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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Milk, Cream and Begging You to Stop!

I think decanting your milk and cream into a pitcher or carafe is thoughtful and civilized. Not necessarily on busy, get the kids out the door school days, but a nice gesture on the weekends and always for guests.

Today I went to Michaels for an item and there must have been 8 people in line ahead of me. They all carried arm loads of faux "fall" flowers. Some were arrangements. I nearly passed out.  Wish I'd had the number handy of so-and-so's therapist. I fail to see beauty in these plastic and fabric replicas. I don't think they are decorative. I don't think some are better than others. Only one category in my mind.

Miniature carnations, less than a gallon of milk, slightly more than cream. I am begging you....give fresh flowers a try.


  1. I'm a fresh flower girl myself, but I'm lucky in that I can usually find something outside like roses to bring in "most" of the year. And I used to buy them inexpensively from my friend who is a florist!

    My sister belongs to a local church which actually banned all fake flowers from their that's a first!

    Kat :)

  2. I do confess to having
    three VERY GOOD fake
    sunflowers in a wall
    basket at the moment,
    but in general I'd rather
    have fresh. I don't want
    to store the fake ones
    and I don't like when
    they get dusty, either!
    Sometimes oranges or
    lemons in a bowl are
    just as nice as flowers;
    at this time of year,
    apples! And, I think
    carnations get a bad rap ~
    LOVE how they smell : )
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Yes, we WILL meet,

  3. Kat, I also try to cut what I have first, then hit the local grocer or florist when needed. Very interesting about the cemetery, but it makes perfect sense.

    Suzanne, ok let's meet, not only for the pleasure of your company, but so I can get a peek at those sunflowers! I agree with you about fruit. Sometimes, there really is nothing more simple and pretty...and practical!

  4. Yes, I agree. I think the much of the beauty from fresh cut flowers is that they smell good, they're all unique and you know that they'll eventually fade so you appreciate them all the more.
    And I really do love the idea of putting milk into a glass pitcher. It would add a really nice touch. I have a great antique syrup pitcher that I have never used! It only takes a few've inspired me to get it out next time!

  5. Goodness knows I hear ya...and so many of the fake flowers at Michael's and Garden Ridge are just SO BAD. Their plasticky sheen wouldn't fool a child.

  6. I promise you, people mistake my silk faux orchid for the real thing, plus I have allergies! Sometimes, when done right, and NOT at Michaels, the faux can be a lifesaver for us allergy sufferers. :)

  7. Have to agree with The Zhush - there are some great faux out there but you do have to spend a little more. Michaels shouldn't be the only source worth looking into since low price definitely outweighs taste in their selection. Bet if you took a look at ours, you wouldn't guess they were faux!

  8. Zhush & Buzz, Fair enough. I know NDI makes very high end faux flowers. I will have to check yours out because the allergy & asthma issue is something to be considered for those who really want flowers and are willing to dust them. Just not for me personally. However, I have come around to faux Christmas trees, but it took 21 years!

  9. Here Here!!! I am right there with you on this one!!! I don't get it??!!! The other thing is the obsession of putting a bow on everything, another thing I do not get. Give me a big floppy loose bow over a tightly pinched bow out of inexpensive ribbon and then a bow won't bother me. I had to tell you I just noticed that someone from RH San Francisco had been on my blog. Do you think they are listening to us??

  10. I'm 100% a fresh flower girl all the way. No matter how poor I have ever been - I always bought fresh flowers because it's the one thing that always makes me happy. I usually always buy star gazers because I love the smell, Bells of Ireland are inexpensive...I love carnations just how you did them - I like them cut short and sprinkle them around the house on nightstands, in the bathroom, etc. I have even taken to cutting a fern and putting it in a white vase..and it looks great. I love orchids from Trader Joes -of course, I never water them but for $12.99 divided by a month - it's cheaper than a bouquet...I put them in urns, tea pots, and sprinkle them around my house.

  11. I'm with you 100%. I just think they date a room...don't care for 'em whatsoever.

  12. Ok, I am with you on pitchers....I put my condiments in little bowls too. And, I cringe at the Michael's flowers in general. But, I do have some Peonies that I bought at Merrifield and one of the gardeners actually stopped me in the store to feel them b/c she thought they were real.

    If you really want to cringe, there is a house off of Hunter Mill near the tollroad that has a HUGE urn of fake flowers at the entrance to their my daughter would say, "Not good, not good at all!"

  13. I am so with you, almost all of you.
    I do have a beautiful large Terracotta pot full of of silk orchids that everyone believes are alive. I found it in a sale catalogue from Gumps of San Francisco. Them pot and orchids are of a very fine quality, otherwise I would not have it in my living room.
    The local chain grocery store has lovely fresh flowers year round usually very reasonably priced. I try to have a bouquet through all the seasons.


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