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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Embellish. Verb. Google definition:

1.) Make a (statement or story) more interesting or entertaining by adding extra details, especially ones that are not true.

2.) Make (something) more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features such as blue silk embellished with golden embroidery.

Well our homes do tell a story about us, our lifestyles and our interests. We'd be crazy not to the tell the best one we possibly can! I had silk curtains made back in the early spring and I just love them. The silk tells a different story throughout the day. Sometimes it says I'm aqua, other times pale green and even gray. It has an iridescent quality that is mysterious and just a bit romantic. Could this story be made more interesting if a detail was added?

This trim was a little splurge I'd contemplated for months. The curtains
were reinstalled yesterday. I think the loops are both classic and a little fun. 

1.) The new trim added to the curtains was equivalent to a peacock struting around the living room spreading it's feathers.

2.) The new trim added to the curtains made them even more captivating and interesting.

I never go crazy with embellishments and prefer to keep such details simple.
 I  love a leading edge detail on curtains and this particular one was a huge
 departure from the trims I normally choose. It's peacock blue. I had to have it!
Look around your house and see if there may be a pillow or two, some linens or curtains that are already attractive, but could use a little embellishing to keep the story interesting!


  1. I love it and the colour is so perfect with your curtains.

    Different and stylish

    Helen xx

  2. So funny you mention this. I have had some trim from Brimar for 3 years now that I meant to put on bedrooms curtains. I never did and moved from that house. I had forgotten all about it until last week and had the aha moment about it. I will be adding it to my living room curtains soon.
    I really like the loops you chose, they are so cheery.

  3. I love that color on your trim but I have to be honest I'm to much of a coward to do that myself. Way to go Rebecca a bold step forward!

  4. GORGEOUS!! Love the color and detailing and that its wide so it makes a real statement! I could spend all day in places like Samuel and Son, looooove trim and embellishments...they are like the jewelry for window treatments, pillows and furniture.

  5. Rebecca this peacock blue trim is perfect. I love it running up the edge of your curtain. What a difference! It is all in the details!

    Art by Karena

  6. It added so much interest. Great job! Sometimes a little goes a long way. The details sometimes bring everything together.

  7. Oh my, that trim is truly the icing on the cake...simply beautiful!

    Kat :)

  8. I am actually in the process
    of shopping for fabric for
    new drapes for our first floor.
    They will be the kind we will
    draw across the rod by hand
    in the evenings. I had not
    considered a lead trim, but
    since they are going to be
    simple toast brown linen,
    it might be something to
    consider. Yours are really
    gorgeous; thanks for the
    xx Suzanne

  9. Rebecca if you have the time please pop over to my blog I've given you the versatile blogger award!

  10. What a beautiful trim! I love a simple solid fabric trimmed with something beautiful!!!

    I'll be looking around to see what else could use a little embellishment!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  11. Totally agree - a little embellishment is a good thing. Your beautiful curtains are the perfect example - just love that beautiful trim!!


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