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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Tip

What if your favorite ornaments don't work with this years color scheme or look a little shabby?

Pinecone elf trio from my childhood. I've had to reattach their gold hanging loops many times!
Give them an update by simply changing the ribbon or tie-on loop! One of the great things about collecting so many ornaments that I love is that over the years they adapt to whatever direction my decorating goes just by making one little change.
I won't be using red this year. 

In my previous post, I shared a little sampling of the decorations I'm using for our tree this year. I probably spent about an hour changing out ribbons and loops on various ornaments before I even started decorating the tree. I save any extra loops, tie-on's or ribbon that I can use from year to year just for this purpose.
But this gold tie-on is perfect!
Also, you don't have to settle for those ugly metal hooks. 
I also have the jumbo version of these too for my really heavy ornaments!

There are many decorative choices. When I'm not using ribbon, or fishing line (possibly the best option of all since it's practically invisible!) or a loop hanger, I usually opt for the green vinyl coated hooks. They blend in with the tree and when you step on one, they hurt less!


  1. Omgosh, those are so cute. I haven't started pulling mine out yet, but I always love the trip down memory lane. : )

  2. My mother had some of those adorable elves! I wish I knew what what happened to them... Great post :)

  3. There was no blending here!!! No pretty covered new loop was going to work trust me besides as you know the ornaments are gone! Jeez, the

    Sorry people this will only make sense to Rebecca!


  4. Great idea, it is all in the details!! all of my ornaments have special meanings or at least most of them so it does not matter to me that they go with my decor. I keep the base of the tree, bows, and packages in keeping with the color scheme but the tree itself is just full of colorful memories!! Can't wait to see yours,
    Merry Christmas

  5. Tina & Al,
    Thank you, I love those elves and they are now on the tree!

    Laughing all over again!

    The tree has quite a variety of ornaments from glass to homemade by my kids. I can't/don't change the loops on all of them especially the older ornaments. But, I guess there is no sense in denying that I suffer from a little OCD!!!

  6. What a great idea! I always go for the hooks just out of ease.... but this is a wonderful idea that I will try this year foe sure!

  7. I always love adding some of my late grandparents ornaments. Sadly, my tree mysteriously fell over yesterday ( I think the tree shifted in it's stand) and I lost a few treasured ornaments. Luckily, only one of my grandmothers bit the dust.


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