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Friday, September 10, 2010

Shield Back Chairs: New Version!

With each days delivery of the mail there is excitement and perhaps too much expectation. Like many of you I look forward to receiving favorite catalogues to see what new items they will be showing off to welcome the fall season. But, what I want most is to find that one fantastic thing that gets the wheels churning with ideas and inspiration. Well so far for me, it has been page after page of mostly a, make that a yawn. Until last night. This amazing new tole version of the shield back chair from Pierre Deux required 2 Tylenol PM to block it from my thoughts!

Your authentic French details are calling me!

A definite decorative coup for any room!

Enjoy your weekend, perhaps obsessing over your latest find!!!


  1. You are so cracking me up with that Tylenol PM mention. I have this awful thing about chairs like this, too. I will always gravitate toward chairs in any showroom, I am such a freak like that, and this one, WOW! Love, it is major.

  2. Ugh, beautiful lines, but the image balance is off.

    The seat should be twice as thick (or appear so) to balance the strong image of the back. A cushion, as in the following image, would help.

  3. I love the chair and I can see why it got your wheels turning. I think when you have been designing for a long time it is hard to find any thing that you don't say, been there done that!! I am glad you found yours, I am still looking for mine!! Have a great weekend designing room after room with this chair in it!! Kathysue

  4. Too funny. I'm with you though, I love it. Always drawn to conversation chairs and anything with a shield or a crest is a must. Have a great weekend. Mona

  5. Elegant and sturdy. I want to see this one in person. I see a hit of color and patten with a pillow on it.

  6. Very graceful, gorgeous lines!

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer that I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  7. I also get over excited when I find the perfect piece. Great chair, really easy to mix.

  8. Nothing like a great piece to get you inspired! Adore what you have set your eyes upon! Beautiful clean lines, can see why it kept you up! xx

  9. That chair would make a statement wherever it was placed - love it's elegant simplicity!

  10. That's sooo funny Rebecca!!! I feel better knowing I'm not the only one out there getting so obsessed and inspired with design ideas that it requires sleeping aids!

  11. funny, i have been seeing lots of "shields" and sorts of designs that bring to mind "chivalry" -
    crests, and placards seem to be trending and that chair follows suit.

  12. R, that one is calling
    to me, as well, despite
    a naysayer in your comments!
    I laughed about the Tylenol : )
    as I can most definitely relate
    to ideas swirling around in
    my head!
    xx Suzanne

  13. Hey...

    Come on down to ATL and I'll take you to Pierre Deux and you can load 'er up!


  14. That French Club Chair should be outlawed for being beautiful. I am obsessed with anything that is French made and I am not even French. I do not know when this obsession of mine started, but I think that it has something to do with how French people love art and have strong passion in any things that bespoke of grace and elegance. It must be in the way they move or how they treat their things and how they deal with life. I usually go to France once a year to purchase anything French that I can bring home. Right now, my home looks like a chateau with French things inside, what I only need is a French husband.

  15. Stunning, and certainly a show stopper worthy of being the inspiration for a fabulous room. Thanks for sharing and waking us up too. :)


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