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Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Holiday Weekend!

A three day many possibilities!  Maybe you will be...

heading to the beach.....

taking a drive to catch the scenery.....

working in the garden.....

lounging by the pool.....

cruising around on your bike.....

strolling down your favorite path.....

As for me, I plan to spend it with family, host a cook-out with close friends and hopefully a whole lot of this.....

However you spend it.....I hope you enjoy every minute of your long weekend!!!

Images coursesy of Veranda, Southern Accents, Tradtional Home, BH&G 


  1. BEAUTIFUL ideas, ALL! I am planning to spend a lot of time with my the garden.... and with a good book that I need to finish by Wednesday. Off to the garden center, this morning! Happy happy weekend! xx P&H

  2. So happy it's the weekend. Have a great one.

  3. I will probably doing the gardening part. Need to clean out our pond. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too. Thanks for the comment and I wish I was in the biz.

  4. Hi Rebecca, I want to come and "live" in all those great images and do ALL THAT! Plus SLEEP 8 hours a night, something I never get to do...Have a great weekend!!

  5. So excited about the weekend. Headed to the lake with family and friends. I hope you have a great one.

  6. 'punch buggy, no punch backs'

    i'm completely smitten with the pool house image.

  7. check check check, love to be doing all! thanks for your visit. you have a great weekend as well...verbena cottage

  8. Rebecca, this is so sweet, wish some those images were part of my weekend!!!

    Happy beginning of the lovely season...


  9. I think I would love to be in the first picture and definitely in the last picture. I use to have a hammock and lately I have been wanting one again. This picture reallly made me want one, Happy Long weekend, have a restful time, Kathysue

  10. We are enjoying our long weekend which started yesterday morning. Getting ready to head to the beach soon to go gor a walk and maybe fly a kite with my kiddies. Laying in the hammock is one of my favorites in the summer. Enjoy your long weekend too!

  11. These all sound lovely...we will be doing many of these...always wanted a vw bug...the cutest car ever! Happy Weekend!

  12. We are around the house but I don't mind! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  13. So many happy pictures - to be surrounded by beauty - the very essence of life - enjoyed the images - am dreaming of the beach. Happy Holidays, sweetie!;-)

  14. oh I so wish that I could say I was doing one of weekend was more link cleaning under the stairs, weeding the garden, polishing door hardware and cleaning skylights...all for the new owners who move in on Friday. Wishing you a more relaxed long weekend, and thank you for stopping by Housewife Bliss.

  15. Scanning these pics has me realizing we had a really lame weekend! Hope yours was fun! Marija


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