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Friday, June 11, 2010

Lutyens Bench

I have been completely smitten with the Lutyens bench for what seems like an eternity!  For anyone who may be unfamiliar, this particular style of bench is by Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944).  He is the English architect who is probably most famous for planning the city of New Delhi.  Lutyens was noted for his versatility and range that included designing many great country estates. And, certainly considered by many to be the greatest English architect ever.

The bench chair, as it was known, was created by Lutyens in 1908. Please note: this date is not related to length of my desire!!!  This distinctive bench is the most recognized of all the English garden benches.

There is a size, price, material and color for every taste:

I finally settled on 2 small benches centered in between the windows for both sides of our front porch:

Happy Weekend!
Images courtesy of Patio Shoppers, Grandinroad, Restoration Hardware, Plow&Hearth


  1. I adore it as well,the lines are wonderful. Especially in the black and red!!

    Art by Karena

  2. I am also crazy for this style!
    My dad made one for my parent's home and
    I have to bribe {and fly} him to us so
    that he'll create one for me! Although,
    we don't have the full work-shop that I'm
    sure you need for one of these lovelies.
    I really enjoyed learning the history of
    the Lutyens! Happy Weekend.... xx Suzanne

  3. Painted red it almost looks Chinese! I love the lines of this bench.
    Have a good weekend, hope it's not as hot there as it is here!

  4. a timeless classic, looks great at your home

  5. We had a huge english garden at our last home (we bought it from a retired gentleman who loved to be outdoors - even in Chicago) complete with a cedar lutyens bench. I probably shouldn't admit this but we yanked it all out (including the bench). It just was too much maintenance and not really our style. I probably should have sold it - that bench is so versatile!

    1. Good grief. So selfish. Why do people buy something beautiful only to destroy it? Why not leave the legacy and beautiful garden for someone who would adore it and buy someplace to your liking?

  6. I love it in BLACK! I have had this bench in my file for some time now.
    Love it!

  7. Beautiful! I always think of Monet's garden when I see this bench. They look gorgeous at your front entrance!

  8. So classic and eye catching...timeless!

  9. Adore this bench so much! Yours looks stunning on the porch where you have it! We have one located at the edge of our pool, exactly like the one in the first image, now I know we share a love for this classic design.

  10. Sympaticos! I have always loved these benches since my first sight of them, too! My step-mother in Madison has a couple and I can never visit without sitting in each!

  11. I have wanted one of these forever! I love the red! I may have to give in and order one!


  12. i do.
    i do.
    i do!!!!!
    i have always loved it.

  13. The black one looks great! Colour brings out the graphic outline.

    You are welcome at design traveller as well:

  14. Love it in black and teal! Forgot how elegant that bench is.

  15. I love it in red! What an elegant style. Thanks for the brief history I love knowing the story behind a design.

  16. Oh gorgeous! Never heard of the bench (did hear of him) - thanks for the edification - I love this bench too!! Graceful but sturdy.

    xo's Terri

  17. I had no idea that Lutyens designed this bench - so beautiful and well proportioned, I should not be surpised.

  18. Gorgeous - so timeless! I had no idea who designed it, I just knew I liked the shape - good to know!

  19. A woman in town had one for sale, teak, perfect condition, but my husband said let's think about it. I said, for $250.00, honey, write a check, I've already thought about it for 10 years! It sits in my hallway like it did in hers and my husband still thinks I'm nuts.

  20. You just can't beat classic designs! It looks good in or outdoors. I particularly love to see them in the garden. The third photo just says it all with the allee of trees behind the bench.

  21. There is something absolutely stunning about that bench in red, but that bench can live in any color anywhere. Fabulous!

  22. I love that you bought a pair--I love symmetry, although it's always a pain to write the check for 2! They look great on your porch... Beautiful, with the shutters and columns! (Great stone floor too!)

    I am so glad I stumbled across mine! We were bench shopping, it was the first bench I saw, and I immediately stopped looking. My husband hates shopping with me because I agonize over every decision. The entire shopping trip including loading them in the van, (and bargaining because they were weathered) took 20 minutes! So hubby was happy too!

    Great article, amazing collection of photo's. I love photo #3 with that giant alley of hedges behind it...takes you right to an English garden.


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