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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Ding dong. Hello, come in. Please excuse the cheap plastic doorbell, I've been meaning to replace it.
Sound familiar? Or perhaps you're like the majority of people, and the thought of changing out your doorbell has simply never  occurred to you!

Last weekend, we went to a friend/neighbor's house for cocktails and to see their new deck. They have a beautiful home inside and out. Their backyard, in particular, is to die for. It feels like you could be in Charleston and far, far away from suburbia. When you arrive, you are greeted by a beautiful landscape, lush grass and flowers spilling from elegant urns and a 17 year old plastic doorbell, courtesy of the builder.

French flourish
 We've all heard time and time again how important curb appeal is to the beauty of our neighborhoods and subsequently the value it adds to our homes. We landscape, we hardscape, we buy the perfect urns or pots, we change our house numbers, paint our front doors and put on beautiful new hardware. Then we leave the ugly cheap plastic doorbell. Why???!!!


It's a really easy fix. I've had 3 different doorbells since we owned our house. Recently, I saw two interesting styles, so of course given the fact that I am hardware obsessed, I went on the hunt to see what else is out there. Trust me, there is a shape and style for everyone!

This is my current (3 years old) doorbell. It's the same one featured in the first image above from Baldwin brass.
I loved the round shape and the oil rubbed bronze with brass beading coordinates with the lanterns and door hardware.
 If you look closely, you can see the outline of the old one. It was rectangle and brass.
 The house is getting repainted, hopefully, next month. Is a new bell in order?

I went on the hunt to see what's out there and I found plenty to choose from, most are around $25-$30 and only a few over $50.  It's the perfect budget friendly and quick little fall spruce up. So, don't be a ding dong, find the perfect doorbell for your house!






Elegant and stately! 


  1. Good tip it's one of those things you don't think about and these are very stylish! We don't have aa doorbell per say since it's a 200+ house but we have a large antique bell outside our door for people to ring.

  2. I love the old bell pushes of yesteryear!

  3. Such a good reminder, of something that probably a lot of people forget. I love the old fashioned looking doorbells, and lets face it the plastic cheapies don't do any house justice.....these are all great looking! Thanks for the reminder because I must admit in all the things I have thought about for my new house I totally forgot about a doorbell!!!

  4. I like your doorbell best. The good news it that my plastic builder grade doorbell just broke. Hooray! I bought a house last year that is full of builder blah and its slowly being replaced.

  5. I was eyeing that mid century modern one just the other day.
    You always have the best tips.

  6. it's the small details such as this, that make such a big impact! I need to go outside and check out my doorbell now =)

  7. And sometimes a pull backplate can be easily adapted if that special look is not achieveable otherwise.

  8. great idea--I'm embarrassed to say I never got around to a door bell-we have a door knocker or just come on in!

  9. Oh! I like the square brass modern one and the mid-century one! Please show us if you do choose a new one.

  10. *** Couldn't agree with your more!!! I'm SO PICKY about things like that~ sometimes it drives my precious hubby just a LITTLE crazy!!! (Smiles!). We have a custom-made one, and it's perfect & actually people DO comment on it, as well as the large entrance walk & front patio... those first impressions truly A*R*E so important!!!

    I think it would be soooo lovely & generous of you to pick one out, and send it to them as a THANK YOU gift... now THAT's a NICE HOSTESS GIFT!!! (You've GOT to, of COURSE, be careful about how you "handle" it, right? Don't want any hurt feelings or anything!!!)...

    I just thought of something... can you I*M*A*G*I*N*E all those precious lil' kids coming for candy on HALLOWEEN, only to find that the COBWEBS n' SPIDERS that may "decorate" the front porch/door are R*E*A*L?????? "Ewwwwww!!!"

    Smiles n' thanks,
    Linda in AZ *

  11. Oh darn, now I better go take a look at my doorbell! I'm sure it's standard issue and has been hiding out for 50 years. But I love yours and this has me thinkin'

  12. AO,
    I love the idea of a bell, simply charming!

    A great tip, thanks for passing it along to readers.

    I purchased one for a client once (as a thank you) when I replaced her door hardware to go with the new exterior paint colors we selected, but a hostess gift? You just may be on to something!!!

  13. I recently changed the front doorbell hardware out with a simple, austere brass plate made by Byron in the UK. It's perfect.

  14. So true, an area we don't think about changing. I need to go and see what I have for my door bell, I don't remember and Yet I like to think I am all about details!! maybe not!! You are so right, it is boring I just checked. I need to remedy that right away. I have guest coming to stay here on Thursday!! Kathysue

  15. Ha, we haven't put a doorbell in yet...this is perfect! I love the ones that say 'Press'...more ornate than what our shingled home calls for but I might just have to end up with one anyway.
    Great post!
    xo J~


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