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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Don't make yourself nuts looking for the perfect tree skirt!

What are these? A couple of throws, a cashmere scarf and a feather boa right?

Who can forget how Linus taught Charlie Brown all his little tree really needed was a blanket to give it some holiday magic? Unless you have been fortunate enough to have a tree skirt made especially for you, I am betting some of you may an issue or two with skirts, like I do!
A white feather boa on a white feather tree, why not!

I've a had a few skirts over the years and some were quite expensive, but I never loved a single one! I now have only one and if not for the color, I wouldn't even keep it. Most skirts that I purchased over the years were either the wrong size or nothing special. Most loomed on the floor like giant saucers and always seemed to be in the way of the hearth, a chair leg or the vacuum cleaner! And the tedious "adjustments" the skirts needed every time the tree got watered drove me nuts.

I won't be using these colors this year, so I'd better check to see what's in the linen closet
 or maybe choose some fabric leftover from a project!
Years ago while trying to figure out how to cover the plastic bases of the artificial trees my children decorated in their rooms each year, I went searching in closets to see what I could use. Thanks to my desperation (and A Charlie Brown Christmas), I have virtually abandoned tree skirts altogether!
A pink throw is perfect for my daughter's little tree.

If you don't have a scarf or blanket in the color you need, a yard or so of fabric will also do the trick. Of course, simple burlap is perfect for all styles. Don't sew? No problem, just fold under the edges, or use a rectangular tablecloth in a pattern or solid that you love!
Linen, silk or faux fur are this year's possible contenders for a quick tree skirt option.

Tiny Tip: Whatever item/material you choose to use for the skirt be sure it's either washable or something you can part with in case it acquires some sap...or someone overfills the tree water!

Partridge in a Pear Tree nestled in an antique urn- so easy!

No Fuss Tip: I think a live tree in an old iron urn, basket, galvanized bucket or decorative planter looks spectacular and no skirt required!

All photos from Christmas past courtesy of A&A.


  1. Rebecca, I gave up on tree skirts some time ago. I do vignettes of things that I love - a collection of old miniature hat boxes, a crystal champagne cooler full of tiny feather tree ornaments, a couple of old toys, etc - under the tree until the presents start to arrive. Then I mix the gifts in with what is already there. I have a square scrap of an old oriental rug that usually gets placed under something. I quite like the clean look of it all and no one has ever said "Oh, you don't have a tree skirt". Do your own thing!!

  2. Rebecca, you must have been reading my mind! I never use a tree skirt. I have used tablecloths, old curtains, a silk scarf and even a dress! I LOVE the urn. I hope to find one half as lovely to put my kitchen tree in!
    This is truly a very helpful Tuesday tip! Thank you!!!!!

  3. I am not one for traditional tree-skirts and love using blankets or burlap. I love the tree in the urn!

  4. I love the tree in the urn too! Great ideas Rebecca. I have used a big urn to place an artificial tree and I've even used faux white fur one year. Nothing though replaces a handmade skirt that a relative made for my parents out of felt way back in the 60's. As every Christmas passed, it became more & more special. Wish I still had that darn skirt.

    Happy Wed! x Deb

  5. We put up little trees throughout the house and put them in antique urns like the image above. I place a small bit of burlap that peeks out of the urn arond the base. Looks great and so easy to do since I have a slight urn problem...I collect to many.

    So glad I could help with your daybed decision


  6. Omgosh, great minds think alike I have a post slotted on this very subject!! I have never had a tree skirt, but have some ideas too on this subject. I love the feather boa, especially since I am using feathers this year!! Angel feathers of course not bird, hehe!! Enjoy your day, I am going to try to do a little Falalaing around here today, xo Kathysue

  7. Rebecca,
    I had a skirt made for our Christmas tree and I love it....It is reversible and made of several fabrics that are all my favorite shades of green.
    I would love another one in all shades of white and another in a fun print.
    It is fun to have many skirts to change. Mine has buttons with loops that I love for a tailored look!

  8. Sami,
    That sounds like a unique and interesting idea!

    Reversible and multiple fabrics that you love???Now that's a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing it since it's one I never thought of in all these years of being annoyed by the skirt!

  9. i have a bright red bridesmaids dress that i will never wear again, but my christmas tree has faithfully worn it for the last few years! we use and artificial tree and i slip the dress over the base before we assemble the tree.


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