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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators End of Season 1: What Say You?

It was way too hot to do anything really productive this weekend. Besides, I spent last week catching up from vacation. It really is true that you must pay to play. So I kinda thought I earned a little sofa time. I hope you all watched the MDD's series on Bravo over the past several weeks, or at least set your DVR for it like I did, because I would love to hear what everyone thought!

Here's a little recap of each star:

Kathryn Ireland:
Kathryn Ireland. Ample bosom always on display. She did garner sympathy from me for enduring the antics of her client, Shannon. I really hope she gets to finish the beach house, since I hate a before without the satisfaction of an after!

Her house-front yard

Back yard. This is what I think of when someone says LA backyard. I could relax here!

Kathryn's living room.

Don't recall if she has a dog, but she has 3 teenage boys. I haven't had guacamole since this aired!

Kathryn's French housekeeper, Jacqueline.
Although I am completely confused about what her actual domestic duties are, I hope she gets much more air time next season, even if it's just to see what she's wrapped around her head!

 Martyn Lawrence Bullard:
Despite his chronic need to drop the names of Hollywood celebrities, he seems quite nice.
He is Kathryn's good friend and drinking buddy...when Jacqueline is busy.

The front of his house. I found it fascinating and thought it would be the perfect hidaway, should any
hobbits be in need of a place to stay while visiting sunny California.

MLB's living room. Too theatrical for my tastes. But then again, he did get his Hollywood start in show biz.

Martyn's cute little dog.
Mary McDonald:
The glamorous and always bejeweled MM.

The entrance to her house/office. I absolutely love it!

Mary's 4 pugs head upstairs after a walk by design assistant, Lavin. Wonder if he gets paid extra for personal errands? Anyway, wish I thought to put a runner on top of sisal and then I wouldn't have spent all that money on wood steps!!!

MM is very expressive. Exhibit 1.

Exhibit 2.

 Exhibit 3.
Yeah, definitely not the fruit basket type. It was sent to her by a perspective client, who she called immediately upon delivery to say she was too busy to fit her house into her design schedule. The real reason?
 The house was too suburban and MM had a feeling this client had opinions and was not going to listen to her.
 Nathan Turner:
His sweet disposition seems to be captured in this image.  I don't recall seeing any shots of his house.

His 2 dogs.
 When NT is not busy with his shop or design business, he spends his extra time giving ego massages
 to his good friend MM. Whew. Talk about a lot of hard work.

Exhibit 1.

Exhibit 2. He had to do it twice here.

Jeffrey Alan Marks:
I honestly don't know what to make of this guy!?  When he's not telling you how awesome he is,
he's walking around in a towel. Loves to admire the efforts of his workouts.

I'm pretty sure he hails from planet Hollywood.

JAM's design partner Ross, and boyfriend of 4 years, shown pondering a design dilemma.
 He used to be a model. Obviously.

Their darling dog bounding down the stairs. Yes, I obsessed over their stair runner and those aqua walls!

As MLB would say: Daaah-lings, please share your observations and opinions on the show, the designers, their houses, talents and of course their personalities! Who's your favorite, least favorite?

All images courtesy of A&A's DVR!


  1. My fav was Kathryn. I sure hope she gets to do that house, too.

  2. The first episode put me off a bit, but being a design enthusiast I had to keep watching. I became annoyed with Martyn. He has been given the award for best designer for something, not sure what, I can't remember, apparently I don't have very good taste, I did not like hardly anything he did. Kathryn cracks me up and I would love to hang out with her. I know her mind is full of amazing creativity and I love it when she says she is such a tragic mother. Her honesty is refreshing. Mary is my favorite. She is beyond talented and witty and funny and needy, I want to go shopping and have lunch with her. Nathan wasn't on enough, he seems like a real love.
    Jeffrey is obviously talented but I am not sure he has good people skills. His boyfriend seems to be the logical force in the relationship and is beyond gorgeous.
    Now, would I have any of them do my home? Yes, Kathryn would probably be a good fit for me and I would love to let Mary just do what Mary does!!! Can't wait for the next season!! Kathysue

  3. I want to live next door to Kathryn and have Jacqueline serve us purple lemonades by the pool as she dispenses turban wrapping advice.

    I'm secretly relieved it's over so I can have my Tuesday nights back. The recap writing takes it outta me!

  4. you just have to love it... it is sooo over the top! and what a cliff hangr wondering what is going on with the beach house and that wicked client!
    thanks for the great recap.... bravo! (no pun intended!) xx pam

    kathryn is my fav...

