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Monday, January 4, 2010

Fresh Take on a Kitchen

I received my February issue of House Beautiful a week ago and finally had a chance to read it.  The story of the kitchen renovation by designers Richard Norris and Mark Leslie was a reminder of why design is so captivating.  They live in a 1915 Federal Style Home and reworked the interior to allow the kitchen to be relocated to the existing unused dining space.  The goal was to create a space that did not feel like a kitchen but to make it translate to more of a dining room.  Mission Accomplished!

I've seen mirrors used behind stoves before and rather like the application...but this enormous Napolean III beauty is a show stopper!  It serves to not only make the stove virtually dissappear but gives the room such an elegant atmosphere.

I love this photo!  A  truly fresh and original design.  The unique chandelier is actually two antique sconces that were screwed together. The sink is incorporated into a sideboard.  The faucet is wall mounted on a rectangle slab of marble and becomes art itself while surrounded by 5 prints in the exact same size hung in a grid.  The owners have other prints to change out at whim.  A stroke of genius!  This kitchen renovation will definately go in my book of favorites.


  1. Hi* Just saw your comment at Linda's ("Surroundings") so I knew you were "new" to the blogging world~~~ wanted to say "WELCOME" myself!!! Hope it's great fun for you!

    Blessings & best of luck!
    Linda in AZ * (I don't blog, but am SURE you'll love it!)

  2. Here I am! I am glad I discovered your blog! I wish you a lot of success in bloggerland!
    I will come to visit you often!
    Oh and what a wonderful idea to hang the mirror behind the stove! I would never had thought about that, but it is a fabulous idea!

  3. What an elegant kitchen! That's a kitchen fit for a Queen! I think the overall design is so important in a kitchen renovation project. You must choose a design that you'll be happy with and won't want to change for many years.

  4. Just found your blog and wanted to say welcome to blogland! Love your post about the kitchen. So unique. -Delores

  5. Oh, welcome! This is a lovely new blog, found you through Mrs. B as her blog is an old friend!

    We are in Middleburg in N. Va. are you close? Do keep in touch!

    The Blushing Blogs

  6. I am glad that the design of our kitchen spoke to you as strongly as it speaks to us. Although it might look very elegant, trust me, it is very practical. If you'd like to see the how the Sub-Zero and the Bosch work into the design (the side of the kitchen that is opposite the sink wall), please feel free to check out a photo of it on my blog: . It is listed on the second page of the blog on the date October 22, 2009 and untitled "To refrigerate or not to refrigerate."
    Again, thank you for the complement.

  7. Mark,
    Thanks so much for taking a moment to stop by to comment as well as offer another glimpse of this beauty. I do see the practicality, which as a designer makes it all the more extraordinary in my view. Bravo! And, now after visiting your website I will be dreaming of food and travel!

  8. Rebecca, thanks for checking out my blog. It is relatively new and I hope it will slowly start attracting a wider audience. We'll see. Again, thanks for featuring our kitchen. It is a great place to create in everyday. Cari Saluti~ Mark


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