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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Festival of Lights and...

Wishing all my Jewish friends and bloggers a very Happy Hanukkah!!!

Michael Aram for WSH
And, for everyone else a friendly reminder only 24 days left to shop, wrap, bake, and decorate! I'm starting today. And, speaking of decorating, thought I'd share a few of my holiday don'ts.

  • Please don't wrap your sofa pillows or powder room hand towels in ribbon. They are not gifts. It confuses people as to whether these items are actually supposed to be used! 

  • Fake poinsettia's inside or out...NO, NO NO!!!

  • Skimping on your tree lights. I know it's tempting because it's such a pain, but no matter what else you hang on the tree, it won't look it's best if there is not enough light. Try to weave the lights in and out of the tree branches and figure a minimum of 100 hundred lights per foot. If your tree is 7 feet tall, that's at least 700 lights.

  • Do not feel compelled to put out ALL your decorations. Choose colors/a theme and stick with it.

  • Do not cover every surface with holiday decor. People still "live" daily during the holidays and there needs to be places to put down a book or a drink. Gather like items together and display them on surfaces that won't be needed throughout the season.

  • Inflatables. Sorry to be a little Grinch-y, but skip the temptation to decorate with these. Don't let your kids talk you into this. Take them to see Santa and the characters at the mall. Or you can swing by the neighborhood gas station, they usually have plenty on display! The only thing worse than seeing your inflated characters is seeing the giant globs of deflated vinyl on your lawn...all day...everyday...for a month...or longer. UGH!

What are your don'ts?  Do tell!

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  1. Happy Hannukah!!! and Merry Christmas!!!
    I love your list of Don'ts, I so agree with every single point. Especially the blow-up's. There is nothing more depressing or sad to see Santa deflated and wet from the morning dew in the morning!!! I see them everywhere!!!! So sad. I do cover my tree with ornaments, though. All family memories!!! No theme other than family!!!

    Thank you for always coming by and leaving such wonderful comments. I take it as a compliment coming from YOU!!!


  2. Thanks so much, Sweetie! I love love that menorah.

    And every design blog should reprint your Christmas Dos & Don'ts - BRILLIANT.

  3. This post is perfect. You summed it all up perfectly. Our neighborhood is littered with inflatables already. My other pet peeve is a persons towels wrapped in ribbon. Hate is a strong word, but I hate it!!

    Happy Hanukkah to all ~

  4. KS- I love a tradtional tree! This is more a reference to when the tree is one theme and every room/surface is something else and nothing relates or is connected by color or theme.

    Raina- Thanks!

  5. Never a shortage of lights on our trees! I usually tend to trip the fuse box at least once during the season! Cathy

  6. Fabulous Menorah. For the tree, Always put on more and more lights! Wonderful tips!

    I have a $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!
    Do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  7. Happy Hannukah! What a beautiful menorah! I love all of Aram's designs.
    As for the no - no's: I agree outdoor kitsch is not for me. We have a lighted wreath at the door. That is it.
    Inside we love candle light and greens and our traditional Polish/German items, like pyramids and smoking man, actually we do not have sooo many lights on our tree, but I think it still looks splendid!
    Lovely post!

  8. May you have a wonderful Hannukah!!! Lots of time since my last visit, it´s a real pleasure coming to visit you.
    maria cecilia

  9. Your don'ts are perfect and humorous!

  10. This was so spot on...I can't stand the large blowups, but my son loves to check out the neighbors every year. But, please do not worry I have and never will succumb to my son's wishes to get one ourselves!
    My don't: large (and I mean extra large) hard plastic balls for your front lawn that are supposed to be large Christmas ornaments!
    And I am loving WE's menorahs this year!

  11. do make it a family occasion-don't sweat the small stuff (and don't use tinsel!)

  12. Those were really helpful, spot on and funny! Especially the bow wrapped towels! So true - non one wants to be the one to "undo" them!!!

    My personal don't this year: don't overschedule myself!

    I want to savor the fires, the hot chocolate, the wrapping and not end up sick and resentful on Dec 26th!!
    xo Elizabeth

  13. That menorah is SO gorgeous. Love it.

    And I second the "just say no" attitude towards inflatables. Yuck!

  14. I'm soooo with you about the inflatables. We have a few families in our neighborhood who have them and they are continually deflated and lying on the lawn.

  15. Such good advice and especially using good ribbon on towels.......much better used on the real gifts. XO

  16. I love, love your don't s!! I hate inflatables. Even for children. Introduce them to the real thing. There eyes will still be huge with wonder and they will learn an early appreciation. Keep it simple, keep it natural and enjoy the holidays! You are right on. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Mona

  17. Ok, I secretly admit to liking the inflatables, just not in my own yard! No one on my street uses them either so I have to drive a little further afield to enjoy giant Frostys, Rudolphs, and Santas! I'm with you on the ribbon adorned towels, unless they are truly a gift of course! So feel free to send me a lovely gift wrapped bunch with my initials on them would ya?!

    Kat :)

  18. No cheap decorations made in China, period!!!!!by the way, thanks for dropping by.

  19. Funny post and could not agree with you more!

  20. Great post! UGH, those vinyl giant decorations are ubiquitous up here...and dreadful! Thankfully my children know me well enough, and have given up begging for them! :)

  21. I have to laugh about the inflatable decorations as our neighbors always have a large santa on their roof but when he's not being powered he looks like a sad, deflated santa! It always makes us laugh. I would have to add that I really don't like those icicle lights that end up looking stringy on the exterior of a house. Blah!

  22. Okay, got it,
    I'm definitely
    going with a
    less is more
    approach, this year...
    Happy Thursday.
    xx Suzanne

  23. Thanks for the giggle. In a 2 room appartment there is actually not much space for decorating - so a tree is a no-no - instead I have some greens in vases - for the smell which I love and tons of candles - mostly tealights for safety issues...

  24. Oh the vinyl blow ups are for amusement parks only in my book. And I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this one, but I only do white lights - colored lights are a no no in my book! (Unless they are a chic one color version - like all pale blue etc.)

  25. Lights of ANY color left up after...let's say January 5th NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Take them down people !!!


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