  5. I guess I now know what the show is all about... afraid i am not much of a TV watcher

  6. I loved this show. I thought the show would follow more projects from start to finish... but it seems to jump around a good deal, trying to give everyone a bit of camera time. It is really more about the designers personalities. Kathryn is my favorite. She is just wonderful... I love her attitude, and her fabrics are perfect pops of color and fun. MLB is ok. I think some of his projects are strong, yet others I was questioning his design ability. I wasn't sure about Mary to start with... but she is great... she is funny, and I like her designs... especially the crazy floor she did in a client's office - it was fab! I feel Nathan got the short end of the stick through the season... he was more of Mary's sidekick than anything else. JAM has not proven himself at all. NEXT. But I do like his boyfriend Ross... he's cute, and isn't as full of himself, or so it seems.

    I'm looking forward to another season! I might cut it down to four designers, giving 10 minutes of screen time through the show... I want more projects from start to finish!

  7. Fun summary. I have been watching on itunes, so I don't get the eipsodes until about 10 days later - I have to check but think I still have either one or two episodes left. I want to be Mary and Nathan's other bff. And I actually find that JAM is growing on me, although he does have ditzy moments. I don't know how he puts up with Ross actually, who looks just like a guy I dated for 4 years in university (that was fun). K Ire seems like she would be the most fun to just hang with, but her fabrics and style is too visually cluttered for me. MLB I really liked too - and would love to spend time working with, but much too glam for my tastes. They all seem like they'd be great to have drinks with...!!

    I will miss it. It's been the highlight of my week actuaully.

  8. And isn't JAM and Ross's dog Chessie just the sweetest? And Mary is sooo funny. I will miss them all...

  9. I have to say that initially I found the show a bit grating, but ended up loving it....especially Kathryn and Mary...their talent is awe-inspiring!
    Apart from all the constant name-dropping and the weird accent, MLB was fun to watch and I loved his sense of humour....The interaction between Jeffrey and Ross was hilarious to watch and I loved their style....all in all, I think I would watch a second series even more avidly than I did the first!

  10. I generally avoid reality TV but this sucked me in. I missed several episodes. I ended up liking MM best in the end. I want my own Jacqueline too.

  11. I loved watching all the different personalities. There is definitely room for many different tastes and styles in this world of design.

  12. Love this post and your portrayal, spot on! The one whose grown on me the most is Mary (yes we are on a first name basis now) at first I was turned off despite her mega talents, but now I see its part of her quirky but well meaning personality, so we have come full circle and now I see we could actually be good friends.
    Kathryn and her ample bosom yep you got that right, is a character that I enjoy watching, her look however doesn't appeal to me design wise. Martin seems very affected but at his core like a good guy, Jeffrey and Ross, cute and fun to look at and pretty entertaining too. They make me laugh...overall I have to admit I really enjoyed it and will most certainly be back for more!!

  13. No offense, because I know your profile says your a designer, but this show is why many people won't use a designer. It enforces the notion that designers are snobs and are only interested in getting their way! I did watch it and MM came across as an insecure ice queen, with JAM in close second.

    I'd be curious to know who your favorite was?

  14. How can you not love this show?
    It's thoroughly entertaining...
    I appreciate them all and switch alliances from week to week as we get to know each one a little bit better!

  15. Loved it. It's so nice to know they have difficult clients too! I like Martin Lawrence Bullard's style, bold and colorful. Love Mary McDonald's work and can't wait to see more from the rest. I hope it comes back!

  16. I only saw a few shows of MDD but loved what I saw and fell for Kathy Ireland. I had never seen her live and she’s a hoot, a real person. I loved her home since it looks like a real person lives there not a home decorated like a staged magazine shot. Mary, a real diva but talented and gave me laughs. Jeff is probably my least favorite right now he seems talented but it’s his attitude, work on it! I’m looking forward to watching more next season and recording it like you do so I don’t miss it.

  17. Hi all,
    I loved sharing in this obsession and hearing what you had to say. It was so fun reading all your comments and observations....thanks!

    None taken! I get it and a friend of mine said something similiar in relation to how MM comes across. But the design business is like any other, there are nice talented people and there are "other" talented people. I think there is a designer out there for you...interested in e-decorating? Email me, I'm nice and not a snob, but this way you don't have to talk to me if you rather not! Oh, and as far as my fav on the show? I just posted it :)

  18. So wishing I'd
    recorded this!!
    I am recording
    Design Star which
    after reading this
    seems mighty ho-hum!
    YOU are so 2011,
    Rebecca; thanks for
    bringing me up to
    xx Suzanne

  19. How is it that I loved the show but every designer irated me! Especially the one with all the Botox.


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