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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fabric & Wallpaper: Gone to the Dogs!

I became completely smitten the first time I saw this fabric by Eric Cohler in 2006 aptly named, Unleashed! I tore these pages out and slipped them right into plastic sleeves the moment I came across them.  I love the fact the design is appealing for both young & old!!! I've yet to come across a dog themed fabric I like better!




And, the selections in canine inspired wallpaper are giving a case of puppy love! I think it's so wonderful when good design doesn't have to be too serious!

Osborne & Little's Best in Show-black

Peter Fasano's Maxx
Peter Fasano's Calvin & Lewis

Peter Fasano's Bow-Wow

Thibaut's Best in Show-aqua


  1. So many wonderful, playful prints. I really love the O & L black & white print. Makes my wheels start turning!

  2. Okay, that last image just made me so happy!

  3. Loving the dog prints, especially the 'unleashed' print. So fun!

  4. my sons bedroom has a navy blue dog toile for years--just loved it! great post-barbara

  5. What a fun post. I love design that isn't to serious, and lets personality come through.

  6. These are all so cute! I am glad that you ripped the pages out and put in plastic sleeves. I have a filing cabinet full of stuff like this for future reference.

    The dog you have when you dont have a dog1

  7. I love dog wallcoverings! I have seen these in the D & D and I continually smile when I look at them. They are the perfect whimsical touch to a room!

  8. The bull dog Max is my favorite. I think they are fun, but I prefer them in a laundry room or off the main drag, like the powder room. Fun post!
    All the Best,

  9. Hi and thanks for participating in the Zhush's Studio Eriksdotter giveaway and for your lovely comment! I never thought of the Gray Leaf as a woman's body before! What a great new perspective! Good luck!

  10. More puppy love! Have to say, really liking the black pooches in the fun!

  11. i love that one with the silhouettes... so cute yet modern!

  12. omg!
    i love this.
    i actually used a doggy fabric is a guest room and bath.
    it had a white ground with Pekingese, king charles spaniels, and pugs.
    (10 yrs ago)
    the client went nuts and so did everyone else that saw the rooms( a good way)
    i think it was fs schumacher fabric and paper.
    it was fabulous.


  13. Love: the screen, the black and white doggy staircase and the "Red Bull" dogs! Fun stuff.:)


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