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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Country Drive

When the need to clear my mind, shift directions or decompress arises, often times I just want to drive somewhere. Not a specific destination, but to a place where things are quiet, peaceful, simple...naturally beautiful.  My husband enjoys driving, especially along any route off the beaten path. We both love to visit charming small towns and take in bucolic scenery.  So, fortunately their is never any persuading needed when either of us suggest it. The "country" is not far from us, a mere 20 minutes outside the hustle bustle of the suburbs, busy shopping destinations and traffic.

On this drive, we found ourselves winding through a little town that off in the distance we could see rolling greens hills, abundant with crops. At the end of the road was a structure. There was a man on scaffolding painting and a woman putting pies on one table and jars of honey on another.  The smell of varnish hung in the air. It was like going back in time.  It was just simply perfect.  On this particular site grows the bounty that will soon be a farmers market and general store.

Even with construction incomplete, everything was so wonderfully displayed.  Inside the store will be a  magnificent beamed ceiling.  With permission, I snapped these photos and can not wait to return to see this amazing and charming place up and thriving.

You never know where a little drive will take you, what beauty you will see or kind people you will meet...


  1. I expected to see a little shed, and then I scrolled down and saw that gorgeous structure! How beautiful it's going to be. No wonder you're excited to go back and see it completed!

  2. Sounds like this was just what you needed. We could all use a day like this! Elizabeth

  3. Such lovely architecture! I could easily be persuaded to buy bushels and bushels of home-grown goodness there.

  4. Those beams are spectacular! What a great find. I imagine it will be especially lovely in the fall.

  5. I'm almost tempted to get in my car and start heading South! :) Love this. Can't wait to see it when you return.

  6. What a fabulous find! Those beamed ceilings are just gorgeous. Do drop back and keep us up to date with the progress! Looks like you can get some good veggies too!

  7. That sounds like
    the perfect day,
    to me. My hubby
    and I also like to
    explore like this....
    and what a lovely
    place that you found!
    Those beams are really
    something special.
    Bet you can't wait
    to go back!
    xx Suzanne

  8. We had a road trip on Saturday - and I do love being together and seeing this land, home of the brave and land of the free.
    What beautiful country we live in!

  9. The countryside and the structure just took my breath away. How beautiful. I can't wait to see your photos when you return to see the finished place. I often just get away for a day too...It makes a big difference and refreshes our spirit. I'm fairly new to blogging and recently found you and became a follower. My little icon has disappeared so I'm sure I will turn up as a silhouette under your followers group. I'm enjoying your blog.

  10. I don't know if you have seen the post I did on Saturday( A Soulful Journey continues), its about a country home project we are doing. the property looks just like this. You are so lucky to have this so close to home.

  11. looks like a beautiful and fruitful weekend drive! I love spending days like that-have a great week :)

  12. What a lovely post...reminds me of cherished days as a child, visiting my grandparents and going for Sunday drives through the NJ countryside (yes, there is countryside in NJ). We would load up into my grandfather's studebaker and hope to see some deer. Fond memories!

  13. How wonderful. I love that you saw and shared this. It's exactly the kind of thing I love doing as well.
    Sounds like you find a piece of heaven and I can imagine you stocked up on those goodies on the table.

    xx Charlotta

  14. Lovely photos and a lovely post!! Looks like it will be a wonderful place to go when it's finished!!

  15. Well, are you going to tell us where it is? I would love to go out there myself! Thanks for these nice photos.


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