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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Six, Six & Sixty: Getting Personal

This past April, Marija the author of  Holding Court, one of my very favorite blogs, awarded me The Beautiful Blogger  award.   While I was flattered and most appreciative, I really wasn't keen on the idea of sharing "personal stuff" with blogworld.  You see that has been one of the biggest surprises of blogging to me...most of you do this willingly...and wonderfully.  Many of you share nothing, including your identities! And some of you, I think may be on the fence... like me?

Me at age 6

When I started blogging, I swore I would never post a single photo of myself or family....well I've loosened up a bit, but still haven't quite decided how I will navigate this part of blogging. Guess I will likely just make it up as I go.

So, I e-mailed Marija and told her my issues and she graciously responded saying that she understood and maybe I would want to consider saving it to do down the road when things may be too busy to post.  Good advice. may have guessed I was away on vacation, returned home to loads of laundry, mail and oh,  a twisted knee (a story for another time) so I thought while I am sitting here with my leg propped up, why not?   I understand for this award, the recipient is suppose to share 7 things about themselves ( I modified it to 6), show the 6th picture they ever posted and this just so happens to be my 60th post!

1.) Before I was a designer I had a long career as the director of a very large and well known brokerage firm. It was a  testosterone driven atmosphere that only 4 women, including myself, occupied such positions with this firm's offices throughout the country.....which I certainly hope has changed by now! The uber competitive and serious environment of investment & financial services with "the suits" was worlds apart from my current life in design and blogging. For starters, this !!! or this :) would have been greatly :( upon.  And , this ;) would have likely got me fired! I miss the big paycheck, the smell of men's cologne and little else from my former career.

My 6th picture is from a bathroom renovation project you can read about  HERE.

2.) I was born in Florida. The sun, surf, sand and the need for several great pairs of flip-flops are in my blood!  My father was a colonel in the Air Force so we moved a lot growing up.  I have lived everywhere from Oklahoma to New York. Our family settled in Virginia when my father retired and started his own company.   As a result of growing up in such a variety of environments I learned to adapt quickly to change, enjoy many types of people and adjust to different accents!  I think there are wonderful people everywhere.  I also think there are are plenty of rude people everywhere!

Scene from our recent vacation

3.) I am a bit of a germaphobe and I think the creation of hand santitizer & wipes are some of the greatest contributions to society ever !!! I loathe clutter and I am a recovering perfectionist.  But, I have always used my "good" things regularly. If this blog can accomplish one thing, I would like readers to really think about this and use their nice things and not save them for someone, some occasion....someday. Please make it a priority to Live Beautifully Everyday! 

Flowers....beautiful everyday!

4.) I love to travel, but can be super picky about the accommodations!  I have been to Europe and the Carribean several times and my list of other places I'd love to visit just keeps getting longer!  My design aesthestic is greatly influenced by European sensibilities and Southern traditions. My tastes lean towards tradtional, but I love a modern twist here and there.

My favorite house both inside and out. Charleston, SC

5.) Giving back is important to me. There are so many opportunities that don't require writing large checks.   For example, while my husband was in Afghanistan he discovered an orphanage for children of all ages who's parents had been killed as a result of the war.  After speaking to the director, it was determined what they really needed were school supplies.  A quick flyer made up by my son was sent out to friends and neighbors. Within days bags of donations came pouring in.  We packed & shipped hundreds of pounds of supplies in a 2 year time span.  It was so easy, so rewarding and something I think will stay with my children forever.

Some of the many school supplies donated

6.) We have owned our home since 1993 and have lived in it for all but 4 years, when we rented it out.  Due to it's age and the neglect it suffered from the renters, we embarked on a whole house renovation (inside & out) 5 years ago and I am happy to say we are nearly done!!!

Our basement ( AKA teen/media pad) after completion, but before decorating! One of these days I'll show the afters!

Ok, if I stick to the original rules...

7.) My favorite kind of people have both good manners and a sense of humor.  Did I mention I wear a tiara when I blog?  

