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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cinematic Fright!

Every Halloween we would begin the festivities with a time honored ritual.  We cloaked ourselves in theatrical attire and headed out into the darkness in search of coveted concoctions needed to sustain us until Thanksgiving. Along the way, we bumped into friends who appeared deathly and comical. When we began to struggle under the weight of heavy bags, we'd stumble home weary with tales of scary characters and places. Once safely inside, squeals of delight could be heard as bags were emptied across the table for inspection and strategic trading. A feast of skeletons, eyeballs, worms and other prized gifts concluded the evening. Then it was off to bed for the once little goblins with high hopes they would drift off into a restful slumber, free of tummy aches and ghostly dreams.

In more recent years at the A&A house, after the night's final tricks & treats are dispensed, we gather together for a more chilling form of entertainment. With only the glow of flickering flames from the fireplace, we settle in for cinematic fright. We watch and wait for something to happen to someone on the screen. It always does on All Hallows Eve.

A list to lure you into the spirit.....

Lady In White
This movie takes place in 1962 and  Lukas Haas, of "Witness" fame, plays the main character.  Most people have never heard of this movie. We stumbled upon it more than a decade ago. It has a Halloween theme, plenty of suspense, and depending on your age, could feel quite nostalgic. The very end is a bit hokey, but the rest of the movie makes up for it. Not for young children!

Hocus Pocus
The perfect family movie to get you in the mood for trick or treating! Parts may be scary or confusing for very young children. A super fun story about 3 witches that spans 300 hundred years. It's from Disney and the sets are truly fantastic!

Sleepy Hollow
Classic. One of our favorites! For teens and adults only.  Johnny Depp is Ichibod Crane. Treat!

What Lies Beneath
This movie is not Halloween related, but the backdrop is full of autumn scenery. The third star of this movie is the home. The interiors are beautiful and even though this came out in 2000, don't appear remotely dated. The bathroom, in particular, is fantastic! Stars Michelle Pheiffer and Harrison Ford. Treats for everyone!

The Others
If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it! It's not about Halloween, but a truly eerie movie.  A very big trick awaits you in a perfectly orchestrated surprise ending!!!

What are your chilling favorites?


  1. these are great selections.
    i have seen most of them...
    now i must see the others.


  2. I have to admit, I'm a wus....I haven't seen a scary movie since the twilight zone (which gave me nightmares and was later banned by the peeps)! I do love, however, that you have a Halloween ritual...those are always nice! Thanks for stopping by Divine Distractions today!

  3. Love the idea of this ritual...even if I am a huge baby when it comes to scary movies...maybe we could watch The Great Pumpkin and Charlie Brown! :)

  4. OOOH....Wonderful
    idea for those not
    partaking in tricks
    or treats anymore!
    I've not seen the
    majority of these,
    so thank you for the
    recs! While I enjoy
    a good thriller, I'm
    not an overtly scary
    movie kind of gal ~
    No Saw III, etc. for
    me!!! I always think
    The Shining is a classic
    xx Suzanne

  5. Great idea! I think we'll try The Others. Sounds really good.

  6. I'd forgotten about Sleepy Hollow. It's a wonderful bone-chiller. Thank you for the tip and glad to have found you via A Bloomsbury Life.

    Miss Whistle

  7. Sleepy Hollow, it's just around the corner from us and we will go and see the Halloween parade!
    Love that movie!
    And your selection...
    Happy haunting!

    xoxo V.

  8. How fun to watch a scary movie with only candle light! I have to go trick or treating with Luke and see kids dressed as Lindsay Lohan in Shackles... Favorite scary movie..Rebbecca. That housekeeper has haunted me for years!


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