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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get Crackin' On Your Holiday Decorating!

Get Crackin'
What does that mean exactly? Well, according to the Urban Dictionary it's a Southerism that means "get your ass in gear." It's December 1st so that's exactly what it means to this southerner!
One of my favorite glass ornaments!

As for my American born, of German descent, husband it means pull out the abundant assortment of colorful Nutcrackers. But before the first box of decorations even made it up from the basement last night, we had a conversation.
I have a weakness for snowman and reindeer ornaments and decorations!

Me: Can you bring up the bins that I put by the storage room doors?
Mr A&A: Where do you want to put the Nutcrackers this year?
Me: Nowhere.
Mr A&A: Nowhere?
Me: Not this year.
Mr. A&A: Again?
Me: It's not again. I put some in the (basement) media room last year, don't you remember?
Mr. A&A: No.
Me: Sorry, honey they're too colorful for the look I'm after this year.
Mr: A&A: Why do they have to be excluded to get the look?
Me: Because they do.
Mr. A&A: Silence.
Mr. A&A: Maybe the look needs some color?
Me: It's going to have color.
Mr. A&A: What colors?
Me: The gold, silver and copper colors* we all agreed to for this year.
Mr. A&A: Silence, followed seemed like a lot of white.
Me: I bought you a special present today, I want to give it to you now.
Mr. A&A: Right now? This far before Christmas?
Me: Yes.
Mr. A&A: Wow thanks, I've never seen any Nutcracker's like this! Do they go with the look?
Me: I'm not sure if they do, but don't worry honey I'm going to make them work just for you!

Wooden Nutcracker trio from Williams-Sonoma.
 I rarely buy ornaments or holiday decorations that are not on sale, but I'll make an exception when it's a gift!

I love all my decorations, so I often have a hard time deciding which ones to use from year to year.
 It's too early to bring in the fresh greens I need, but I'm hoping to at least have the trees done by the weekend! 

* I find it helps to lay out little groups of different ornaments/color combinations on a table. I'll narrow it down to 2 possible contenders and see what appeals to my family. I never go with a combo that is vetoed by the majority. Thankfully, my loyal dog always votes with me!

Devious or brilliant? What tactics do you employ to get your way holiday look?


  1. That was too funny! Since I'm in charge of decorating, dear hubby just says, "Yes, dear"! LOL!

  2. I think I have had more than one conversation like that with my husband! I have to say......I am a traditionalist hen I decorate the tree. We have been collecting glass Christmas ornaments since I was a little girl, and there are many from my many vintage ones. They come out every year and we add a few. They remind me of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet To Be....can you tell that a Dickens Christmas is my little obsession?

    Happy Holidays to you and Yours!

  3. Brilliantly devious I say! ;-) And you should have seen me trying to explain to my husband tonight how some of the stuff I put out today just isn't fitting with "the look" I have in my head for this year!

    I love your neutral nutcrackers and I can't wait to see your entire "look"!

    Kat :)

  4. Rebecca I have to say you are the best wife in the world. Your husband must love his new Nutcrackers!! I do too!

    Please Come and enter the 1st of Twelve Days of Holiday giveaways from Dovecote Decor! It is stunning!

    Art by Karena

  5. Love this story and how sweet of you to find a nutcracker that will be perfect in your home. I do the same thing with my ornaments when doing a vignette. I pull all the elements together to see which will make the cut. On our tree everything goes, too many wonderful memories attached to our ornaments to eliminate them. Merry Christmas, Rebecca
    xo Kathysue♥

  6. Katie & Kathysue,
    I'm a sentimental traditionlist at heart and most of my ornaments are more than a decade old, some older and a few from my childhood. For years I did the main tree the same every year, mostly red & white plus all the things my kids made when they were little, but they're teens now and seem to like changing it up. Now many of the ornaments from when they were little go on the trees they have in their rooms. Which also is so nice for me too when I want to reminisce!

    Keep at it!

  7. Perfect! David and I have the same conversations. I hear "an awful lot of white" and "more beige?" quite often. Don't worry - I understand you if no one you live with does.

    xo T.

  8. Last year David came home with a bunch of RED stuff. I have not had anything red since I was 12.

    But weirdly this year I like red all of a sudden. It does not work with all my greyed out shades. I even have red on my new blog banner. I am shocked at myself actually. Maybe some year, you will actually want the nutcrackers out...

  9. This is a riot. Oh yes I have had similiar conversations:) Its all about how to play the "politician" and looks like you have mastered this art quite well! I love how this is a beautiful compromise and you can both be happy. Happy decorating!

  10. Funny! Yeah I think our nutcrackers are going to have another year of sebatical...inthe box!

  11. I would go with the dogs Funny how decorating means different things to different people. The husband wanted to use some stuffed silly ornamnets I made twenty years ago....they're quietly sleeping in the bottom of the trash bag....:)

  12. Love this!! My kids still want to use all the same ornaments they've received over the years in their stockings - I guess we're too young to change the look quite yet! You are the ultimate diplomat and love the nutcrackers you got to appease the husband! We are a nutcracker family as well!!

  13. Henry Kissenger should have taken a page out of your book. I think its sweet your husband has decorating opinions, even if he does like nutcrackers. They reside in my clown file, I cannot abide them. Thanks for entering our giveaway through Karena. Spread the word, and good luck!

  14. Hilarious post! and I *do* need to get cracken as I haven't done a single bit of Christmas anything yet!
    I've never been a huge Nutcracker fan...even though we always draw them in class this time of year, and even though my dad and stepmom have over 300 of them...yes, over 300! You'd think they would've rubbed off on me somehow but no, they haven't. I *do* like the WS guys though...those are very cool..I wonder if my dad has seen them yet?!
    Way to be thoughtful of the Hubby at Christmas...
    xo J~

  15. Christmas and the decorating is a confusing source for men! Until they get presents of cours! Sounds like you are underway..............I thought I was but then relized we are having family Christmas in 2 weeks here and then leaving for vacation. Now I am panicked. Happy decorating. XO

  16. Rebecca, I love this post...oh the dynamic of family decorating. My husband complains about getting the boxes down...doesn'[t have a clue what I put into it. You just have to love it. Been really busy, but I just love this time of the year. XO, Mona

  17. This is funny. I like a calmer feel and my husband who gets way too involved in everything in our house, loves to bring out the red and green, the more the merrier. It makes me crazy. So this year we compromised, he gets to decide on the tree and I get to do everything else. Its all about meeting in the middle, he has great taste but I never knew he would want to be so involved in the decorating!

  18. Love the dialogue...sounds so familiar!
    Happy decorating!

  19. Luckily, my husband is pretty easy going and let's me do what I like. His only complaint is I'm not decorating this year as much as I normally do. Just can't muster it with the renovation. But, things are looking good...just scaled back.

    Need to get my tree decorated. It's standing bare - that's on today's agenda!

    Merry merry decorating!
    xoxo elizabeth

  20. Finally all decorated this weekend, the latest I've waited in a decade. Seems as if I lost a week this year some how. Hope you're well & thanks for stopping by RHS.


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