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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Fever & New Projects

I guess this year will go down in the history books as the winter that wasn't! On one hand,I was incredibly disappointed over the lack of snow, and on the other hand relieved we didn't end up with another crazy blizzard like the last 2 years. I'm such a seasonal person, I can help feeling a little cheated, even though I'm looking forward to spring!

And, it seems this lack of winter and unseasonalbly warm temperatures are pushing people into spring mode and that means focusing on updates around the house, both inside and out! So where have I been? Helping clients with interiors and exteriors, big projects and small!

I'll share a little preview of what's been consuming my thoughts and time:

This client is a longtime friend.  They have just completed a massive renovation to the entire first floor of the house.

The client already had this wonderful rug and it will be the starting point for the dining room.

We are on the hunt for blue & white pieces for the dining room and kitchen.

We plan to incorporate some blue & white pieces, such as this ginger jar into the kitchen window.

The kitchen was gutted and now has beautiful cabinetry. The clients chose a huge island for the way they like to entertain. I'll be adding the finishing touches such a lantern for end of the island, fabric and shades for the windows, bar stools, accessories and...

some fantastic hardware!  The knob on the left and the handle are in nickel and the other is in chrome. My client initially planned to use chrome or brushed nickel hardware that was more casual. While I like all metals, I really felt polished nickel was the best choice in this case. It's more elegant than brushed and warmer than chrome. So, I took my client on hardware shopping trip and while their were many great options, these in my mind, were a standout. And, even though they were an added expense, we both agreed the backplate on the knob was to die for! It's also practical as it will keep the wood on the cabinets cleaner, especially since there is so many painted white cabinets!

  Jewelry for the kitchen!!!

I am also working on a master bedroom for another client. Everything is this photo is being replaced.This client came to me by way of my friend, Renae of Renae Moore Designs. Renae used to live in Northern Virginia, but now lives in Atlanta. Before she moved she did some really beautiful work in this client's living room and dining room. Currently, I'm working on the master bedroom and hope to make Renae proud and the client happy! I am also helping this client with exterior items such as paint colors, door hardware, lighting, french doors and a new garage door!
Thank you Renae for such as wonderful referral!
If anyone knows a source for beautiful barstools that swivel with no backs, please let me know! It's for the kitchen island pictured above. I've looked at many and so has my client. We thought we found a good option from Frontgate, it came in...the husband didn't like's going back. We are trying to avoid anything custom since it's not in the budget!


  1. there is so much to do.
    the place will be great!!!


  2. I was wondering where you disappeared to but you're just busy like the rest of us. I don't know what it is with this spring but my business has been unusually busy too. That and I get an early jump on spring work outside thanks to basically no winter up north either. I hope you're having fun!


  3. Rebecca some great projects here; adore the hardware you chose!

    Come over to visit, I have a New Giveaway I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  4. Renae is awesome. Where DID winter go? You will do so well!

  5. Looks like will great to see these projects come to life. Love the rug and of course love the blue and white! Enjoy...

  6. Rebecca!
    Oh I can't wait to see how both turn out! With your eye for detail and beauty I know both will be outstanding! I am so glad you are enjoying DB!

  7. It "tis the season!! I remember when I was working that from now until July was a very busy time with clients. It is hard to fit clients needs and our own home based needs at this time. It is like the story of the cobbler. The clients jobs get finished but our own personal projects never seem to get done. love the hardware for the kitchen and I so agree with the use of polished nickel. You HAD to get the back plates for the knobs!! It completes the look beautifully. Glad to see you are well and very busy!! xo Kathysue

  8. Oh, what a fun project. I can see all the work you have cut out for you. Do you have any Amish shops near you? We found some wonderful stools that are backless. They have a semi-cupped seat with "hand holes" (for lack of a better word) cut towards the outer part of the seat. They make a couple of styles with no backs. They have wonderful mechanisms for rotating and will stand up to a lot of wear and tear with kids spinning on them...yes..I know that's not what they are for..but that seems to be a favorite way to use them when YOU KNOW WHO visits! I have had ours for about 10 years and they are still just like new. The men really love the way they sit and all the guys comment on them. Good luck- xo Diana

  9. I rarely find anyone else who loves winter, and feels cheated when it's a mild ( and non -snowy) one. So there you are!! I adore winter and Christmas, and even rainy days. So much! But alas, Spring seems to be arriving early just about everywhere, so embrace it we shall.

  10. I love blue and white pieces like the ones featured here...will look perfect! Adore the hardware choices as well! Can't wait to see the finished project.

  11. How fun to have a blank slate and a beautiful oriental and blue and white to work with! Hope you have fun! Your updates will be anticipated...

  12. how cool to be a spend other peoples money..
    I love that!!!
    and such good taste you have...I truly envy you..

    Hope you had a great day...I spent it at my lake cottage..opening the garden beds...
    now I am pooped...hopefully will sleep like a baby!!

    Cheers...Linda :o)

  13. Hi Rebecca,
    I look forward to see what you do here as I am always inspired by your designs and renovation projects. I am a regular reader and was wondering when you might post the bathrooms and other parts of that townhouse you did? The kitchen transformation was so incredible, I really want to see the rest! I hope you don't mind that I asked, but I need to work on my own bathroom soon.

  14. I absolutely LOVE that rug! I always think I want a super-neutral house, but then I see something like that and it all goes out the window. :)


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