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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Tip

For those of you who love music from the 70's, you most certainly know the distinct raspy voice of British rock icon, Rod Stewart. His classics such as Maggie May and Tonight's The Night are still regularly played on the radio stations everywhere.

His albums are definitely part of my youth, though he was far too old for me to have a serious crush on. No, that distinction had been reserved for the other blond, guitar wielding and younger 70's  Brit rocker, Peter Frampton. But there was no denying Rod Stewart's sex appeal. Men wanted to be him, women wanted to be with him.

Well fast forward 30+ years. The, just turned, 66 year old still has a trick or two up his sleeve. In 2002 he recorded the first CD in a series called The Great American Songbook. If you haven't already heard of the series and you're looking for some new music or a gift, you're in for a treat. He gives amazing performances of such classics as Time After Time, I've Got You Under My Skin and They Can't Take That Away From Me.

I purchased the first CD out of sheer curiosity shortly after it's debut. The next two I bought because the first was so good! Now I have them all on my iPod. The final installment called The Best of The Great American Songbook is due to be released today. There is a really good interview on Billboard from October 2010 about this collection and you can hear a sampling of the songs on Rod Stewart's web page.

This music is perfect for small gatherings, dinner parties, as well evenings spent sitting by the fire with your favorite elixir. Oh, and of course just what cupid would recommend for Valentine's Day!


  1. I have tyhat CD and who doesn't love Rod Stewart? Love the rasp and he's so stylish!

  2. Rebecca I love Rod Stewart, in fact one of the last concerts I have seen was his!!

    Art by Karena

  3. Great Valentines Gift tip........who would have thought years ago that the singer of Do You Think I'm Sexy would have a whole new career? He's looking and sounding great! Love your new blog look too. XO

  4. I have the first one he released and I will pop over and listen to his latest album, I love his music and great voice!

    Kat :)

  5. I have to say that I like ole Rod more as he gets older, was never a fan when I was younger. Love your new 'do'!

  6. Rebecca, I love, love your new look for your blog!!! It looks amazing!!! Kathysue

  7. Love , love Rod Stewart. Perfect Valentine gift.

  8. I have the first as well - it's a great CD. Will have to check the new one out. And btw - my next door neighbor is a good friend of Peter Frampton's and still sees him on occasion - will have to send him your regards!

  9. Did you know Nina Campbell designed his London flat? Great voice and great taste - all in one package!

  10. What a fun and interesting article on Rod Stewart. For me it was Shaun Cassidy (what was I thinking????)

  11. hahaha I LOVE Rod Stewart!! I had a crush on him AND cut my hair as him as a teenager. I guess all Swedes have weakness for him! Love your new blog makeover. How elegant!!

  12. Uhhh, this is great, love his music! The guy never gets much older, holy....
    PS: Beautiful new blog, Rebecca!

  13. it might be worth a trip to palm beach for you.
    if you go to worth ave, the restaurant named 'taboo' around 1pm....
    you will see him stroll in for his lunch.

  14. First, R, WOW!!!
    Love the new look!
    I also had a crush
    on Peter Frampton ~
    As a matter of fact,
    my first true love
    looked a lot like him,
    curly hair and all : )
    I think a little Rod
    does add some great
    atmosphere to a gathering.
    Fun post!!
    xx Suzanne

  15. Love Rod and Peter....their music really takes me back! I created a Pandora station of Rod Stewart so I can listen to his music and others like him. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

    Xo, elizabeth

  16. "You Wear it Well! A little old fashioned, but that's all right" Love that song! Whenever my husband breaks out the guitar it is the first song I always request and it makes me giddy every time. It makes up for every shirt and pant he has hung all over our home ;)! Hope you have an awesome weekend Rebecca!!

  17. fun!! rod reminds me of college!:)

    happy weekend!

  18. Rod Stewart is one of rascally those old dogs that truly enjoys life, has a sense of humor about it all, and is someone I would love to spend an evening with, as he has always struck me as very good company. I also have his songbooks and enjoy them. Not only are they good to listen to, as he has a marvelous, all-his-own take on the standards, but listening to them makes me smile because of where he has been and where he is now, which is in a delightful, very cosy place, having fun. Great post! Reggie

  19. Love Rod Stewart and his homes are AMAZING as his music! Glad I found you through little blue deer! I am new to blogging, if you can stop by for a visit...its about the building of our new house and my love for decor/design!
    Beautiful blog


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