All photos courtesy of A&A


  1. So happy to read your list and learn a bit more about you, every blogger finds a comfort level and we all respect that. Though I did love hearing that you wear a tiara when you blog and if you are kidding.........I think you should. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. XO

  2. So nice to learn these things about you. Hope you have a wonderful fourth!

  3. so glad you took this plunge. I felt the same way as you about those 'do I' or 'don't I' privacy issues. I am slowly trying to be more personal on my blog...

    Lovely to have a few tidbits about you. Your blog is a delight and so are you.

  4. Haha! Great insights. Glad to get to know you't everyone wear a tiara? (Hehe)!

  5. Thank you for sharing! I loved learning a bit more about you...and that you used to have a "boring job" (gives me hope!).

  6. The posts I enjoy the most and the heartfelt ones....and this certainly was. Thank you for opening up and letting us get to know you better. It wasn't so hard, was it? :)

  7. Glad to know a little more about you. I think it's always nice to get to know the person behind the blog. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Aaww- you did great!
    Honestly, I know how you feel.

    I'm not sure how to say this, though. You need some facial hair bleach!

    XX -Ann

  9. ...I think my most favorite part about you are your oh so soulful eyes...

  10. I've ALWAYS thought you have one of the most gorgeous blogs I've come across thusfar. I loved learning more about you, so this has been great. I also had to read twice this line: "My design aesthestic is greatly influenced by European sensibilities and Southern traditions," because it is so much the way I feel.
    This has been GREAT, and your childhood photo, priceless.

  11. Thank you for sharing with us here in blogland! I don't have a blog of my own (am thinking about it) and feel as you do, at this stage anyway. Each to their own but I feel uncomfortable posting photo's of my husband and kids...we shall see. If I ever start a blog of my own those feelings may change. Usually when I read posts like yours I am nearly always blown away with what is revealed...all good, just things like what people have done in their lives previously and how they have arrived to what they are doing now. So thanks again.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  12. I know it's a fine line between what's private and what's on a blog, so thank you for sharing, I know it wasn't easy, but I'm sure the tiara helped :) *Amy

  13. Thanks for sharing more about yourself! You have a great sense of humor! I am also a recovering perfectionist and this book: Rescue from Domestic Perfection by Dan Ho really really helped me! It has some great recipes in it too! I will have a giveaway of the book on my blog soon :)
    So glad you are out of that serious world!

  14. Oh my...we could be sisters! My dad was a Major in the AF (resigned to keep flying in the civiliam world), so I know about moving (40+ times). I too am a bit neurotic about washing my hands....have purell everywhere). I like what you said about being a 'recovering' perfectionist, I can relate.
    I love 'your' beautiful.

  15. I thought it was a lovely post and I love how your dog is looking at the the camera like, "Why would she shame me in this way?!" :)

  16. My FAVORITE post of your ... ever! Your tiara must have been extra sparkly while you wrote this! Love hearing how you live beautifully everyday and it shows in your personality. Though I can't do anti-bacterial :)

  17. So great! We share the germ thing! And I love all your organizational tips...kindred spirits on clutter as well! Like you, I have shunned many of these personal type posts...I am on the fence with my own blog, but not when it comes to reading others...just like now, loved it! :)

  18. I'd love to get a peak inside the Charleston house. And your dog (yours, yes?) is just gorgeous!

  19. rebecca
    i have loved your blog from the very beginning. do not remember now how i found you but have enjoyed "sharing" from afar your journey as you have slowly revealed your aesthetic and yourself.
    i just never knew how cute you were. psssst, did i see some kibbles on your chin ;-)

  20. Oh oh I laughed when I saw the last picture!! Love it! And I especially loved reading about you!!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  21. I love recovering perfectionists! You are perfect and that photo of you is so full of charm. I love your giving self and your talent inside and out!

  22. I'm so glad you did decide to share. And thank you for saying your renovation is taking 5 years. We've been in our house 10 months and I'm already aggravated that it can't be done tomorrow.

    BTW - You have the most soulful brown eyes I've ever seen.


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