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Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Holiday Weekend!

This weekend may be the unofficial start to summer, but at the A&A house,


and this:

make it official! We'll be kicking off Mojito season, how about you?

Also, the favorite drink of Ernest Hemingway!



  1. It sounds as if you have a very fun plan!!! No big plans for me this weekend, hubby is working but I will enjoy sitting on my patio with some ice tea!!! Have a wonderful three day weekend!! We just got back from the nursery from purchasing a japanese maple, it is so graceful blowing in the wind!! Kathysue

  2. YUM!! Put out a glass for me please!!

  3. I'd love one! It must be 5 o'clock somewhere?
    Cheers to Summer and the weekend.

  4. yummy. please send me directions to your place...donna

  5. I am kicking mine off with a different kind of green drink....LOL....all veggies - not easy to swallow, but better for me! Have a great holiday weekend! xo

  6. I will take an entire pitcher, thank you very much! This is one of my all time favorite drinks...I love mojitos, the more mint the better. The key is ultra fresh mint and tons of yummy!! Plus its beautiful to look at:)

  7. Well...if good enough for Ernie it's good for me. One of my fave cocktails for summer. thanks for the view. best, tamara stephenson

  8. Oh I'd love to...thank you. Nothing more refreshing than a Mojito!

  9. Yes! I forget about Mojitos! It's 96 degrees here this afternoon. I have a bowl of limes and bunches of mint in the garden...I see a mojito in my future!


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