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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Tip

Ten minute tablescape! I love entertaining, especially outdoors!!! I have been working on getting my deck whipped into shape this year and posted about it here and here. The casual nature of dining alfresco takes all pressure off to make things perfect. I nearly always just use what I have on hand.

Which is why it is so important to always be editing yourself and to make thoughtful purchases. When I am buying something new I always ask myself 2 simple questions.....

1.) Is this item flexible? Specifically, whether I am shopping online or in a store, I ask myself...can I use it in multiple ways...does it go with multiple styles, seasons, and rooms?
2.) Do I have space to store it and access it easily? This is equally important.  Because if not, I won't ever remember to use it!

I don't often buy new items. I have a decent and  flexible supply of  dishes, linens, silverware, candlesticks, baskets, containers and vases. But, sometimes I find I really do need something or it's too fabulous to pass up! So as long as I can justify it...using my own guidelines...well out comes the credit card:

When they're not enjoying time outside, I think these little blue birds ($12) would look equally good on a desk, bookcase or table. And, the mini aluminum planters ($2) you may have spotted one lined with parchment holding croissants here. They also did a very good job containing Goldfish, pretzels, and Trail Mix for some teen snackers!

For those of you who like to blow up the picture, your eyes do not deceive you...yes, I just plunked the pots of white inpatients into the planters. And, yes I know you can see the black plastic rims. I can assure you no one minded...or even noticed!

The 3 plastic containers were relocated from my seagrass basket that will sometimes get lined with a large napkin and loaded up with rolls:

And, just in case someone is concerned that I don't know how to properly set the table...I do, but I was trying to get a good picture of the flatware with the trees above reflected in the spoons...and got distracted...

cooking bacon.....for homemade potato salad. The sun kept going in & out and never I never did get a clear close-up picture and ended up leaving it this one seemed to mind this either!

Tablecloth: Ralph Lauren Home from Macy's
Silverware: Pottery Barn Mother-of-Pearl
Napkins: Pottery Barn linen with bee embroidery
Plates: Johnson Brothers-English china
Rattan Chargers: William's-Sonoma
Ceramic Bluebirds: RSH Catalogue*
Glasses: Villeroy & Boch
Aqua Hurricane: Villeroy & Boch
Mini planters: TJ Maxx*
*new purchases this spring

A mix of high & low.....Simply done.
All photos by A&A


  1. It all looks so good...right down to the potato salad...and the thought of bacon was distracting enough that I didn't even notice the flatware placement! Love your rattan place mats, and those little blue birds are the best!!!

  2. Everything looks so lovely. It looks especially refreshing for a hot summer day. Those little blue birds have stolen my heart!

  3. Gorgeous and refreshing. I wish I was there!

  4. Looks absolutely wonerful. Those littel turquoise birds are such a great find. It has all come together nicely

  5. I fell in love with those little blue birds from RSH this spring as well....they are just way too cute! Everything looks so beautiful!

  6. I adore every detail down to the cute blue bird. Your potato salad looks fabulous bye the way! Wishing you a great week. xx

  7. I am loving the sweet turquoise bird!

    This whole tablescape is just gorgeous!

    Best wishes,

  8. Love the little birdie! Also, I too think it's important to be organized so that al fresco dining is enjoyable and somewhat carefree. Great post!

  9. I think coming to your house would be wonderful.

  10. This looks so nice outdoors, fresh and summery. I love the little bird.
    Beautiful blog you have!


  11. Great questions to ask yourself before purchasing new things. I do stand and look at something I like for quite a while sometimes thinking about where I would use it and do I really need it. A lot of times someone will come over and ask if I need help and I say no I am just thinking! I have those birds in green.

  12. Gorgeous! I can't wait till we're at the point where we can entertain on the patio!

  13. Just gorgeous! Nice job. Thanks for your sweet comment. xx

  14. Your deck looks soooo good! Love the birdies!

  15. I too look for flexible pieces. I have these fabulous urns that I use on my porch in the summer, and then take them inside for the winter! Perfect!
    Lila Ferraro

  16. Wonderful cute blue bird and yuou table setting is so lovely!!!! and the white impatients look beautiful in those metal vases at your table, a charming complement!!
    maria cecilia

  17. Lovely!!!! The blue glasses are great....and coordinate with the little birdies!!

  18. Looks like just the kind of party I would enjoy! Great job.

  19. Hi Rebecca, I tried to leave a message here last night but it was loading forever...wanted to make sure to stop back because I loved your table setting!! What a sweet and perfect garden set up and your cooking looks delicious!!!

  20. Dovecote Decor loves the blue birds, of course! I often use container flowers on the table, I love the simple metal bucket cachepots. Pretty table and yummy potato salad! Thanks,

  21. Beautiful and practical! I have seen these birds around I want one every time I see them. You just sealed the deal! Thanks for your smart tips!

  22. It all looks so pretty and I love the simplicity. I like the critical thinking when tempted by a purchase. I squirrel things away and forget all about them for years. What good is that?!

  23. The table looks beautiful. I love the rattan chargers.


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