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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I spent most of my day in a stone yard. Unfortunately, not the spooky kind, but the necessary kind where big slabs of stone end up as countertops. Not the most fun way to spend this holiday, but we're in the final phase of selections for this project. Now that was scary!

Get out the drill! This was my go to design for years, since carving pumpkins is not something I'm any good at doing.
I should have made a snowman from Saturday's little storm and just topped it with a pumpkin head!

Of course, if you're really feeling lazy or the weekend got away from you, like mine did, just add a mask.
You can see the whole masquerade party here!

Dashed into Target for treats and spotted this, very funny!!!

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. All I did was buy pumpkins this year. I never do much for Halloween but this year was a record for undecorating! Love the drilled pumpkins - clever! Wishing you an uneventful evening!!

  2. Rebecca, you may call it lazy; but, I call it clever!! LOL!! I actually like it very much!

  3. Happy Halloween R! And you did more with your pumpkins than I've done with mine! Love that car, too funny!

    Kat :)

  4. Love the abundant Halloween spirit out in blogland...... and in Targets parking lot! The drilled hole pumpkin is brilliant, love it!
    Forgot about THAT project, hope you are making headway and hope you bought lots of disinfectant over at! Happy Halloween and stone hunting!

  5. Rebeccaa I love that idea of drilling a pumpkin or just sticking a mask on one, very clever! I suck at carving too so never do it and we don't get any trick-or-treaters here so why bother. I hope you have a fun evening and nobody scares you to much.

  6. I have white pumpkins out front and those will last for Thanksgiving!! No carving for me!! Love all the little Trick or treaters!! Kathysue

  7. Love your drill work.

    We had no trick or treaters, so I visited my little friend Nicki and dropped off a bag of chocolates "reverse trick or treating" !

  8. happy halloween! Lovely displays. We are non~carvers, the kids have never enjoyed it. We keep all of the pumpkins piled up until Thanksgiving, the I spray paint the best of the silver.....frosted pumpkins.

  9. A pumpkin clever! I've never seen one before...I love it's frilly, feathery perch too! Hope you all had a fun evening despite the crazy snow!
    xo J~

  10. Oh, I love your Halloween desgins....I'm not the best carver, but a drill, I could handle!!!

    I think I'm going to find a great mask for my pumpkin next year! Great idea, Rebecca!!!

    Good luck wrapping up your project! I have an excavator digging a new foundation for our renovation right now. Kind of noisy...but the sound of progress!!

    xo Elizabeth

  11. I love the idea of just adding masks to plain pumpkins!

    I think next year I am totally decorating my car, I love that!



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