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Friday, April 5, 2013

Help! What to do about...

I'm drowning in SPAM. With my blog postings more infrequent, it seems the the amount of SPAM is on the rise.

My first year of blogging, a fellow blogger told me to put comments on a 3 day moderation cycle. Since I allow anonymous comments, this worked like a charm, until lately.

Now I get so much SPAM dumped in my in box everyday. It can be as many as 70 comments a week to the point unless I recognize the name, I usually have no choice but to delete it from my blog and my email. As a result, I've put some emails in the SPAM folder that were important. Oh, there's lots of variety to choose from, much of it down right weird and creepy. Unfortunately, I've dumped some legitimate emails- and for that, I apologize!

So do I stop taking anonymous comments, moderate comments daily, or add the word verification- which I know drives everyone nuts, me included? I need some advice and are any of you experiencing the same thing?



  1. Annoying, right? When I started blogging less the amount of spam that started coming in was staggering-and it continues. I use word verification for posts older than 14 days and that seems to help.

  2. No one should be anonymous. Word verification is an understandable requirement also. Blog more and worry less about spam! : )

  3. I don't allow anonymous comments and removed my word verification and I have very little spam - maybe 4 spam comments a month, usually on older posts. My guess is it's the anonymous feature that is doing it.

  4. OMG there's Hawaiian SPAM ?? Seriously, what is Hormel thinking?
    Sorry, I got distracted by the SPAM wall. Anonymous comments aren't necessary and removing the option should do the trick.

  5. I don't allow anonymous comments and it seems to be is annoying!

  6. same here. so much more spam coming in over the last few months! I do allow anon comments because I want to encourage readers who are not bloggers to have a voice.

    I really don't like word verification - too much trouble for legit readers and commenters.

    I resort to comment moderation; more work for me but not for the legit readers/commenters. it was a bummer having to turn moderation on, but something I guess we gotta do.

    we really need to ask Blogger to get tougher on spammers, don't we?

  7. I happened upon your blog this morning and enjoyed reading this post as well as the comments above. I've noticed spam on the rise recently too. I tried eliminating the anonymous and found that people who have WordPress blogs and formats other than Blogger weren't able to leave comments. So I put the anonymous back on.

    I just can't bring myself to add the word verification yet because it is to annoying, but I just may have to resort to it. I moderate comments older than 21 days and that helps some, but Anonymous has been showing up lately on my new posts. Very frustrating. Hope you'll come up with the answer soon :)

  8. I removed anonymous comments some time ago and also word verification (a BIG turn off to genuine comments!) and the spam has stopped :o) I use comment moderation, it works for me.
    Don't hesitate ban anonymous comments.
    Rose H

  9. You are so clever. Love the images of SPAM meat, haha!!! When I was young, I used to love that stuff. Had it a lot in college :(

    Re: spam comments, I do not have that problem. (Knock on wood.) Average of 10-15 per week for my blog. Perhaps it is because my blog is just over a year old. I just manually delete the ones I get.

    Good luck, Rebecca! Keep us posted.

  10. Hi Rebecca- I think just about everyone I know has stopped taking anonymous comments. When I stopped allowing them ALL the spam on my blog stopped and the few that I did get went right into the spam folder. AND my comment numbers never dropped! Good luck- xo Diana

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  12. Was having the same issue....makes me crazy!! I stopped taking anonymous for a while and required word verification which I personally do not like but it absolutely cut them down dramatically. Then I took it off for a week or so and have been going back and forth, they are not totally gone but its 90% was so out of control. So try the word. verf. and no anonymous for one week, then go back and then do this off and on for a few weeks...I bet you will see a huge improvement. Good luck!

  13. I took off anonymous commenting...and that seemed to work. I get such a headache sometimes trying to use word verification that I just leave without commenting. Good luck!

  14. Hi Rebecca....I was having the same problem as you and it drove me batty! I put the word verification back on, I know I hate it too, but it worked, no more spam! I wish google would make the words we have to verify slightly easier to see.


  15. Hi Rebecca,

    I stopped allowing anonymous
    comments for this same reason,
    and the spam stopped. I did this
    two weeks ago and no spam got
    through {so far}. So, for my latest
    post, I turned off comment moderation
    and again, so far, so good. Try it
    and see if that helps!

    xo Suzanne

  16. I tightened up my comment moderation to 24 hours (instead of two weeks)I won't do those word verification things. I. HATE. THEM. The spammers are a PIA! But that has helped a lot for me. But to be completely honest....I often delete any comments from annon's in my email without even reading them. Have no doubt I have deleted some goodmessages! Sigh.

  17. Rebecca,
    I feel your pain! So far, I'm just deleting them, but I need to just deal with it. I can tell from the comments above and the measure taken by many of our blogging friends that this is a world wide web problem!!! I guess I'm going to throw in the towel and put on comment moderation of disallow anonymous.

    Have a great Monday!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  18. I added the word verification. I am on a blogging hiatus for professional training and just don't have the time. I'm thinking of leaving blogspot when I start again to see if it gets better. Would love to know what you decide to do.

  19. too! I put on word verification but after reading your comments I'm going to put the no annon filter on and try that. Soooo annoying!
    ps I have another painted project on the blog!

  20. It is irritating. I tried the word verification, but readers really didn't like it, so I deleted it. I now do comment moderation. If you go into "comments awaiting moderation" after clicking on "comments" in blogger, it really doesn't take that long to eliminate the spam. I also block anon. commenters, but there was an interesting point in this chain that non-bloggers couldn't comment then? I don't think that's true, I know I've received comments from non~bloggers. Does anyone know for sure??

  21. I hate word verification with a passion and hope to never have to add it. That being said, I have suffered the same problem. I changed my settings to comment moderation after one day and found that it works pretty well. People seem to rarely comment on posts older than a day old. Good luck!

  22. For a long time, I moderated comments after 3 days. But then I started to get tons of spam on new comments - dozens - and the google spam filter was only weeding out a few. So, I went to word verification . I have enjoyed reading these tips - I might try something else. I wish the word verification was easier - the words are so hard it sometimes takes me 3 or 4 tries!


  23. It should be give and take-- word verification is what one gives to take the enjoyment one receives from reading and allowing to leave a comment. Those that poo poo it either I think must have an ulterior motive perhaps they are spammers!!!!


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