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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Tip

Secret weapons.  I have noticed throughout many projects that whenever mirrors or a glass shower enclosures are installed, the installer always uses a spray foam to clean the glass.  And oh how it sparkles!  I have talked many a contractor into leaving behind a near empty can for me to test drive.  However, many of these products are commercial grade cleaners and are either not available to the public or do not have a user friendly scent.

After trying many over the years, this one has emerged as my favorite.  I bought it on a whim simply because I liked the can. No streaking and it has a really fresh clean scent.  20/10 rule: Less than $2.50 and mere minutes to clean any glass surface, because you won't have to do it twice! 

This jar of yummy goo is not only a favorite snack, but also has magical powers.  I swear.  It will take off the sticky residue left behind from tape or price stickers on glass, brass, copper and other hard non-pourous surfaces!  I learned this trick more than a decade ago from the goddess of all things Shabby and Chic, Rachel Ashwell.  It has been a lifesaver for me.  As a migraine sufferer, certain smells can be a trigger.  There are plenty of chemicals that work just as well, but are quite toxic and I avoid them whenever possible.
20/10 rule: No time or money spent's already in your pantry!


  1. What super tips. I also love to use those special cloths that you can purchase for cleaning glass. No lint and they really work. The peanut butter is a super tip. Didn't know this one, but will give it a try. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  2. who knew?!

    peanut it. we have used the foam glass cleaner and it is the best.
    thanks for the tip

  3. Why just yesterday, I spent a good bit of elbow grease and metal cleaner from the hardware store to clean my bath shower rod, it is sparkly now. Will check out that glass cleaner...and pb & J is a fave here.

  4. Great tips - never knew about the PB!!

  5. I'm always frustrated at how streaky and spotty my shower enclosure is -- thanks for the tip!

  6. Love these tips -- especially after spending a good 20 minutes on Sunday trying to get soap scum off my glass shower door!! I will go look for that product. And Skippy, who knew??

  7. Ooooh...And just look how your two fave products match in such a turquoise way! ;)

    Thanks for the PB tip!

  8. Another tip... use shampoo on your mirrors so they won't fog up.

  9. I forgot to mention, the glass cleaner is available at Home Depot, Target and Wal-Mart. If you find another source be sure to let us know!

  10. I am headed to Target to buy this TODAY! Thank you for the tip. Here's another - Zep for stainless steel. It's also a spray cleaner. I spotted it during a post-construction clean up on a project. Works great!

  11. Thank you A&A for visiting Never Without.

    I'm excited to read about the glass cleaner. I have tried several "green" and "natural" products, but they really don't quite do the job. I'm off to Target (or Home Depot) to get a can of this.

    May I add you to my sidebar?

  12. peanut butter??? I would've never guessed!! Great tip for the window cleaner, too...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words.


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