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Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Decorating

Just the mere mention of these two words would have many running scared. Generally, I think the perception is that Halloween decor is tacky. And often what we see displayed in stores only confirms this fact. However, if you scout beyond the typical discount store, I think the choices have improved greatly and hopefully our perceptions as well.

My spider web convex mirror makes a most suitable backdrop!

A mini skeleton rests in the coffin.
Even though my kids are teenagers, I still make the effort to do some sort of Halloween decorating. I think they would be a bit disappointed if I didn't and I know I would miss it too! My assortment is mostly of the vintage reproduction variety mixed with some glittered, beaded and jeweled favorites. Toss in a few fresh pumpkins and a dose of humor and I'm done.

I borrowed one of my husband's vintage French newspapers for this display.

White pumpkins, feathers and mice greet visitors.

A trip down memory lane....

 Halloween 2002. My goblins with friends on our front steps.

All of these decorations I've had for quite awhile except for the tea towels! Thanks to an Etsy introduction from my bloggy friend Kat at Low Tide High Style, they arrived Saturday!

Old Spool Embroidery provided bewitching elegance in the kitchen.

What's brewing in spooky decor at your house?

Trick or Treat?

Vintage pumpkin heads: Mesmeralda's
Beaded pumpkins & garland: Crate & Barrel
Velvet mice: Pottery Barn
Silk frames with taffeta ribbon: Savvy Home & Garden
Candlesticks & bronze glittered candles: Villeroy & Boch
Acanthus leaf vessel: Pear Tree Cottage
Tea towels:

All photos courtesy of A&A


  1. Love all of your decorations!!! I think you have done a wonderful job of keeping it grown-up and stylish. Check out my pumpkin post today, it is a fun way to treat a pumpkin!!! Kathysue

  2. Not a lot, I'm
    afraid : ( When
    your youngest is
    about to turn 12,
    it's not as crucial
    as in years past...
    BUT, I'm hearing you
    about disappointed
    teens....So up go
    the decorations,
    TODAY!!! LOVE all of
    yours; thanks for the
    kick in the pants ~
    I'm on it. Happy
    Monday, Rebecca!
    xx Suzanne

  3. LOVE the pumpkin "floral" arrangement!

  4. It seems like Halloween is going glam...........especially with feathers! The holiday did need an re-do. Fun post. XO

  5. Your Halloween decor is beautiful! And you are so sweet to mention me and the towels, they look perfect in your house along with all of your other tastefully spooky items!

    Kat :)

  6. This is a holiday we embrace at our house! With a 6 and an 8 year old....we go all out! Can't wait to carve Jack-O-Lanterns!

  7. These are absolutely beautiful. We do not do Halloween in Sri Lanka but this imagery and the effort you have taken to create all this is absolutely amazing. I love the little pumpkins specially the white ones with the black mice.Charming.

  8. You are one clever haloween decorator! What's brewing at our house? Nada. Zip.


  9. Those white pumpkins with the feathers and mice are really amazing! I am so boring...and a bit lazy, I do the bare minimum...just to keep my kids from complaining! oh well.

  10. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your mantle! It's so gorgeous!

  11. wonderfully chic and not scary at all, just pure "spooktacular!"

  12. I really like the mice, feathers and the bowl of pumpkins -really nice

  13. Halloween has never been a fave of mine...I do like your white pumpkins though and your mantel!

  14. Love the white pumpkins...and the black mice ~ just the right touch!!

  15. Great Halloween post...I am lacking a bit this year in my decorating, but I think I make up for the fact that I decorate with insect prints, so my home always looks like Halloween!
    Hope you and your family have a super Happy Halloween!!!!


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