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Thursday, December 15, 2011

When HomeGoods is Jolly Good!

Yesterday, I stopped into HomeGoods. I was in desperate need of a new non-stick skillet.

Initially, I was distracted by some beautiful copper cookware. For those of you who cook with or collect copper, they had many pieces under $100.  I found a great skillet (not copper) for $39.99, but I also found a few other things...
William came home with me.


So did Jane.

Is that Mr. Darcy?
These big books would look great on the coffee table, in your library, not to mention under under the tree! Both the jackets and the cloth covers are beautiful, especially for $19.99 each!


  1. Hello Rebecca:
    These books do look to be beautifully presented and very stylish and would, we agree, make excellent additions to a coffee table or stool in the drawing room.

  2. Rebecca, these books are absolutely stunning! You never know what you might find at HomeGoods. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I've got to find a Home Goods store today -- those are nice, perfect for gifts too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rebecca, I get sidetracked as you do and often discover the best finds!!

    I wanted to let you know that the Holiday Grand Finale Giveaway of the Star Cross Antique Bottle from Greyfreth is now available!

    Please Come & Enter!



  5. Ah! What great books! Classics never get old! Great choices


  6. A beautiful collection..........what lovely gifts. XO

  7. Hello Rebecca

    Like you, so often I get side tracked and come away not with my intended purchase. The illustrations are beautiful.

  8. Rebecca I would say you found two treasures at Homegoods! What beautiful books! Merry Christmas,

  9. Wow Homegoods really is amazing, I am always stunned at the buys and bargains people find there, wish there was one closer to us, it could become a daily habit!

  10. Great classics Rebecca but since I need a new skillet too I was hoping to see your The nonstick is almost gone on my skillet.

  11. Darn, we don't have a Homegoods in Fredericksburg and I was just in Tyson's today. I would totally have put Jane under the tree for myself. ;)

  12. Hi Rebecca, great finds! Thanks for the shout out. Merry Christmas! Your friends at HomeGoods

  13. im a sucker for shakespeare's works! every book stall or charity shop we visit- im combing them for his plays. my husband thinks it's mainly ridiculous... :)


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