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Monday, December 3, 2012

O Christmas Tree, What Will You Be?

I love Christmastime, it's a sensory feast! It engages every one of our senses from holiday music,  tinkling bells, crackling fires, aromas wafting from the kitchen, the scent of pine and oranges and cinnamon, to the sight of shiny ornaments and festive garlands that decorate our homes.  Ah, the decorations. O Christmas tree, how I love to decorate thee! And every year I struggle to make a decision on just what to do, with the endless ideas and inspiring images that dance in my head!

From year to year I use many of the same ornaments, but always change up the color combinations in some way. Our tree last year was very neutral and I loved it! But, I've had the color orange swirling around for awhile. Would I dare do something so unconventional? It would be an idea that would either have a wonderful, unexpected outcome...or go terribly wrong and leave family, friends and fellow design bloggers to wonder what was I thinking!?

There are trees and then there are TREES! Image courtesy of Reggie Darling.

After seeing the tree of the always delightful, insightful and stylish Reggie last year, with it's beautiful pinecone (an obsession I share) ornaments and dried orange slices, well let's just say I became completely enamoured and have looked at this image more times than I care to admit. Reggie purchased the feather tree at Bunny Williams' shop Treillage in New York City. I'm betting if Ms. Williams saw how it was decorated she be enamored too!

Then last week, I was in Neiman Marcus shopping. One minute checking out the citrus fragrances by Jo Malone the next minute distracted by an orange scent so intoxicating and divine, I forgot all about shopping and was focused solely on my tree and buying that scent!

So with a mere $15 investment in frosted orange balls from Michael's, bags full of oranges for pomades and drying, inspiration from Reggie and my new bitter orange scent- I've started decorating.

While the tree won't have the elegant sophistication of Reggie's- seriously who can top that!? I think it's coming along nicely. But, in case things go terribly wrong, I'd love to know what or who has inspired you?


  1. I love the idea of orange- so nontraditional but beautiful. I hope you show it all done. I am so inspired by all the things I see in blogland- xo Diana

  2. Ooh, I love a good twist on tradition and I know your orange tree will look amazing!


  3. Hello m'dear, so pleased you like our tree and thrilled you've posted it here. I am a huge fan of Agraria's Bitter Orange, and cannot imagine Christmas without a bowl of it, sending its sublime fragrance troughout the rooms. What a lovely post, you've made my day. I just learned from Boy that this year's Christmas in the Darling household is all about silver. I asked, not gold, too? We shall see! Reggie

  4. Rebecca I love your choices! Reggie cannot possibly have more good taste and elegance! Adore his tree! Must get some of Agraria's Bitter Orange


  5. I love a touch of orange, especially a burnt orange vs. a neon orange:) Treillage is such a beautiful store..waltzed in there a few years ago and simply could not bring myself to leave, it was chock full of everything I love! Cannot wait to see your finished product!

  6. Rebecca, I love an unexpected twist to decorating for Christmas! This will be delightful and it does look very pretty with the green of the tree and a touch of lime!! Have you ever tried the natural orange spray from Trader Joe's? Oh my!! You will love it!! All natural and a wonderful scent of oranges.
    Happy Decorating. I did a post today on my mantel, what worked and what did NOT!!

  7. Rebecca I love orange and am doing the same dang thing on one small tree. I was at Michael's at seven in the morning on black Friday and saw all the orange balls and purchased some. Everyone seems to have orange ornaments this year so I'm doing a table topper tree in orange with pea green ribbon throughout. I can't wait to see how your tree turns out.


  8. When I was in the ninth grade I walked past a perfume counter and I could smell strong tangerine/orange smell and I was intoxicated! So I located where it came from and it was a spray scent for women and I purchased it and just about drove my classmates wild, they loved it, too. I am a fan, and your post got me to thinking! TY! And thank you for entering the giveaway and your sweet words!

  9. Debra....Love the added orange. I have been looking for blue and gold ribbon.....cant find it anywhere! You were lucky to find orange.

  10. Orange is the new red! You heard it from me, now go change history. Thanks for dropping by and the kind words. K

  11. oh boy - this just reminded me i need to GET ON IT this year. im SO behind. no tree, no decor anywhere, barely any shopping done. it just snuck up on me. would love to see what you do for inspiration - your home always looks perfect!! happy holidays

  12. Hi, Rebecca -
    I think using orange is so beautiful and chic! Less traditional than red but still festive and warm. I hope you'll show the entire tree in your next post.
    Happy December!

  13. I adore the sent
    of oranges and
    of orange blossoms,
    so I feel your love!

    This year we are
    traveling on the
    big day, so I am
    more restrained
    with our decor ~
    sticking to calming
    whites and natural
    elements. That said,
    when it's "our year"
    to host, I go for the
    glitter, silver and gold!

    Enjoy your orange!

    xo Suzanne


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