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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tip

Leaded fuel.  Always.  Coffee is my friend.  My favoite friend.  Ok.  Possibly my bff! My daughter actually said that to me once and I scoffed at the remark, but then had to laugh at the element of truth.  Tea is a welcome visitor too.

I am quite sure caffeine is very important to many of you.  I have a caffeine station in my kitchen.  No, not one of those fabulous built in types, although that would be so nice!  But, a far less grand arrangement out on the counter with a bunch of things I need  to cope...I my best everyday.

Generally, I don't care for appliances to be on display.  I have selfishly decided the coffeemaker is a worthy exception.  Mine is not even all that attractive.  But, I like this type because it keeps the coffee hot and fresh all day and the outside of the pot stays cool. Which means I can and do cart the carafe to my office!  I also have a French press, but I use it sporadically.  When I feel the luxury of leisure.  Lately, we haven't visited much.  A forgotten friend.

I keep everything contained on a tray that gets used.  Sometimes, I take all the items (except the bff) and put them just below in the cabinet I designed to store them.  And other times, it's all out like you see here:

So if I am leaving it out, it has to look nice right?  I put the filters and spoons in a large mug that is a bit like a latte bowl.  I don't use sweetner in my coffee, so no need for a sugar bowl or tiny packets of powder unless I have other friends over.  Cream or milk only for me.  The thin little metal gizmo can whip up dollups of frothy milk in less than a minute!  I  often drink tea later in the day.  I do like my tea a bit sweet and use the lemon & honey straws in the tall glass.  Loose tea is in the small square canister and plenty of tea bags in the wood box.

I do like to change containers on occasion.  I am always interested in finding pretty and practical ways to coral all the necessities of my crutch, addiction, vice...daily fuel.  And, if I'm on the run, I'll swing by the drive through of the really overpriced barista.  Just don't tell my bff!

Cleaning tip:  The best way I have found to clean the inside of a thermal coffee pot is to put about 2 tablespoons of dishwasher powder (Cascade) and fill it up with very hot water.  Let it sit for several hours, then rinse until the water is clear.  Repeat for stubborn stains and use a soft foam cleaning wand if necessary.  The inside will look like new!

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  1. I haven't had a real cup of coffee since I knew getting pregnant was a possibility but have been going to Starbucks daily for an iced decaf SF vanilla latte. It is sad that my 23 month old daughter sees Starbucks and yells COFFEE!!!!!

  2. I had just been getting together a post about tea! Tea pots, cups, kinds etc.... Will post in another week or so, maybe for Tablescape Thursday: do you think that qualifies?
    Anyway, wanted also to give you another way to clean not only coffee pots, but insides of stained cups, tea strainers, sink drainers(!), portable coffee mugs than can't go in the dishwasher....all these come out beautifully with "Dip-It"! I either soak the strainer in a pot of boiling water with the Dip It, or fill a coffee pot with same. Price Chopper carries it; I don't see a website on the box, but #is 800-228-4722!

  3. I am the same way! The first thing I do in the morning is head straight to the coffee pot and brew my favorite blend (Verona by Starbucks) and pour into a tall travel carafe. I am not an 'all day-er' though, just the morning. It is the ONLY appliance on my counbters! I prefer to decorate them sparingly in other ways! Love your Tuesday tips!

  4. I LOVE that instrument that WHIPS milk into a FROTH! I use it when I have a more leisurely moment....for cappacinnos or chai-tea lattes. I think your "station" looks very pretty! I'm in LOVE with your cupboards, too : ) Thanks for the JAVA JOLT!! xx P&H

  5. A lovely coffee display. I don't drink coffee all day but don't try and stop me from running out to get my 1pm Latte,you may get knocked over! I am not sure if it is the coffee so much as the break I need. XO

  6. sadly i am addicted to caffeine.
    i am an all am coffee drinker, with a pick me up cup at around 2:30pm.

    the french coffee press is my fave.
    great post.

  7. I can drink a whole pot of coffee before noon. Nice subway tile! If some of my blogger friends lived around the corner it would be coffee and chatter all day long I think! No one would get any work done.

  8. One of the dreaded C words that I am totally addicted too I restrain myself to one full strength latte a day and then drink decaf (boring, boring, boring!!!!) for the rest of the day! I love the way you have it all set up.

  9. I love the smell of coffee but have never acquired a taste for it. Tea is my hot beverage of choice. But oh the lovely smell of coffee...most enjoyable!

    Have a lovely day!

  10. I must have my coffe as soon as I am up! I love using a French Press.Yes it is an addiction!

    Art by Karena

  11. What a timely post for me!!
    Please stop by my blog and enter my giveaway!!
    Reading your post is making me weak and then that Starbucks cup really hit me where it hurts :)
    I'm 2 weeks into giving up coffee :)

  12. I am the looser in the group as I sadly have never truly appreciated coffee. During my mid-life crisis (well the first one!) I quit my career to work for Starbucks. I loved making delicious drinks and I loved smelling the aromas but to drink it..not / :
    I too have a designated 'drink' area with the espresso machine + electric kettle. If you've got the space it's nice to do. Smart, clever tips! Hope your having a good, caffeinated Tuesday?! As for me, I've got my Dr. Pepper. xx

  13. I love coffee and a pretty place to sip and serve it is always a treat :) I do find myself drinking it mostly in the winter though because I prefer iced tea in the summer months. Something tells me you'd come up with a cute way to display that, too :)


  14. Hola, great to be here again!!! I mostly drink "mate" a kind of herb typical from southamerica, and now and then a cup of very hot tea with milk... just can´t have it only with water, it makes me seek!
    Muchos cariños,
    Maria Cecilia

  15. omg...speaking my language! All of it, the display, the love of caffeine...I need to know more about this froth maker...and will be googling these lemon honey sticks pronto...if I do drink's never with milk, always lemon and honey! I literally can not function without my coffee!xxx

  16. Hmm, I definitely need a caffenine station since I share your feelings and I need to clean my pot!

  17. it looks so pretty!! love the tray too.

    ps- now i know who gerard butler is. he's hot

  18. it's my favorite food of the day. i look forward to going to bed so i can wake up and have delicious coffee.

  19. I SO love caffeine, too! Thanks for the great tip on cleaning a thermal pot. xx

  20. lovely set up! I too need my coffee every morning and it was the only appliance on the counter. We now have the blendtec as well and keep it out to encourage us to eat more fruits and veggies (smoothies).

  21. Fabulous! I have the same pot and have never been able to get it clean to my satisfaction - thank you!

  22. great tip thank you. I am visiting from P- Style and so pleased she led me to you. I have really enjoyed reading the other posts you have on your main page now off to read a few more. All the best, for a great weekend. Coryanne


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