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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Fool No More, Thank you!

Thanks to all of the insightful comments and emails and generous amounts of information that reader's and blog friends provided on my last post, I have been to the MAC Store! I spent a good deal of time talking to the salesperson and pondering all the choices. I'm really excited at the prospect of owning such an amazing, beautiful and virus free computer!

I'm just trying to decide which one. Even though it's quite pricey, I'm leaning towards the 17" MacBook Pro with a non-glare screen, because at my age, bigger is better!  This week is spring break for my youngest, so we're going to slip away for a little vacation, then it's just a matter of days until I can be rid of this foolish PC...forever.
A working PC? Yeah, that's funny!
And, then I will finally be back to some regular blogging!!! I had my PC cleaned up a bit to tide me over. Fingers crossed it will stop deleting the pictures/posts and I'm able to complete the post on the bathroom renovations from this project and get it off before we go. I'm sorry it's taken so long for those of you who mentioned it in a comment or an sent me an email. It was never my intention to drag it out this long!


  1. You will love your new mac! I've had my mac PowerbookG4 for years and love it!


  2. I have a really big monitor and love it. Originally got it because of work, now because I'm aging by the minute. Have fun on your escape Rebecca, we'll be right here when you get back.


  3. i guess i am too old to dig an APPLE.
    or maybe i am not old enough.

    i bought 3 and returned each.
    but you my dear are young and cool!!

    you will be a happy blogger!!

  4. Yay, you'll have to let me know how you like it!


  5. You are going to LOOOOVE your Mac! I can guarantee it :) It will love you back too, you'll see. -Al

  6. Yes Rebecca I want to go from a desktop to a notebook so I will be interested to hear your thoughts!!

    I hope you will Come and enter my amazing Cross Bottle Guy Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  7. You will love, love Mac. I have the big screen desktop, the 17" MacBook Pro and so does everyone else in the family. We are a Mac family and will never look back. Enjoy your new lptop! XO

  8. I totally agree with the above comment. They are superior products and there customer service is the tops in our opinion. I would suggest to buy the One on One for $100 - this is where you can spend an hour per week with an Apple tech to learn all about your new laptop and how to use it.

  9. LIke Sande, I have both a Macbook Pro and a desktop. I love working on the larger screen of the iMac but love the convenience of having a portable laptop (the smaller 13"). I suppose it depends what your needs are. In general the notebooks are more expensive. You get more bang for your buck with the iMac but obviously not the flexibility of where you use it!

  10. You will not be sorry! Fabulous machine. I am with Stacey, I have the macbook pro 13 and I will soon buy the desktop which is a great deal I think.
    Happy Monday.

  11. You won't be disappointed for sure!

  12. Yay! I knew we'd talk you into it! You won't be sorry-just understand that you will have a learning curve and give yourself some time to get used to it. I agree that the one on one learning for $100.00 is worth it. Enjoy the process!

    Oh ya, and have fun on your little getaway! :)Meghan

  13. I am not sure how much you travel - if you do the 15" is the perfect size. Every business person I know that has a 17" says it get's too heavy and not as portable. 15" is the perfect in between. Also, if you crave a larger screen you can always buy a monitor for your desk. What most people don't know is you don't have to get a mac monitor - there are plenty of affordable monitors out there that you can plug your lap top into (Samsung has a nice white one) and get the larger screen. I don't understand now a days why people don't buy laptops and then a monitor vs. everything in one where you can't take it with you. With hard drive space being larger now and the speed you really get the best of both worlds with a lap top. I say get the 15" and buy a non mac monitor that's inexpensive so you can plug your lap top into when your home for a larger size. That's my two cents.

  14. You are going to love it!! Enjoy Spring Break! Hope you're feeling better, too.

    xo Elizabeth

  15. Yes, yes, yes...a MAC. You won't be sorry. You get so crazy, you want every electronic device you own to be from Apple Computer.

  16. Hello Rebecca

    A wise decision. I love my MacBook. Have a wonderful holiday with your daughter - bon voyage

    Helen xx

  17. I have both a desktop and the macbook pro. I use my laptop 90% of the time! Go with the best they have to offer. It will be faster and more it will last way longer than any PC you have owned. The best part of owning a MAC is all the free training they provide. Or buy the $100 one to one unlimited training for a year and you will have a private instructor to work on specific things you will be doing for your blogging. Those techies at the stores know all kinds of tricks and shortcuts to make your life easier! And you can now back everything up to icloud . Brilliant

  18. I have the i-phone which I use a ton. MacBook Pro, 17 (hate the non-glare screen)
    Love my 3 Apple desk tops best.....


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