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Monday, December 19, 2011

Working With Models...

Models are high maintenance.
Not happy with the outfit,  photographer or freezing temps.

List of demands from model for 15 minute photo shoot:
A handful of baby carrots- organic.
A spoonful of peanut butter- Skippy All Natural.
A couple of biscuits- variety box from Trader Joe's.

Head shot


Out take


Strike a pose. Very nice, but give me more.

Looking good, work it!

YES, that's it!!!

I showed too much excitement. The model is demanding a bone--us for this shot.

The photo shoot is over. The model is bored.

Really bored.

I don't know what's worse, models or their owners shameless exploitation of them, all in the name of the Christmas card photo!


  1. This is hysterical!! Had me laughing out loud and my husband came in to be sure I hadnt gone off the "deep end"
    . Too cute!! These pics are seriously award winning, picture perfect, your front door, that bright green bow, your beautiful "model"...seriously gorgeous!!!!
    Great pic for a Christmas card:) Hope the "model" is getting some much needed rest!

  2. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! Loved this post. I will have to get a bow for my retriever. The photos and poses were gorgeous! Merry Christmas

  3. God I am so laughing here I love it!!!!! I just put a scarf around Dylan dogs neck for the same thing but he was less cooperative, even waving a spoon of peanut butter under his nose….he grabbed the spoon and left. Your little girl is fabulous! Don’t you just love Goldens? I have got to show this post to mister man and Dylan.

  4. Oy my goodness..............what a gorgeous model! We had a retriever as well and such a beautfiul breed. My little doggie isn't too keen on my dressing up efforts, she would not be such a good model, she gets mad at me when I tie bows around her neck. Love your photos. XO

  5. OH MY - what a beautiful pup! We tried to do Christmas photos with our labs yesterday - and they flunked!! I love the green satin ribbon. You have inspired me to try again. Precious photos!!

  6. OMG Rebecca - too adorable!! I laughed out loud at the "Looking good, work it" shot!! And your entry looks beautiful!!

  7. That is so delightful. What a stunning model! :)
    Much better behaved in photos than my cat.
    xo Terri

  8. He is worth all the dog biscuits in the world...what a soulful face!!

    Linda@lime in the coconut

  9. That model is adorable.. He's beautiful. Love love your photos.. he certainly adds the je ne sais quois to the photo.. Congrats on the beautiful photo.. Merry Christmas, xo marlis

  10. Love your model. We also have a golden retriever that is going on 13 years old. They can give you the most "wise" looks in their eyes that says "...Really?". Beautiful dog!

    Judy :)

  11. That post made my morning! What a beautiful, sweet, (and patient) boy. I love all dogs. Especially Goldens. Truly wonderful and golden in every sense of those words. Love

  12. Hilarious! Good thing no squirrels ran by during the shoot!

  13. I was so excited to come across your post today! Your dog (model) is gorgeous! We are getting a golden retriever in February and just found out from the breeder that the puppies were born on Saturday! We can't wait! I have a feeling our Christmas card next year will be similar to yours! Merry Christmas!

  14. Hi All,
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments about our model who, by the way, is a girl! Not sure if I should tell her about all the accolades...wouldn't want her to start giving us that snobby Diva look with her nose up in the air!

  15. When I tell you this could NEVER happen at my house, I mean never! I'm amazed with your ability to bribe. Absolutely precious!!!!! You have many good shots to choose from.

  16. Is there any reason to think she does not know exactly what she is doing? I love the crossed hands

  17. Beautiful model indeed and cute post. Bailey loves the little carrots, too.

  18. Ok, I want to be that beautiful model's agent!!! Gorgeous!

    Kat :)

  19. Those photos are gorgeous. What a beautiful dog you have. I'm putting a bright red bow on my puppy Harvey for Christmas day. Hopefully he will 'pose' for some photos as well. Ange

  20. What a GORGEOUS dog! My husband had a golden retriever...his name was Brinkley. Best dog ever. Some day I want to get one for our little family (maybe when I have a yard?!)

    OH and I thought youd be interested in my "cashmere-soft" throw giveaway!!!


  21. Oh how wonderful this is!!! This is my FAVORITE Christmas post in blogland...for the whole month! I love it, love it, LOVE IT! Could I please have your doggy for Christmas???

    Merry Christmas! Kristine

  22. these are so good! you have one of the cutest/gorgeous dogs i have ever seen. i grew up with goldens...they are so sweet and loyal. and your decorations are beautiful...classic and simple. perfection! happy holidays! jodie

  23. This is hysterical! I think you got some great shots!!! My problem is Molly just keeps coming toward me and won't stay where I need her too!!!

    And your front door looks fab, too!
    xo Elizabeth

  24. Again, thank you to everyone for the compliments about our beloved dog and my decorating. I think during the hustle-bustle of preparing for the holiday season, nothing can put it all in perspective more than a little dose of humor!

  25. ohmygosh... you're killing me!! that face!! perfection. (photo number two needs to be a painting!) What a love. When she crossed her paws I about lost it. Fabulous photo shoot Mom!!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Rebecca!

    p.s. thank you so much for leaving your 'calling card'!

  26. *** Now T*H*I*S is a true "FAMILY MEMBER"!!! She is soooooooo precious, and I suspect a real "HAM" for a camera, & the "crossed feet" pic has GOT to be a "photographer's dream"!!!

    She reminds me of our darlling Belle...(Our 8 year old German Shorthaired Pointer~ a big hunting dog ANNNND a PRINCESS to boot! Go figure!). I*F I, or my husband, come around with a camera, she practically POSES! I'm SERIOUS!!!!!!!! For SOME reason, she just loves it... truly LOVES it, and does just about anything we ask (well, other than washing the windows!)...

    I adore your baby!!!

    Merry Christmas.
    Linda in AZ *

  27. Such an incredibly BEAUTIFUL dog! Thank you for treating your model so well!!! And for sharing all these gorgeous photos! Merry Christmas!

  28. her crossed paws KILL me! happy new year!

  29. Ah...what patience you have and what an adorable model. My sous chef refuses to pose. Must be the ordeal I put her through when she was a puppy. Thanks for droppping by. Love your decorations as well.

  30. You are hilarious. Your dog is beautiful. If only mine would behave half the good.


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