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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pantry Makeover Complete!

This may not be the pantry of my dreams, but after using the space the past 3 weeks, I'm happy with the outcome. I'll continue to fantasize about large walk-in pantry's with storage for food, small appliances, platters, linens, candles etc...but for now those will remain separate cupboards in areas of my kitchen and my small butler's pantry. The original plan was to install wood shelves, but I had second thoughts for two reasons: time and flexibility.

Good thing I didn't take the plunge with wood just yet, because even after carefully measuring everything, I've adjusted the shelves twice to get it working perfectly for my needs.

Testing, testing before the 2 remaining brackets are added. You may notice
they are not evenly spaced...far more important to hit 2 studs!
 I went from 5 fixed 13" deep vented shelves to 6 adjustable 10" laminate shelves from Home Depot. The shelves are almost in the reverse order of what they once were. The top shelf was moved up eliminating some of the wasted space towards the ceiling. I can access the canisters without a step stool and tearing off a sheet of foil on the bottom shelf just got a whole lot easier! 


Two of the worst things about the previous shelves were that things fell through the slats and items toppled over daily. In addition, the vinyl coated shelves had a 2" lip making it impossible to take a tall item off a shelf, such as a bottle of oil, without first tipping it to clear the lip and/or taking several other things out first. Bonus: this is the first time we have been able to store large boxes of cereal upright and not on their sides!

Real life and dim light, but I was determined to finish this post today!
The selections are better around the holidays...maybe I should have waited to post? Kidding.
Technically, it's now a walk-in pantry. Losing 3" of shelf depth allows me to step inside and shut the door.
I'm not sure if it's sad or weird that I tried???
I still have plenty of room on the bottom for a wood crate on casters that I use for Costco trips and a place for the dog food container.  I did buy new canisters for flours and sugars from Target. The paint I had on hand (Pratt & Lambert Seed Pearl in semi-gloss) left over from another project. I bought the 3 acrylic tiered shelves several years ago just for this project and can't recall where they came from. All tallied, this little project cost just under $100!!!   
These acrylic tiered risers are the perfect solution for storing can goods.

Finally, I can reach all my can goods. It has made doing the grocery list easier seeing everything at a glance.

I do plan to add french doors, which should have been done with the rest of the kitchen reno. The current single door drives me absolutely nuts! I've been dreaming of something pretty for years to enhance this little space that I go into several times a day.

As much as I love my readers and want to inspire you to get organized,  I wasn't willing to "stage" the
shelves of my pantry for a pretty picture. I should have painted the crate on casters,
stenciled the word PANTRY on it and posted that! Maybe later...
 My contractor has the measurements for the new doors. I just need to decide if the glass will be frosted or clear, in which case I will hang fabric that matches the other french doors leading to the deck. Oh, and I need to pick out some great hardware, then perhaps I can respectably call it a walk-in pantry!


  1. Hello Rebecca

    Congratulations on getting our 'walk in pantry'. I can sense your pride and joy. Your did amazingly well on such a small budget. Bravo. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hello Rebecca:
    Congratulations on a very stylish and attractive makeover of your pantry in which, judging from the 'before' picture, you have come up with a most practical solution to the space. We shall be most intrigued to know what you decide about the doors.

    Jó hétvégét.

  3. Congrats, looks like lots of storage and we can all use that!! I do love the idea of those frosted glass doors, think its adds another element to the kitchen and is a decorative touch as well....good luck!

  4. Your 'walk-in' pantry is great Rebecca and the shelves being moveable make more sense. Isn't it amazing how much more organized you can be when something is done right? I can't wait to see your new French doors on the pantry but I would go for that frosted look. Excellent job Rebecca!

  5. I love your Walk-in pantry. There is nothing like an organized pantry where you can find things without hunting!!! I know it feels so good to have your project done. Enjoy your efforts!!! xo Kathysue

  6. Hey! Well done! I had a pantry closet when I lived in did a great job.

  7. Looking great.I love the idea of the frosted glass - it is still light and airy yet doesn't require the same intense maintenance inside that clear glass would!

  8. Positively SUBLIME!!! Dying to see the new doors!!!

  9. Nicely done Rebecca!! It's funny how excited we can all get over a properly organized's what dreams are made of, as your new French doors will be as well. I love the frosted glass ones you've shown...but either way will be wonderful, and I can't wait to see how they turn out.
    Thanks for sharing...and congratulations!
    xo J~

  10. Awesome project and it's the little details like this that makes a home so easy and inviting to live in. I need to attack some of these kinds of projects too. Thanks for sharing your lovely reality!

    P.S. Thanks for your comments on my organizing post - sounds like we have soo much in common with the books and migraine stories etc. - wish we lived closer!

  11. Doesn't it feel great to get that done? Years ago I ripped the deep shelves out of the lower part of my pantry and installed Elfa wire drawers. The shelves just swallowed up everything and now I can pull open the drawers and see all the contents instead of wondering what's lurking in the back of the pantry shelves.

  12. On the one hand...I"m now GREEN with envy...on the other, its so fun to peak inside your pantry and see so many of the same products and items as my own!

  13. How wonderful your pantry looks! I love the square containers.
    I think that the french doors with frosted glass will be lovely.
    We have frosted glass french doors to our new Master bath.
    Cannot wait to show them off.

  14. Where did you get those (tiny) L brackets?!


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