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Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Morning Motivation

Oh, how hard it is going to be to get back to work and resume the normal routines of life after putting everything on hold this past week!  I want to thank each of you who read my previous post and clicked the inspirational box.  What an unexpected surprise...each of those 48 check marks felt like a little hug.  And, to those who sent me a private email....I was so very touched by your beautiful words and understanding of my need for privacy.

So in order to get motivated for the week I am looking to nature for a little inspiration.  I snapped this photo of my Korean Lilac tree on Thursday and my husband cut a few branches off yesterday morning....just in time before the blooms fade and the rain coming down this morning takes these delicate petals away.

The scent is intoxicating and a sure sign that Spring is in full swing.  I moved them up to my office desk...let's hope it provides the little boost I will need to get focused!

For some additional lilac inspiration check out Architect Design and Savvy City Farmer 

Happy Monday and Happy 16th Birthday to my beautiful daughter today!!!

All photos provided by A&A


  1. Hope you had a wonderful week! Your lilac tree is gorgeous. I love bringing lilacs inside. Like you said the smell is intoxicating!
    Happy Birthday to your daughter, she reminds me of my Claire who is 5. I can't even imagine her at 16, I want this time to just stand still with her.

  2. Oh my!! That tree is beautiful!!! Glad you are back renewed. Happy B'day to your lovely 16 year old!


  3. Welcome Back! I know you had a wonderful time together and hope your celebrating continues today! Happy Birthday to your little girl...almost all grown up! Marija

  4. Welcome back! {I checked your box.} I was so touched by your last post. I could tell that you were an inspirational person from all that you have created, but when I realized you were doing it with your husband away serving our country, I found you even more amazing! Thank you both! The lilac images are gorgeous. Ours are just bursting favorite part of the springtime. Have a wonderful week!
    xx P&H

  5. Korean lilacs give off the most heavenly scent. I had one in our other house that I positioned right next to the entryway stairs and right outside an oft opened window.

    Celebrations of many kinds - and a bunch of lilacs to ease you back in.


  6. Hope you had a great week off. When you get a chance, I would love for you to stop by my blog. I have a post of the renovation of our home. You might enjoy it!

  7. Happy 16th birthday - how exciting and I'm sure your whole house is aflutter!
    Thanks for mentioning me - your lilacs are gorgeous. I haven't head of Korean lilacs but they're added to my 'wishlist' now for when I finally get a house!
    Have a great week!

  8. Dear Acanthus and Acorn... Where have you been all this time? Sometimes it is amazing to find a new and inspiring blog such as yours and not have come across it earlier, even though I remembered your lovely blog name! And I shere many of your blogs on your list...
    Well, I truly hope this week is one of renewed closeness and joy and celebration for you and your handsome husband! You must be so reliefed and happy to have him back, hopefully healthy on body and soul!
    Happy Birthday to your 16 year old, she is so pretty! Oh sweet sixteen....


  9. Happiest to your sweet 16. May babies are the best! I have one, too!

    And lilacs always remind me of May babies...I remember gathering armloads of them while I was in labor.

    So happy for your intact family...welcome back!

  10. I was so amazed that you were writing such a wonderful blog while your husband was away no less, but possibly it helped you through the lonely time. I hope it did! Happy to have you back and your lilacs are my favorite, though mine were rather stingy this year. Happy 16th to your lovely daughter. XO

  11. Welcome back! I hope your daughter has a wonderful 16th birthday!

  12. Wow! Sweet 16! Happy Birthday! Clearly the fun and festivities never ends in your home, how it always looks so pulled together and amazing in each and every image you share here is a mystery to me! Today included! Love that shot of your desk so much.

  13. Sweet sixteen to your daughter! Wishing you a wonderful day and welcome back to blog land. I hope you have been pinching yourself -and your dear man who is home to celebrate 16~~

  14. Your lilacs are gorgeous! We can't grow them here (believe me, I tried!).
    Happy Sweet 16 to your daughter. Leila will be 10 in july, but as you know she'll be 16 before I know it!


  15. I love lilacs and so miss the lilac bushes at my last home. I looked forward every year to the time when they bloomed.

  16. always need time to catch your breath-a challenge I bet! I can not think of anything that lilacs will not ease. go see the post at frognall dibdin's post by His Aunt-
    relax, enjoy,pgt

  17. Hola darling, so nice to have a 16 years old sweet girl, happy birthday to her!!!!!
    Soooooo beautiful your lilac tree!!!!
    Much joy to you,
    Maria Cecilia

  18. happy birthday to your sweet, ' sweet sixteen' daughter.
    it only happens once.

  19. I mentioned you in my blog tonight hope you don't mind. I bet this is a great birthday with Dad home to celebrate!

  20. i hope you had a wonder, relaxing week w/ your husband!! a well deserved break! and i hope your daughter has an amazing 16th b'day. gosh i can't believe i turned 16, 15 yrs ago...

  21. I hope you had a wonderful week off with your husband!

  22. Oh and I'm very glad you're back though. :)

  23. Just read your beautiful post about your husband. It brought me to tears. Please, please, please thank him for me.


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