robe. It was the first time I can recall feeling glamorous.
This dress  by Ralph Lauren and is very similar in style to a dress I wore to a high school Winter Ball.  Of course the neckline was not plunging and it was definitely not satin! Mine had a matching shrug (only it wasn't called that in the 70's?) with bell sleeves with a little lettuce ruffle. This would be the glamorous grown-up version.

These earrings, from Christies, are among the most beautiful earrings I have ever seen!
 I would wear these with the Ralph Lauren dress.
Occasionally I will meet someone who says they don't like green! It always takes me by surprise that anyone can dislike a color so prominent in nature? I think so often it's more about a particular shade of green. But if it so happens you're having a little emerald envy, like me,  here's a sampling of my fantasy shopping!

Jump in,  it's going to be a beautiful ride...

I'm not a big sports car enthusiest, but the color could persuade me otherwise. However, a green SUV would make me dance a little jig- putting it on the list for my next one!

I'm am obsessed with green barns now and could devote an entire post to them!

E-bay find-  OZ for your tabletop!

Williams-Sonoma Home. The little green faux shagreen box now sits on a table at my house!

Actress Kate Bosworth. Dress designer unknown.

An emerald cut emerald, doesn't every woman want one?

Kelly Wearstler. In real life I could only handle one wall of this tile.

I've had this saved for so long- anyone know who to give design credit?

Not exactly in the emerald category, but I think I could make it work!

Tory Burch. I think I will always be in love with her living room, especially the upholstered walls!

Beacon Hill

Frank Webb

I really, really want this console.  More than the Porsche-way more!

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day too!